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  • Creator Breakdown: When Seidelman retired from doing inductions:
    ”After lots of thought, I feel that Game Show Garbage has contributed to a lot of the cynicism and negativity. While I've done more positive reviews with The Games Of '90 and in the commentaries and Game Show Gumbo, I can't help but think the inductions stick out like a sore thumb.”
  • Lost Episode: Induction #139, on Golden-Road.Net, was removed in September 2017.
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  • Old Shame: Seidelman's reason as to why she removed #139.
    "The Golden Fanbois induction is deleted and won't be returning to the site anytime soon. It was a terrible induction in poor taste and I fully regret it. I need to build bridges rather than burn them."
  • What Could Have Been: Seidelman had planned a number of additional inductions that she never finished:
    • Dale Winton’s Will You Dance With Me Video (a rather bad music video about Winton dancing in front of a green screen with dancers; Seidelman had planned it for UK Month, but felt she could never “do it justice” there, and by the time she decided to use it for a Video Induction a few years later, Article 13 was ratified)
    • The Hell's Kitchen All-Embarassment Team (the worst chefs in general; Seidelman scrapped it when her videos on the worst chefs of Seasons 2 and 3 were blocked in the US)
    • Pulling A Bradford (planned for April Fools Day 2012; was to deal with a move where a contestant gives up immunity and gets eliminated the same day; scrapped due to Seidelman having college)
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    • That's My Dog (a Family Channel game show that had a bad host and a format that never seemed to be consistent; was replaced with Philly Pheud with Jim Williams’ death)
    • Baby Races (another bad Family Channel game show that, according to Seidelman, felt like exploitation; scrapped because Seidelman couldn’t come up with ideas)
    • Scott Sternberg - A Legacy of Failure (a planned video for April Fools 2019 based on UrinatingTree’s videos; Seidelman decided to put Game Show Gumbo there instead, so she moved it to 2020, and it was scrapped when she retired from inductions)
    • Jeremy Clarkson: Game Show Host (a planned UK Month video detailing Clarkson’s one-series stint as host of Robot Wars; replaced with The Worst Final Chase...EVER!)


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