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  • Recycled Script: In Lois Lane #36, everyone Lois knew acts as though she never existed, though this turned out to be a test to see if she could be a foreign correspondent for the Daily Planet. Lois Lane #40 follows it up with Lois's adventure as a foreign correspondent. These stories were reimaginings of Jimmy Olsen stories from Jimmy Olsen #25 and Jimmy Olsen #26, respectively.
  • What Could Have Been: Jerry Siegel intended to have Lois learn Superman's dual identity early on and get a Relationship Upgrade back in 1939 or so; as it happened, this didn't occur until the mid-1990s. By refusing to let Siegel go this route the publishers of DC at the time may very well have ruined her for decades to come.
    • However, Man of Steel follows this idea. Not even 20 minutes (film-time) after she meets Clark does she find out who he is and where he's from (she visits Smallville and the Kent farm herself).
    • Smallville also finds a way to go back to Mr. Siegel's original idea: since most of the series occurs before Clark becomes a publicly-known superhero, the mysterious rescues Lois is involved in remain a total mystery to anyone not in on Clark's secret at first, and then after Clark goes public, he initially does so by super-speeding around as "The Blur", whose face is not visible thanks to his super-speed. By the time Clark becomes Superman, Lois is already aware of his secret and actually coaches him on ways to protect it.

Alternative Title(s): Superman Lois Lane