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  • Contessa leading everyone in prayer for Veronica's virtue what's left of Veronica's virtue with repetition from Maggot.
  • This video, including the whole "this is not an accurate representation of what is going on behind the screen" scene and the following (which, with some variants, is a live show staple:)
    Emilie: Tell my beautiful Plague Rats why I had to yell at you today.
    Veronica: Because I made out with Contessa.
    The Crowd: *cheers*
    Emilie: Repulsive. Is that all?
    Veronica: Nope! I also made out with Aprella.
    The Crowd: *cheers again*
    Emilie: Disgusting. Is that all?
    Veronica: No. Captain Maggots gave me some funny-tasting tea, and I ended up making out with her.
    The Crowd: *cheers again*
    Emilie: Maggots? Maggots, can I have some of that funny-tasting tea? My cup's on the harpsichord.
    Maggots: *pours tea*
    Emilie: No, I'll take that one, thanks.
    Maggots: *gives tea to Emilie*
    Emilie: Get out.
    Maggots: *runs off*
    Emilie: So. Let me get this straight. You were making out with Contessa, Aprella, and Captain Maggots, and you knew, all along, that you should have been doing what with that time?
    Veronica: Making out with you?
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  • This:
    Veronica: You know, Emilie taught me that if you swear, you can still sound ladylike by saying 'Indeed' after it. Let's give it a try! MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS! ...Indeed!
  • Any time Emilie and Veronica are on stage together, it's a potent combination of CMOF, Les Yay and fanservice.
  • The following conversation:
    Emilie: Aprella once shot a man's eye out from 60 miles away. And that's okay because...
    Aprella: HE DESERVED IT!
  • The Crumpets act out an "erotic" Emilie/Veronica fanfic. Enough said.
  • "I Know Where You Sleep" is a terrifyingly vitriolic "The Reason You Suck" Speech... that ends with Emilie insulting the guy's poetry.


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