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  • Acting for Two: In the English dub:
    • Chifuyu & Madoka Orimura are both played by Luci Christian. It's almost certainly due to the fact that Madoka looks like a slightly younger Chifuyu. Christian also voiced Ran Gotanda in Season 1.
    • Charlotte Dunois (and her mother) and Clarissa Harfouch are both voiced by Shannon Emerick.
    • Yuko Tanimoto and Laura Bodewig are voiced by Tiffany Grant.
    • Tabane Shinonono and Kaoruko Mayuzumi are voiced by Allison Keith.
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    • Allison Sumrall voices Kiyoya Aikawa, Nagi Kagami in season 2, and Riko Kishihara in season 1.
    • Tiffany Terrell voices Sakuya Yorutake, Shizune Takatsuki, and Riko Kishihara in season 2.
    • Monica Passley voices Honne Nohotoke, and Nagi Kagami in season 2.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Bad Export for You: The author had some fits with the publisher over an allegedly unauthorized Chinese localization deal, causing the series to be put on hiatus for a few months.
  • Fake Nationality: In the English dub:
    • Sugar Land-born Brittney Karbowski provides the British-accented IS pilot Cecilia Alcott.
    • Houston native Tiffany Grant voices Laura Bodewig, who appropriately enough, has a German accent.
    • Dallas-born actress Shannon Emerick voices the French IS pilot Charlotte Dunois and the German lieutenant Clarissa Harfouch.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Honne Nohotoke gained the nickname "Pikachu-chan", due to her unusual beach costume in season 1 episode 9.
    • Then there's "Neutron Star" for Ichika, due to his romance-related cluelessness which rivals even Natsuru Senou.
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    • Some people call this series as "Country Wars" because it reminds them of Color Wars.
    • A large number of people simply like to refer to the girls by the country they represent. Cecilia and Bri-tan is the most original it can get.
    • A lesser but still well-known nickname coined by /a/ would be Ichika And The Jelly Factory. Explanation 
    • Invoking I Thought It Meant, detractors call this "limit of successful works", meaning that if a work did not surpass IS's BD sale number(33,813), it cannot be considered successful.
    • Some fans referred to the anime's second season as Infinite Stratos 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  • Franchise Killer: The failure of the anime's second season killed off the series' reputation, especially in the West. The significant delays between the novels' releases were also major factor in the brand's declining popularity. Volume 11 and a new video game were released in 2017 just to keep the franchise alive.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Okiura has been I.S's illustrator for the first seven volumes. From volume 8 onwards (as well as reprints), CHOCO replaces Okiura as illustrator as part of the author switching publishing companies.
    • Double for the animators: Media Factory was tasked with animating the story, until Overlap took over by the second OVA and season 2.
    • In the English dub of Season 2, Tiffany Terrell replaced Allison Sumrall as the voice of Riko Kishihara and Allison Sumrall replaced Monica Passley as Nagi Kagami.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Kingdom Hearts fans will finally have their wishes granted with the Orimura siblings: making Ventus and Aqua as siblings.
    • Kouki Uchiyama has another harem in Binbougami ga!, which includes Kana Hanazawa's character (whose name is Ichiko).
      • And also in Nisekoi as Raku Ichijou and Kosaki Onodera, respectively.
    • In an alternate, Magitech universe, Cecilia became the creator of Madoka instead of being heated rivals in terms of BT weapon mastery, with the latter very loyal to the former and addressed her as "Master". Congradulations, Cecilia, now you can finally get your pride back...shame about your missing eye though...
  • No Export for You: Averted with the anime series (both Season 1 and Season 2). Meanwhile, as for the novels, while there was a group that fan translated them up to Volume 8, the translating group itself was becoming quite irritated at the story's pacing and incessant fanservice, and they quit the series after that. An independent translator managed to finish the first half of Volume 9, but suddenly stopped after that. Eventually averted in 2018 when J-Novel Club licensed the series.
    • However, the manga adaptations have never been licensed. And after the 2nd manga announced its Series Hiatus in May 2018, the scanlation group Rapid Switch that had been fan translating it decided to disband permanently leaving Chapters 31-33 untranslated (which were the manga's Volume 7, covering the events of part of the Season 1 OVA/LN Volume 4). As of May 2019, the manga has yet to resume publication, and Rapid Switch's website has gone offline.
  • Schedule Slip: Due to the author's health.
    • The sixth novel was delayed until December 2010, which was a six month gap between Volumes 5 and 6. Before this, the volumes had never been more than three or four months apart.
    • After Volume 7 was published in April 2011, the author apparently had some kind of dispute with his publishing company. The result was that Volume 8 didn't get published until April 2013. In June 2013, Yumizuru mentioned (in an author's note in the reboot manga's 1st chapter) that he was working on Volume 9, but it still has yet to be released.
    • Volume 9 was finally released on April 25, 2014, exactly one year after Volume 8.
    • Volume 10 was released on July 25, 2015, 15 months after Volume 9. Seems like a pattern is developing...
    • Volume 11 was released on May 24, 2017, 22 months after the previous.
    • Volume 12 finally breaks pattern by releasing on April 24, 2018, "only" 11 months after the previous one, but the afterword announces that Volume 13 will end the series.
  • The Wiki Rule: Still small, but it's there.

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