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Nightmare Fuel / Lois Lane

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  • If you count the number of times Lois Lane has been nearly murdered in horrible, horrible ways by super-villains, crooks, Eldritch Abominations... you'll wonder how she stays sane.
  • The cover of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #81 is an instance of lying cover, and Superman never tries to murder Lois in-story, but... imagine you are in that situation. But today, along came Injustice: Gods Among Us...
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  • Just how bizarre the Silver Age stories were, due to a combination of the Comics Code, and trying to write around Superman's ridiculous power. Imagine being a normal person who lives a normal life up until Superman appeared, then suddenly, because you're in his life, your own becomes an endless surreal acid trip of dangerous nonsense.
  • All the times Lois had her mind erased or changed for the plot of the week. Mind Rape is only scratching the surface, no wonder she became increasingly ditzy.
  • The cover where Superman finds a whale with Lois face on it, it's extremely disturbing, especially the face's Slasher Smile.
  • Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane has a story in which Lois loses her eyesight after her eyes get grazed by a mugger's bullet. Her doctor helps her see again by having her undergo cataract surgery. Unfortunately, the new corneas came from a convicted murderer from Gotham City. This causes Lois to have visions of random Gotham residents silently screaming in horror before getting shot. Lois eventually figures out that the visions are actually illusions created by Mooks trying to keep her from speaking against their crime boss in court, but right before she reveals this to Superman and a judge, she sees herself in the position of one of the murder victims.


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