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  • Executive Meddling: The album "De Wensring" was meant to be a satire on Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. However, since the president was considered to be a friend of the Belgian government Sleen was forced to draw a beard on Amin's face to make him "unrecognizable". In later albums Sleen Idi Amin appeared again, but this time without a beard, because by then he had fallen out of favor with the Western world.
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  • Life Imitates Art: In “De Grote Geheimzinnigaard” Nero wishes real life drug baron Pablo Escobar to the moon. Coincidentally the criminal was shot by the police later that same year.
  • Referenced by...
    • FC De Kampioenen: Nero the dog was named after Nero from this comic strip series.
    • Urbanus visits Marc Sleen and the cast of Nero in Urbanus Op Uranus (Urbanus on Uranus).
    • Van Zwam and Agent Gaston have a cameo in Agent 327's album De Golem van Antwerpen (The Golem of Antwerp).
    • De Kiekeboes: In De Zwarte Zonnekoning Konstantinopel says All that is missing from this meal are the waffles and you would swear it's the ending to a "Nero" story. A special comic strip in which Fanny interviews characters from other comic strips, Bij Fanny Op Schoot has her talking to Nero, Cordelia, Natacha, Suske en Wiske, Cowboy Henk, IJzerbroot and Olga Lawina, De Rode Ridder, FC De Kampioenen and Urbanus, among others.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: The series are an unintended time capsule of Belgian society between 1947 and 2002.


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