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  • Superman's first meeting with Lois Lane, in Action Comics #1: "You needn't be afraid of me. I won't harm you." Made all the better when Alex Ross painted it.
  • A good number of fans perceive Silver Age Lois as a jealous, possessive, overbearing harpy. However, in Action Comics #260 Superman appears to be falling in love with an alien superwoman. So what does Lois do? She wishes them the very best with her best shit-eating grin and tries to stay out of their way.
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  • In Action Comics #270, Superman dreams he is stuck in the future world, in which Supergirl -now Superwoman- is the world's greatest hero and he is a decrepit, powerless has-been. Although he feels frustrated about being forgotten or treated as a silly old glory, he is happy about her cousin having acclaim and praise. And later he meets Lois, and it turns out that she never forgot him and always waited for him.
  • When Power Girl (Earth-2's Supergirl) arrived on Earth, Clark and Lois took her in.
    Power Girl: [tearfully] You took me in! You treated me like I was your daughter!
    Lois: Oh, honey... as far as we were concerned, you were our daughter.
  • In Infinite Crisis, Earth-2 Lois keeps hoping that Post-Crisis Superman will manage to save the world, even though her fellow survivors of The Multiverse have given up on New Earth's heroes.
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  • Why does Superman love Lois Lane? Let's hear the words of the original Superman:
    Earth-2 Superman: When we were married, everyone asked me the same question. "You're Superman. Why Lois Lane?" I knew she was the girl for me the moment I met her. Lois was brutally honest, curious as a cat, and you'd never get the last word in. She was the most human woman I'd ever met. But on the inside she was more super than I could ever be.
  • By the end of The Death of Superman, Lois Lane is an emotional wreck. She's gone through the trauma of Clark dying in her arms, has had to deal with his four would-be heirs, and even when the real Superman initially comes back she won't allow herself to believe him despite some very compelling (and very personal) evidence. After Supes takes down the Big Bad with a little help from his friends, we cut to Lois in her apartment, lying in bed fully clothed in the middle of the afternoon, possibly hung over. She hears a tapping on her window and assumes it's a bird, a call back to a scene much earlier in the arc. She flings open the drapes to reveal a great big "S." The next scene is a full-page panel of Lois and Superman kissing in midair. Text reads, "There isn't a doubt in her mind. She's in his arms... faster than a speeding bullet."


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