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Awesome / Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

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  • King Ghidorah's first appearance: a huge fireball erupts out of a crashed meteor, then forms into the shape and solidifies: pure destruction made flesh. One of the most spectacular introductions of any monster in all of cinema.
  • The sequence where King Ghidorah devastates Tokyo is also great stuff, and makes very other scene of city destruction before it (and most after) look like a picnic- nothing has been quite as grand
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  • And of course, Rodan vs Godzilla, where the pterosaur actually goes toe to toe with the King of the Monsters.
  • And when Mothra convinces them both to get their heads out of their asses and battle King Ghidorah.
  • Speaking of, let's not forget that Mothra's heir proved she's worthy of the name by being willing to go head to head with King Ghidorah on her own despite knowing she is completely outmatched by the space monster. This is actually the catalyst for Godzilla and Rodan being convinced to take up the cause of defeating Ghidorah alongside her!
  • On a human side note: Prof. Murai, who's pretty much been the "stoic scientist" for the past film and a half hits one of Malmess' retreating henchmen over the head with a wrench, then takes his gun and takes a few shots at the escaping others!
  • The Battle Royale at the finale is awesome (even if it is a little too goofy at times) and is still among the most iconic battles in Kaiju eiga and a turning point in the development of Godzilla himself.
    • King Ghidorah gets several, but of note is when Godzilla, who up till now has basically been the Big Bad of the Toho universe and easily its most powerful monster, attacks him and Ghidorah trounces him in about two seconds.
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    • The airborne chase between King Ghidorah and Rodan... which ends when Rodan turns around and rams Ghidorah!
    • The fight culminates with Mothra webbing up Ghidorah while riding on Rodan and Godzilla tossing the beast into a ravine.