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Tear Jerker / Doctor Strange

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Blessed Vishanti, so many...

  • When he is forced to murder the Ancient One to prevent Shuma-Gorath from using his mind to enter their dimension.
  • When Clea leaves him for the first time, claiming she wants her beloved to be happy. He isn't.
  • The entire lengthy run in Strange Tales vol. 2 which finds Strange becoming, very unwillingly, a dark sorcerer, leaving a trail of broken hearts and shot dogs behind him, in order to save the world.
  • Baron Mordo dying at peace and rising up to the arms of the Ancient One.
  • When Iron Man says the Illuminati should support the SHRA.
    Doctor Strange: Um... it's wrong.
    Iron Man: Doctor.
    Doctor Strange: It's wrong. It's giving in to other peoples' ignorance and fear. And a lot of our peers will fight for their rights. To the death. Doctor Richards, please tell me that you—
    Reed Richards: Tony's right.
    Doctor Strange: My God.
    Reed Richards: He's completely right.
    Doctor Strange: I guess we're done here. Never call upon me again.
  • A small one, but in Jason Aaron's Last Days of Magic arc, when the Empirikul destroys magic, a Harry Potter Expy will never get to leave his sad abusive household for a magical destiny. While it's framed a bit like a dark joke, especially since it comes right after expies of Aladdin and Jasmine fall off the now inanimate and non-flying Flying Carpet, you can't help but feel bad for the poor kid.
  • The Death of Dr. Strange. After so many struggles and triumphs, Stephen Strange is finally killed by his enemies, leading to a time of mourning from all the sorcerers who looked up to him, and especially from those who loved him like Clea.