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Trivia / A Cinderella Story

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  • Completely Different Title: (Essentially, "") This is not because Indian audiences would not recognize Cinderella, since April even uses that as her username and goes to the ball in a Cinderella costume.
  • What Could Have Been: Rupert Grint had gotten the role of Austin, but had to back out because he was busy filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    • A junior novelization revealed some deleted ideas and concepts from the movie:
      • Austin was supposed to get up on stage during the pep-rally, only to pretend that the whole thing was a joke he was in on. This probably explains why the faculty never actually punishes Shelby and her friends for the skit, since they probably assumed it was All Part of the Show.
      • Austin was also supposed to have a snippy line about how Sam could have been a trucker from New Jersey; the writers seemed to realize where Princeton was during production.
      • Shelby was originally supposed to get her comeuppance during the big football game at the end when she gets knocked into the mud.
      • The dress Rhonda gives to Sam was originally supposed to be her mother's wedding dress.
      • Rhonda also did not appear to be a waitress in the original script; one early line said she would be able to take Sam's shift to let her go to the ball because she always watched over her at work.
      • Fiona was supposed to have a cat. Sam's father died while trying to save it during the earthquake.
      • It also seems that Fiona was originally intended to be more of an Alpha Bitch grown up, with her referencing multiple dead husbands. Her working name was going to be Nora.
      • Astrid, in earlier drafts, was said to be friends with Sam and had an unrequited crush on Carter. She was also established as being more attractive than Shelby, she just preferred being an Unkempt Beauty.

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