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Trivia / God of War (PS4)

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  • Casting Gag: It's no coincidence that Kikuko Inoue voices The Witch of the Woods, who turns out to be Norse goddess Freya, when she previously voiced another character and series based around Norse Mythology.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Atreus is voiced by women in the Mexican Spanish and Japanese dubs. Averted in the original English, European Spanish and likely other languages.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Because of the recycled title, fans have come up with new names for the game. The most-often used one is Dad of War, but there's also God of Thor. More conventionally, some fans also call the game God of War 4, due to it still taking place after the third game.
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    • JackSepticEye refers to the game as Dad of Boy, with "boy" being said like Kratos says it early in the game.
    • Kratos has also drawn comparisons to Grog Strongjaw of Critical Role, since both have a similar character design.
    • The Stranger is often referred to as "Conor McGregor" by the fanbase due to his strong physical resemblance, similar clothing (fighting shirtless), and similar attitude.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • While having the game set in Norse Mythology was one of the many ideas tossed around all the way back in God of War III, there's no doubt that the Norse Pantheon's popularity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what gave the devs enough confidence to go forward with it.
    • Many reviewers critical of the game have noted that God of War has been reworked into a The Last of Us mold, and fear this already-established trend consuming more franchises.
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  • Killer App: Not only did the game sell millions of copies on its own, but it gave PS4 sales a significant boost. In April 2018, more people bought a PS4 than bought an Xbox One X or a Nintendo Switch — purely because of this game.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The Collector's Edition of the game includes a digital artbook, comic, PS4 theme, some in-game goodies, and a physical statue, steelbook case, carvings, lithograph, and cloth map. The Stone Mason’s Edition costs a little more, but also comes with a ring, a keychain, and a more carvings along with the Collector's Edition items.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: One of the official trailers showed a clip of a large wolf walking in the shadows, indicating a possibly important character such as Fenrir or one of Odin's wolves. While Kratos and Atreus occasionally fight wolves in the game, they're regular enemies and the particular trailer scene of the large, ominous wolf is nowhere to be seen.
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  • Name's the Same: Considering that Kratos was at the Greek Pantheon, and his game is titled 'God of War', his son being named 'Atreus' is a little more hilarious when you realize that in the new lore of League of Legends, the Spartan-ish War God Pantheon possesses the body of a warrior named 'Atreus'.
  • Newbie Boom: Resulted in increased interest in the rest of the series by people who had never played a God of War game previously
  • The Original Darrin:
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Kratos is no longer voiced by Terrence C. Carson, but Christopher Judge of Stargate SG-1 fame. Word of God states this was due to the Mo-Cap tech with Judge being closer to Kratos's height.
    • Ditto in the Japanese dub, as Kenta Miyake replace Tessho Genda as Kratos.
    • And the same goes in the Latin American Spanish dub, albeit in this case, it was because the dub of the last game with a Latin American dub (Ascension) was done in Argentina, and this one was done in Mexico, partly due of the negative reception the dub of that game, along other Sony's games with Argentinian dubs, had in the past.
  • Playing Against Type: In the Mexican Spanish dub, Atreus is voiced by Susana Moreno, a voice actress mostly well-known for voicing cute little girls or spunky teens, not boys.
  • Pre-Order Bonus:
    • Pre-ordering the game at certain retailers got you three in-game shield skins.
    • If you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition on the PlayStation Store, you got a physical Kratos and Atreus pin.
  • Quote Source: Mangst
  • What Could Have Been: Apparently, the team experimented with an Egyptian setting, before settling on the current Norse narrative.
  • Word of Gay: In September 2018 creative director Cory Barlog tweeted that his favorite LGBTQIA character was Brok without elaborating exactly what kind of gender/sexual minority he is.
  • Write Who You Know: Atreus' behavior is based on director Cory Barlog's son.


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