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Tear Jerker / Lois Lane

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  • In War World, alien overlord Mongul kidnaps Lois, Jimmy and Steve Lombard and threatens with killing them if Superman doesn't hand over a device which controls a devastating super-weapon. Lois tells Superman to forget about her and leave her die because Mongul can't be allowed to appropriate Warworld.
  • In a Supergirl issue during the New Krypton event, Supergirl apparently and involuntarily killed Lucy Lane, who had become the evil Superwoman. It turned out that Lucy survived, but Lois had to choose between her dear little sister and her cousin-in-law. Since the former aided and abetted a genocide and the latter was trying not to get killed by a murderous bitch, Lois had to side with Kara.
  • After Superman was killed by Doomsday, Lois, at that point his fiancée, had a very hectic day: trying to resuscitate him, deciding the disposition of his body and Doomsday’s, what to say about Clark, realizing she needs to call his parents at some point. His parents are grieving just as hard, but don’t have tasks to distract them like Lois does, so they sink deeper into their grief. Finally, Lois gets the chance to find a phone booth and call them ... and as she starts to talk it all hits her at once and she breaks down crying, apologizing, reliving the horror..full meltdown. Hearing her sorrow pulls the Kent’s out of theirs. They realize they aren’t alone in their secret suffering, and reassure Lois not to worry about them, they’ll get to Metropolis ASAP to take care of HER. It was the most genuine emotional moment of the over-hyped Death of Superman.