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Trivia / God of War III

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  • I Knew It!:
    • The Titans' betrayal.
    • How Kratos "defeats" Aphrodite. Not to mention the fact that Aphrodite would be the...ahem..."opponent" for the sex minigame.
  • Role Reprise: Kevin Sorbo reprises his role as the title character of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • They originally planned for Aphrodite to draw a dagger in the middle of the sex mini-game and try to stab Kratos, forcing you to win a Quick Time Event to survive, but changed their minds.
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    • This interview, (content starts 10 minutes in) reveals an alternate story for the game. Zeus would have been killed at the beginning of the game and the gods from Egyptian Mythology and Norse Mythology would fight the Olympians and Titans for control over the world. The game would end with all the gods dead, Kratos killing himself to reunite with his family and The Three Wise Men following the Star of David. The Three Wise Men following the Star of David was hinted in the second game. It appears as one of the pictures in the Sequel Hook room.
    • The first two games had a Once per Episode boss fight with a Gorgon sister - Medusa and Euryale, respectively. The third game would have featured Stheno as the last remaining sister, but she ended up being cut and not even making past the concept art. She would later appear in Ascension multiplayer mode, though as an stage hazard rather than a boss character. Oddly enough, she is never faced by Kratos during the story mode.


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