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Trivia / Doctor Strange

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  • Development Gag: In an early story in Strange Tales, a generic character is called "Frau Lieber". Writer Stan Lee was born Stanley Lieber; he had assumed a Pen Name specifically for writing comics note  and ended up sticking with it.
  • Referenced by...: T. Rex's "Mambo Sun" includes the line "I'm Doctor Strange for you."
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Frank Miller was planned at one point to collaborate with Roger Stern on a run of the comic, but due to being considered for the comic adaptation of For Your Eyes Only (a role that eventually went to Howard Chaykin), he bowed out, and Marshall Rogers took over for Miller. Considering how Miller revolutionized Daredevil (and later, revamped Batman), and that Roger Stern is considered one of the best writers of Strange in comics, and that Rogers' run with Rogers is well regarded for classic stories like "To Have Loved and Lost" and "The Montessi Formula", one can't help but wonder what Miller's run would've looked like, or if he would have gone and continued as a writer on the character.
    • Warren Ellis' run on Doctor Strange lasted only one issue - Ellis was apparently going to take the character into a less superhero-oriented direction, towards fantasy and horror, but he quit after the editor who handpicked him for the book was replaced by one with a preference for classic-style superhero stories.