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Trivia / Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

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  • Old Shame: Shoichi Hirose, the suit actor for King Ghidorah, didn't like portraying in a monster suit, since he wanted to play roles that would show his face (ironically, he wears a kendo mask on his next role after this film).
  • What Could Have Been: Through all accounts, it's pretty clear Ghidorah wasn't always supposed to be gold.. exactly what color he was supposed to be beforehand though is conflicting to say the least. Eiji Tsburaya said Ghidorah was meant to be a crimson red, but he thought gold would look more impressive onscreen. However, Keizo Murse said that he always planned to make Ghidorah some shade of yellow at least. However, a worker on set, Keiko Musuki, said that he once saw a blue Ghidorah on set. Granted, that one might've just been because of the baby powder used to help the suit get made to begin with.. but that still doesn't explain some accounts that said the three headed dragon was originally meant to be green, and certainly doesn't explain the gold bodied, blue necked, rainbow winged Ghidorah that almost every promotional (including the main poster that this very wiki has on the main page) has.