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Trivia / Chopping Mall

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  • The Cameo: Paul and Mary Bland from Eating Raoul appear in the opening during the presentation of the robots, commenting that maybe they should get one for their restaurant.
    • Dick Miller also appears as a janitor named Walter Paisley, sharing a name with his character from A Bucket of Blood. Both movies share a producer in Roger Corman, who also directed A Bucket Of Blood.
  • Creator Cameo: The director Jim Wynorski voiced the three Protector robots.
  • Development Hell: A remake to be produced and directed by Robert Hall (Laid to Rest), which was to start production in 2012. Reportedly, the new story would revolve around supernatural elements instead of robots. Something that ended up being a sour point for some fans.
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  • Hey, It's That Place!: The mall this was filmed in, the Sherman Oaks Galleria, was the same mall where Commando, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Terminator 2 was filmed. (The exteriors are from another mall entirely.)
  • What Could Have Been: Artisan Entertainment, who had distribution rights for the film before they were acquired by Lionsgate (via Artisan's acquisition of Vestron Video in the early 90s), were interested in producing a sequel (and at some point, their own remake) and planned on releasing it in 2003. According to Jim Wynorski, who was tapped to re-direct the sequel, both of the projects died when the people interested found out Roger Corman still had a say in whether or not a continuation or remake can be produced, and that he ultimately pulled the plug.


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