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Tear Jerker / Ōkamiden

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  • Kurow's Heroic Sacrifice at the end.
  • Shiranui's death, which occurs onscreen this time and includes one more Heroic Sacrifice from him.
  • Watching the Goryeo get attacked and sunk by the water dragon, especially since everyone on the ship was rather likeable, Chibi actually crying as he looks back at it hurts a lot too.
  • Every single time Chibi cries.
  • Ayame almost dying for real is both this and an Adult Fear.
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  • King Fury's backstory before he became the monster Chibi fights during the story. Known in life as Sugawara and a member of the Moon tribe, he was a politician in Sei'an City. He works to help the city prosper and help its people by the goodness of his heart. Unfortunately some people seemed to take it the wrong way, seeing his acts as simply him trying to gain more influence in the city. They eventually forced him out of his office through underhanded tactics and he died from illness induced from the shock and despair as he trusted these people and even considered them as his friends and allies and their betrayal left a deep impact on his psyche. King Akuro took advantage of this and possess him, taking advantage of his despair and feelings of betrayal, turning him to King Fury who cared to only make people suffer and was willing to destroy all of humanity.
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  • After the final battle, killing Kurow and Akuro, every ally of Chibiterasu goes back to their own lives. What makes this sad is Manpuku, or rather, him being from 100 years ago instead of the present day like the rest. It's very likely he'll never see "Pork Chop" ever again. And after the speech he gave to the Child of the Sun, too.


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