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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: She's known for starting many projects, and sometimes even finishing a few of them, but they never see the light of day. Examples include the Jane Brooks Project, Ravensong, the "Liar" music video, Platonic Friends, her Fight Like a Girl musical and a few other things.
  • Colbert Bump: The Unicorn hat became far harder to find after Emilie wore one.
  • Creator Breakdown: Had a major one between Enchant and Opheliac which led to her attempting suicide and being put into a psych ward during the recording of Opheliac.
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  • Doing It for the Art: Alternative violin-industrial Rock Opera girl power continuer and so much more. Another indication of this is that all of her albums (at least in downloadable forms) are consistently priced at or around $10, even her double albums which have more than 20 tracks apiece.
  • Dye Hard: Emilie's pink or red hair that changes shade from dye to dye or wig to wig was integral to her image. Nowadays she dyes her hair light blonde for The Devil's Carnival.
  • Enforced Method Acting: The "tea" is mixed by Maggots before each show, is different from show to show, and Emilie doesn't know what's going to be in it until she drinks it on stage; her reaction to the flavour is genuine. If you're wondering, the tea is generally a mix of alcohol and/or citrus juice.
  • Executive Meddling: The story behind this t-shirt: When Emilie Autumn was first trying to find a record deal, she had to talk with several record label executives, and every one of them invariably tried to rail her towards a more mainstream image. One of them was apparently so obnoxious and dismissive of anything she could say, Emilie allegedly abandoned the reunion to cool off and she came back after having write on the t-shirt she was wearing "Sorry, was I thinking again?" She eventually recorded her first albums under her own label, and between the first pieces of merch she sold was a replica of said tee.
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  • Fake Brit: Emilie affects an English accent in much of her work, particularly Fight Like a Girl and "Your Sugar Sits Untouched". She does a good job with it on the whole, although there's the occasional rhyme for which it's ill-suited ("thought" / "not" in "The Key," for example.)
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: To date the only releases that have no re-release are the Chambermaid and By the Sword E Ps (but the two are on A Bit o' This & That). Most are just a limited edition digipack, and then a jewel case, but the re-release of Enchant has a story to bridge the gap between it and Opheliac and no Enchant puzzle. Then there is Opheliac. Oh God, Opheliac. First there was the two disc digipack. After it sold out, Emilie released a one disc jewel case version and after fans demanded the content from disc two of the limited edition a two disc digipack. Two years after the album was released in Europe, the album got a wide release in the US, with three more tracks exclusive to the issuing, and, finally, a third issuing with all tracks from the previous US edition, four songs recorded for that edition, excerpts from The Asylum, live videos and a video with her and her friend, (Queen) fLee.
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  • Similarly Named Works: Emilie has done two distinct tracks named "Willow:" One from Laced/Unlaced, the other unreleased.
  • Throw It In!: The Rat Game was started because Veronica was told to keep the audience at a show in Germany entertained while Emilie solved a problem and she came up with the idea to make out with a girl. This was instantly a very popular idea on the forum and Emilie decided to keep it.


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