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  • Ascended Fanon: The nicknames of pre-Era IV ghouls, Omega and Alpha (Ether and Fire Ghoul respectively) are these. They were the only ghouls to have been named onstage by the Papas. In Era IV, only Swiss-Army Multi-Ghoul nickname has been adopted, albeit only by the stage crew. The rest are simply introduced as Ghoul.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Dance Macabre", from their fourth album Prequelle, sounds quite a bit different than what they normally do, and in fact when Tobias Forge originally wrote it he didn't envision at as a Ghost song. Nonetheless, it's become one of the band's most popular hits.
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  • Fake Nationality: Papa Emeritus speaks English in a fake Italian accent (presumably to go with the papal image), and once on stage even claimed that he doesn't speak Swedish despite acknowledging that the band overall is as such. In fact, his portrayer—Tobias Forge—is indeed Swedish.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Liz Fenning, the actress who plays the young version of Sister Imperator, was a fan of the band prior to getting cast in the role in early 2018.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: The band is very aware that they've attracted this sort of attention. After mentioning their surprise at having a significant number of female fans, a Ghoul had this to say:
    Nameless Ghoul: It’s pretentious, but isn’t that what defines art? A piece of something that inspires other people to carry on living or carry on doing something, that intrigues them to act in some way. So people doing drawings like that about what they want to do with the band, I think that is a great compliment. And it gives us the approval knowing that we’re doing something right. And it’s fun.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting:
    • The actress cast as a young Sister Imperator looks almost identical to her older self, right down to having the same nose shape and wide eyes.
    • The same can be said for young Papa Nihil, specifically with how their faces are shaped.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • The actress for the elderly Sister Imperator changed between filming of Chapter Three and Chapter Four. Despite this the replacement actress looked and sounded so similar to the old one that it was only via Word Of God that confirmed the change took place.
      • And this happened for the third time as of Chapter 9. The in-universe reason given this time was that both Copia and Imperator had decided to do some plastic surgery together as there was a two-for-one deal.
    • This trope could be applied for Papa Nihil as well. There was a huge difference in the way Papa Zero (the one who came onstage as Papa III was dragged away) and Papa Nihil (in the Chapter videos) are in makeup and manner that this could be argued to be the case.
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  • Trolling Creator: Tobias Forge embraces this by making a mockumentary entitled Metal Myth Ghost Pt 2. There was never a Pt 1 and it was released on April 1st. The content of the mockumentary notes several fan theories regarding the Papas then adding more nonsensical trivia and tidbits just to fuel the flames of the canon lore. Fans acknowledge that this is basically what Ghost is like and has embraced it.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before the band's proper formation in 2010, Tobias Forge had envisioned himself as being the guitarist of the band, and was searching for a front man for the group. He reached out to several vocalists, however, they all turned him down, forcing Tobias to sing the songs himself. When the band was eventually discovered, the management stated they actually preferred his voice and everything after that became history.
    • A third Papaganda episode was filmed and completed. Unfortunately, there were some contractual disputes with the series' director which prevented them from being released. Tobias noted that it's supposedly the best of the series. Although no filmed footage was found, there were some photos floating online showing Papa Emeritus II posing for his scenes.
    • An official DVD footage of their tour was supposed to happen during Papa Emeritus III's era. However, the infamous lawsuit and backstage problems put a kibosh on that.
    • Papa Nihil's death during A Final Gig Called Death was originally far worse than him simply collapsing onstage; a leaked set list pic revealed he was originally meant to be killed by the Nameless Ghouls, which would've put a very different vibe on Copia's ascension to the rank of Papa Emeritus IV.