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Funny / Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

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  • When Godzilla is fighting Rodan, he lifts him and slams him into the ground. What makes this funnier is that suit actor Haruo Nakajima is clearly lifting an empty Rodan suit during the fight.
  • The entire sequence where Mothra convinces Godzilla and Rodan to put aside their differences and team up to fight Ghidorah. It starts with Godzilla and Rodan repeatedly beaning each other with a rock while Mothra looks on, seemingly getting more and more exasperated. Eventually, Mothra crawls up a nearby hill and sprays a very bemused Godzilla with silk to calm him down. Rodan's response? He laughs at Godzilla! In a way very reminiscent of a sibling teasingly saying something to the effect of "tee-hee, mom yelled at you!" And appropriately enough, he immediately stops laughing the minute Mothra decides it's his turn.
    • During the subsequent argument, Godzilla and Rodan also refuse to help until they each get an apology from the other, like petty children.
  • The banter between Mothra, Godzilla and Rodan is pretty funny. To quote the English version of the Shobijin translating the Kaiju's communication: "Oh Godzilla, what terrible language!"
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  • To get Ghidorah's attention while he's beating up Rodan, Godzilla simply picks up a rock and chucks it at the back of Ghidorah's head(s).
  • Godzilla getting hit below the belt by Ghidorah's Gravity Beam; he even covers the area when it hits! As well, Rodan shrugging off Godzilla's Atomic Ray.
    • Also, Godzilla grabbing his butt - a very human gesture - when Ghidorah zaps him in the tail with lightning.