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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being stuck in an all-girl's school here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Infinite Stratos fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

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General Fan Fiction
Refers to works that focus more on the characters and their relations

Infinite Stratos: Sacred Twins by Zero XSEED. Remade version by Blitz12

  • Recommended by Lione Fortuna
  • Status: Dormant
  • Summary: My name is Orimura Madoka, due to fun stuff that is mostly my fault, I and my brother were dragged into an All-girls Educational Institution
  • Tags: AU
  • Comments: Where to even start? Well, it was hilarious to read to say the least, with its own brand of humor, and definitely an amazing read. However, the remade version now stack up grittiness.

Infinite Stratos: Ichika Quest - Fuck Status Quo (IC thread), (IC thread with voting), (IC thread, part II), (Clone Quest sidequest) by Zero XSEED

  • Recommended by Ominae
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: A story (with voting from players) where Ichika gets a chance to determine his fate and destiny in a world where Infinite Stratos mechas have changed society in the 21st century.
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  • Tags: AU / has some crossover with the Metal Gear series.
  • Comments: A nice entertaining read for those who abhor most of the canon series a lot.

Mann - Ungeheuer by Illuminavit Passionis

  • Recommended by Fireminer
  • Status: Complete
  • Fanfiction Summary: Who are you? Angel or Devil? Either way, mark these words: You only live once, and the result could be seek in your death.
  • Comments: An one-of-its-kind story about how close people to monster before death. Doesn't make much sense on the first read, but gradually becoming clearer for the second time.

Together in the Skies at Least by PixeliteMC

  • Recommended by Lione Fortuna
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: A story of an unnamed POV pilot who worked hard just to fulfill a promise to a certain IS User.
  • Comments: Short, sweet, will make you go "D'aaaaaaaaw". A nice take the possible relationships of the girls attending IS Academy and the people they might have left behind when going to school.

A Chance by guerilla-sam

  • Recommended by Hubertus Isegrim
  • Status: Dead (Last update from January 2017)
  • Fanfiction Summary: There are those in life who for whatever reason draw the short straw in life from the get go. They live lives that suck. They bear this burden and continue on. But sometimes all these people need is a chance to make it all better. Which would be easier if a crazy genius rabbit woman, a crazy ninja family, and a shady terrorist organization would stop messing it up. (IS killer fic)
  • Comments: A story that's quite unique in the Infinite Stratos fanfic. Instead of the dense Ichika Orimura, we get top-badass Ichika Shevechenko. A child soldier, who ends up in Japans under Chifuyu's care who comes to see him like family. All major events before the start of the series with an own twist in it get in. The nicest thing about this fic the close bond Chifuyu and Ichika have, despite being not blood-related. Chifuyu is the guardian of Ichika and same stone-cold demon teacher. The best thing about this Ichika is the only male on the planet that can defeat an Infinite Stratos. Without needing one himself.

Agent Orimura by GeneratedName.

  • Recommended by Hashiriya R 32
  • Status: Active
  • Summary: During the incident that saw Ichika being kidnapped by Phantom Task, the Japanese government suppresses news of this and decides to request a PMC under their employ to send in a team to rescue him, for fear of Chifuyu throwing her match against her opponent in the Mondo Grosso finals. Little do they know that this PMC has its own agenda concerning the Infinite Stratos... and the world.
  • Comments: This fic sees Ichika getting involved with IS's much earlier than in canon, and also explores the ramifications of the IS itself, specifically its force-multiplying effects it has when working in concert with conventional forces, that canon seemingly avoids.

OC Additions
Helios by Lione 'Tabuukilla' Fortuna
  • Recommended by MagusPandora
  • Status: Dormant
  • Fanfiction Summary: The price of tomorrow isn't cheap. The price can differ between people. A life, happiness, stability. All of these are things one must give up to reach tomorrow at times. If your price was to be separated from those you call family, what would you do? Thrown into dark days, man must find his light. Even if that light is the same being that forces you away from the ones you love.
  • Pairings: No official pairings, but several teases of Ichika/Houki and OC/OC.
  • Tags: OC Insertion, Ichika Replacement
  • Comments: An interesting take on the Infinite Stratos world. It starts off almost like your standard Ichika replacement, but as the author stated, the OC differs since this time around he already is cemented somewhere at home before getting torn away. The harem element is also toned down a lot, which is a breath of fresh air since the MC is portrayed as a rather sensible person with his own quirks.

Infinite Stratos: The Fusion by Kurasabe.

  • Recommended by Lione Fortuna
  • Status: Dormant
  • Fanfiction Summary: To save my life, i had to give up part of my humanity. Now... i have to stay sane in an all-girls school, hide the IS-core in my body and help the military. Can't i just have one peaceful week in my life? OC insertion, haters beware! (I still write the story, i just changed my name from xtenchix to Kurasabe. you can use which one you're more comfortable with)
  • Pairings: Mainly OC and Cecilia
  • Tags: OC Insertion
  • Extra Notes: While the author switches POV every now and then in the middle of the chapter, and also takes a far spin off from the original Infinite Stratos series but maintains the core elements of the series.

Infinite Stratos Quest by Conflict Of Evidence

  • Recommended by Rei Kusanagi
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Fanfic Summary: The first male IS user turns out to be an american named John Smith due to him falling into one and taking down some terrorists. He then ends up at the academy where he finds that other people (the main IS cast) had their lives turned upside down by IS's as he resolves to protect them. Except a mix of references to Yukikaze, Ace combat, Metal Gear, and a few others. Basically IS with more focus on the mecha action.
  • Pairing: OC/Possibly all the girls
  • Tags: OC Replacement
  • Extra Notes: starts out a bit slow but once the MC's established, it's clear that the fact he's both competent and attentive, causes some ripples in the story, resulting in Houki and Rin being nicer. Honne gets more attention in the story as well.

Infinite Stratos: Paxis by Ben Thryss

  • Recommended by Lione Fortuna
  • Status: Dormant
  • Fanfiction Summary: Ten years ago, a weapon of unlimited potential was unveiled. It was called Infinite Stratos, and it brought the world together. The problem: only women could pilot them... or so the world thought. Taking the world by surprise, the estranged son of a legendary IS pilot discovers he can operate these incredible machines. His name is Sten Murdoch.
  • Comments: While it starts out fairly similar to the original series at the beginning, it diverges in a rather unexpected way as soon as you hit Chapter 7.

Original Flavor
Project Silverback written by DarkJak2050
  • Recommended by Lione Fortuna
  • Status: Dead (As of 9/12/2014)
  • Fanfiction Summary: Alpha Squad; a former squad of a once highly rated mercenary unit called Thunder Crash. This is their story as they attempt to live normal lives in a female dominated society after Thunder Crash's disbandment, due to the Infinite Stratos. Until they recieve a message from someone who they've least expected. Contains moderate to Strong Language.
  • Comments: Well written in my opinion, definitely shows just how much society would have changed with the introduction of the Infinite Stratos.

Infinite Stratos To The Other End Of The World by Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov

  • Recommended by MagusPandora
  • Status: Dormant
  • Summary: Now, coming out from the shadows spread by the glory of the IS, these young guys stand up against their power and are free rulers of their own lives. And within this dynamic setting we live the story of Kerlongsj Orlejov, a reckless and ambitious hacker leader who become an uneasy teacher at the academy, the Bain of Phantom Task and the worst thing you could face as a pilot.
  • Comments: An interesting original flavor piece. The author clearly shows the amount of work they put into their original technology that's introduced in the story and the backstory regarding it along with world events. The English is a bit rough, but it's more than decent and easy enough to piece things together. Haven't read all of it so far at the time of this recommendation, but the beginning is more than enough to hook someone in with the breadth of the technology.

Infinite Stratos: Rise of the Unicorn written by KH-Hardcorefan4483 here
  • Recommended by: Cel Prev XXVI
  • Status: Ongoing (Chapter 8 as of 01/3/2017)
  • Crossover with: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Fanfiction Summary: (As taken from the author's profile page) The Unicorn Gundam's psycoframe goes out of control and thus creating a dimensional rift that sucks Banagher and his mobile suit during the ongoing battle, and sends him into another world where women have higher positions in society than men thanks to a certain powered exoskeleton suit called Infinite Stratos. Found by IS Academy staff in unconscious state, with his Unicorn Gundam transformed into a human sized mechanical suit, Banagher must now cope with his current situation in order to return to his dimension... as the 2nd man who could pilot an IS.
  • Comments: So far, a unique take at how a true Gundam-based IS would work out in the IS verse. Although how that itself would behave now will depend on the flow of the story.

Infinite Seed written by Grey vs Ale

  • Recommended by: Fireminer
  • Status: Dormant (Chapter 9 as of 23/11/14)
  • Crossover with: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Summary: The powerless clamor for strength. A weapon strong enough to protect those was forged. Mankind must evolve. Ichika didn't know what to expect on his tenth birthday and being kidnapped was not one. Taken by Phantom Task Ichika learns buried secrets about his family inevitably changing for good or worse?
  • Comments: A well-written fic that melds two worlds together. You'll like the web of relationships that crossed all characters.

Super Infinite Stratos Wars written by The Hotblooded Author

  • Recommended by: Nako Hiyama
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Crossover with: Super Robot Wars
  • Summary: There are two types of weapons on this world: Infinite Stratos, for those who fancy dicking around with magic-tech and Over Stratos, which is basically your run-of-the-mill Super Robots. Those weapons are also humanities' only weapon that can fight back the impending threat upon them. R&R, also Harem Shipping with Charlotte and Houki having the lead.
  • Comments: A decently written fanfic that recreates the SRW series style of humor perfectly. The first is now on hiatus so the author can prepare the backstory for the OCs

A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands: Thread 1, Thread 2 by Ender Of Worlds

  • Recommended by Trooper 1023
  • Status: Dead (as of 23/4/2014)
  • Fanfiction Summary: A Reincarnation Quest with a twist. And so, Ichika Orimura — once Lancelot du Lac — was born unto the world. With a second chance at life, and a second chance to be a hero once again...
  • Comments: Infinite Stratos with small but significant twist of Fate/Zero... and one more crossover, which has even more far-reaching effects.

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