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Trivia / Life (2017)

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  • All-Star Cast: In addition to the big draws of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, Hiroyuki Sanada will be familiar to fans of the under-appreciated Sunshine. In addition to the All-Star Cast, Naoko Mori has a cameo in the film.
  • Billing Displacement: While Ryan Reynolds is billed as the third person on the film posters, he is the first crew member to bite the dust.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $58 million. Box office, $30 million (domestic), $100 million (worldwide).
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  • Dueling Works: With Alien: Covenant. Both are big-name cast Sci-Fi Horror movies released in early 2017 wherein a hostile alien lifeform infects a spaceship and kills off the crew after they investigate a mysterious planet, and conclude with severely downer endings. Especially watching both trailers back-to-back in the theater feels way too much like deja-vu.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: The trailer makes it seem like Calvin's species wiped out life on Mars Horde of Alien Locusts style. At no point is this ever said in the movie. The film merely speculates that these creatures were the dominant predators of ancient Mars, making the ending seem considerably less apocalyptic.


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