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Based in Chūo-ku, Osaka, Clover Studio was a game developer under Capcom. Clover consisted largely from its parent company's Research and Development department, created in 2004 to exercise greater creative freedom in game development. The company began with Viewtiful Joe as an internal team in 2005, a Beat 'em Up that ended up spawning multiple games. To facilitate development, the team would turn into a studio of its own. Clover would later focus on creating new IP's, releasing Ōkami and God Hand in 2006. Despite largely positive reception and later on becoming Cult Classics, the games were commercial failures on release, with the latter peforming even worse. Not helped as well were Creative Differences, with developers feeling that Capcom's management became reluctant to trying out new ideas; this resulted in multiple developers resigning. With Clover having become a shell of its former self, Capcom disintegrated the company in March 2007.

Many former developers, including Hideki Kamiya, Atsushi Inaba, and Shinji Mikami, would later go on to found PlatinumGames, with the goal of continuing the mindset of exciting and fresh games.

Despite being short-lived, Clover is remembered fondly by many people for their passionate games, with several Japanese developers citing them as inspiration.

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Alternative Title(s): Clover Studios