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The seasons of American Horror Story take place in a Shared Universe spanning from 1952-2022, with many flashbacks and references extending back even further. Warning: spoilers are unmarked.


  • The English establish a colony on Roanoke Island. Scáthach, a witch of Druid and Roman descent, is discovered to be a stowaway. When the soldiers attempt to execute her, she massacres them all and escapes into the woods.


  • A new group of English colonists resettles the abandoned Roanoke village, which they assume had been wiped out by Indians.
  • John White, the governor of the new Roanoke Colony, returns to England for supplies. He leaves his wife Tomaysn in charge.
  • Several colonists, led by Anthony Cage and including Tomasyn's son Ambrose, betray and overthrow Tomasyn. They lock a bridle cage on her head and abandon her in the woods.
  • Tomasyn is saved from death by Scáthach, who casts a spell on her and turns her into "the Butcher."
  • The Butcher returns to Roanoke, murders Cage and another usurper, and retakes command of the colony.
  • The colonists move inland, abandoning Roanoke. A young girl named Priscilla carves "Croatoan" onto a post.



  • A colonist steals provisions and attempts to desert. He is captured, has a pig's head placed on his head, and is executed. He later returns as a ghost.
  • Under Scáthach's sway, the Butcher continues engaging in human sacrifice. She kills Priscilla, who later returns as a ghost.
  • Ambrose White convinces the colonists to abandon the Butcher's evil ways and return to England. In response, the Butcher murders them all, and is then killed by Scáthach. They all return as ghosts.



  • August 18 - John White returns to Roanoke and finds the colony abandoned.
  • The colonists haunt and torment a Native American tribe living on the land they have claimed. A tribal elder casts a powerful spell on them that restricts their power to kill to the Dying Grass Moon.


  • Tituba, an enslaved Arawak girl skilled in shamanism, teaches necromancy to the witches of Salem. She is accused of witchcraft, which sparks the Salem Witch Trials. 19 non-witches are tried and hanged. The witches decide to flee south and the elderly Supreme, Prudence Mather, invokes the Sacred Taking, in which she commits suicide to make way for a new Supreme.


  • The Salem witches arrive in New Orleans, which they eventually dub "New Salem." Tituba winds up in the company of African slaves learned in voodoo, and passes on her knowledge to them.


  • Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is established in New Orleans as an exclusive finishing school.


  • Edward Philippe Mott moves from Philadelphia to North Carolina and commissions the Shakers to build a farmhouse on the land haunted by the Roanoke colonists.
  • The colonists destroy Mott's collection of art. He locks his servants in the cellar, where they die.
  • The colonists murder Mott, who returns as a ghost.
  • Mott's slave and lover, Guinness, is thrown in jail for Mott's murder.


  • September 10 - Marie Laveau is born.


  • Delphi Trust is founded in Atlanta as a front for a society of witch hunters.


  • Delphine LaLaurie begins torturing her slaves, eventually killing 62.


  • October 31 - Delphine LaLaurie cages her daughters in her chamber of horrors for plotting to kill her.
  • Louis LaLaurie begets a son with a slave, Sally. His wife kills the baby and drains his blood to use as a beauty treatment. Sally commits suicide.
  • December 25 - LaLaurie stuffs her daughter Borquita's mouth full of human feces.


  • Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau becomes pregnant by her lover, Bastien. Afraid of dying, she makes a deal with the loa Papa Legba to sacrifice the baby (and another baby every single year) in exchange for immortality.
  • October 31 - LaLaurie releases her daughters from their imprisonment.
  • Pauline LaLaurie is caught forcing Bastien into sex. Her mother tortures him, placing a bull's head on his body. Marie Laveau gives LaLaurie an immortality potion, lynches her husband and daughters, and buries her alive. Laveau gives Bastien the potion, transforms him into a minotaur, and chains him up.


  • Miss Robichaux's Academy is closed and turned into a military hospital.


  • The Polk family makes a deal with the Roanoke colonists to keep others away from their land in exchange for being allowed to live there undisturbed.


  • Marion Warton, the Supreme of the witches, purchases Miss Robichaux's Academy and secretly establishes it as a school for witchcraft.


  • Edward Mordrake is born with a parasitic demon attached to the back of his head.


  • June 15 - Marie Laveau fakes her own death. Her followers build a shrine to her.



  • Kincaid Polk begins butchering people during the Chicago World's Fair and becomes known as the "Piggy Man." He falls into his hog pen and is devoured.


  • May 6 - Rudolph Valentino is born.
  • October 30 - James Patrick March is born.


  • Edward Mordrake is committed to Bedlam Asylum. Eventually, at the command of his demon face, he breaks out and joins a freak show.
  • October 31 - Mordrake massacres all of the other freaks and hangs himself.


  • January 19 - Natacha Rambova is born Winifred Hudnut in Utah.


  • Dell Toledo is born into the famous Toledo Lobster Clan, though he has normal fingers.


  • Elizabeth Johnson is born in Brooklyn to Italian immigrants.


  • Briarcliff Manor is built to serve as a tuberculosis ward.


  • Anna Leigh Leighton is born.


  • Fragmentation grenades come into wide use during the First World War. Italian carpenter Massimo Dolcefino becomes well known as a prosthetist.


  • Pepper, a microcephalic, is born to an unwed mother.


  • The Axeman goes on a killing spree in New Orleans, murdering eight people. He is finally stopped by the witches of Miss Robichaux's Academy, who kill him. His spirit is trapped in the Academy.


  • F.W. Murnau travels to the Carpathian Mountains to do research for his film Nosferatu, and he is infected with the blood virus by ancient Transylvanian vampires during an orgy.


  • Famous surgeon Charles Montgomery builds what will become known as the "Murder House" for his wife Nora. He develops an addiction to ether.
  • Conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler are born to Eudora Tattler.
  • Elizabeth Johnson travels from Brooklyn to Hollywood to become an actress.


  • Construction begins on the Hotel Cortez, which James Patrick March plans to use as a murder palace. He does not wait for it to finish, as he murders numerous victims during construction.
  • Charles Montgomery begins performing illegal abortions.
  • Thaddeus Montgomery is born to Charles and Nora.
  • Elizabeth Johnson is cast as an extra in The Son of the Sheik, starring Rudolph Valentino.
  • Elizabeth begins a polyamorous relationship with Valentino and his wife, Natacha Rambova.
  • October 31 - Albert Evers is kidnapped and murdered by Gordon Northcott.
  • Northcott is arrested. Albert's body is never recovered.


  • F.W. Murnau infects Rudolph Valentino with the blood virus. He passes it on to Rambova.
  • August 23 - Valentino murders his stunt double, George Fiske, and fakes his own death. The Hotel Cortez has its grand opening, which is attended by Elizabeth. When she hears the news, she attempts suicide but is saved by James Patrick March.
  • Hazel Evers is hired as a maid at the hotel. She falls in love with March and helps cover up his murders.
  • Elizabeth and March get married.
  • Elizabeth discovers that March is a serial killer and becomes involved in his crimes.
  • Valentino and Rambova reunite with Elizabeth and infect her with the blood virus. She plans to leave with them, so March has them bricked up in a sealed wing of the Hotel Cortez.
  • Elizabeth becomes pregnant and gets a failed abortion from Dr. Charles Montgomery, resulting in the birth of Bartholomew, who she locks in Room 33.
  • March kills a religious man who remains defiant in the face of death. To spite him, March vows to "kill God."
  • March begins his anti-religious "Ten Commandments" killings by beating and stabbing a gangland thief named Bobby McGreggor to death ("thou shalt not steal") and taking his hand.
  • Thaddeus Montgomery is kidnapped and dismembered. Charles stitches him back together, creating the Infantata. Nora murders Charles and commits suicide. The two become ghosts.


  • March murders six migrant workers who did not "observe the Sabbath day" and takes their teeth. Jealous of Elizabeth, Hazel Evers leaves March's handkerchief at the scene of the crime.
  • February 25 - The police raid the Hotel Cortez. March shoots Miss Evers in the head at her request and then slashes his own throat with a sword. They become ghosts.
  • Elizabeth March inherits the hotel and all of her late husband's wealth.
  • Ethel Darling, a bearded lady with a successful act, meets Dell Toledo, a strong man, who becomes her manager. He takes her to Paris to perform Shakespearean drama, which is an abject failure. They return to America.


  • Ethel gives birth to Jimmy, who has fused fingers. Dell charges admission to the "freak birth."
  • Dell attempts to kill Jimmy and is driven away by Ethel.


  • Gloria Mott's father loses his fortune in the Stock Market Crash. She marries her wealthy, pedophilic second cousin.
  • The Polk family become cannibals when they slaughter and eat several hobos.


  • Dandy Mott is born to Gloria Mott.


  • March 11 - F.W. Murnau dies in a car accident.
  • Lana Winters is born.


  • Hans Gruper cuts off Elsa Mars's legs in a fetish snuff film. Massimo Dolcefino crafts her prostheses and begins helping her rehabilitate.
  • October 31 - The Barnum and Bailey Circus performs on Halloween. This summons Edward Mordrake, who adds the soul of human cannonball Clyde Hendershot to his coterie.


  • Elsa Mars emigrates from Germany to America. She rises up in the entertainment industry as a Boston chorus girl.
  • Massimo Dolcefino begins hunting down and killing the men who cut off Elsa's legs.
  • Pepper's mother dies. Her sister Rita puts her in an orphanage in Boston. She is adopted by Elsa, the first "freak" in what will become Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • Elsa receives Mahadevi Patel, the smallest woman in the world, from the Maharaja of Kapurthala in exchange for three cases of Dr. Pepper and nicknames her "Ma Petite."


  • Elsa adopts Salty, another microcephalic, from a home for wayward boys in Cincinatti. Elsa "marries" the two and Ma Petite becomes their "child."


  • Elsa Mars bails Ethel Darling out of a Baltimore drunk tank. She and her son Jimmy join Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities.


  • Dandy Mott stops being friends with Regina Brown, the daughter of his maid Dora, because of her social class.


  • Kit Walker is born.
  • Anna Leigh Leighton demonstrates the Seven Wonders. Supreme Mimi DeLongpre declares her as her successor.
  • Massimo Dolcefino tracks down Hans Gruper, who is a doctor at Auschwitz. Gruper captures him and locks him in a secret cell. The ensuing torture causes him to become emotionless, and finally stops when he is discovered by Gruper's superior. He is released and travels to Austria.


  • Stanley, a con artist, takes Maggie, a pick-pocket, under his wing in Kansas City.


  • March 17 - John Wayne Gacy is born.


  • Twisty the Clown lands his dream job as the special children's clown for Rusty Westchester's Traveling Carnival. Two dwarves, disgruntled that they were passed over for the job, trick him into thinking he's been accused of child molestation. He flees and returns home to Jupiter, Florida.


  • Chester Creb is wounded during the invasion of Normandy Beach. He receives brain damage and a metal plate in his skull.


  • Hans Gruper travels to America under the name "Arthur Arden." He finds employment as a doctor at Briarcliff Manor.
  • Grace Bertrand is born.
  • Dell Toledo joins the Giuseppe Brothers Circus in Chicago as "The Stupendous Strong Man."
  • Ethel Darling quits drinking, though her undetected cirrhosis continues to get worse.


  • January 15 - Dr. David Curran drugs, accidentally kills, and rapes Elizabeth Short in the Murder House. Charles Montgomery mutilates her corpse and Curran dumps the body, which becomes known as the "Black Dahlia." She returns as a ghost.
  • Massimo Dolcefino travels to America to try and find Elsa Mars.


  • Fiona Goode is born.
  • Chester Creb, at the hallucinatory urging of his dummy Marjorie, murders his wife Lucy and her lover Alice.


  • June 22 - Judy Martin hits Missy Stone with her car while drunk and assumes she killed her. She quits drinking and joins a convent.


  • Constance Langdon is born.


  • Twisty the Clown attempts suicide and fails, blowing off his lower jaw.
  • Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities sets up shop in Jupiter, Florida. Twisty attempts to entertain visitors but is turned away by the freaks.
  • Twisty murders Jeffrey and Mildred Bachman and kidnaps their son Corey.
  • August 30 - Bette Tattler murders her mother, Eudora.
  • September 1 - Dot stabs Bette in the chest and the milkman Bill Palmer discovers Eudora's body. The conjoined twins are taken to the hospital.
  • September 2 - The twins are visited by Elsa Mars. Twisty murders Troy Miller and kidnaps Bonnie Lipton to serve as a babysitter for Corey. Penny, a local candy striper, participates in a drug-fueled orgy with the freaks.
  • September 3 - Bette and Dot flee the hospital and join Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. Detective Robert Bunch attempts to arrest them, but Jimmy Darling kills him.
  • September 5 - Dell Toledo murders a man in Chicago and flees with his wife, Desiree Dupree.
  • September 6 - Twisty kills toy store owner Mr. Hanley and one of his employees while stealing toys for Corey.
  • September 7 - Dell and Desiree arrive in Jupiter and join Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. Dandy Mott is turned away upon attempting to join the freak show and Gloria hires Twisty to cheer him up.
  • September 8 - Dell frames Meep for the murder of Detective Bunch. Meep is arrested and killed in jail. The police dump his body at the freak show.
  • October 3 - Three hunters stay in the Roanoke farmhouse. The colonists compel them to murder each other and they become ghosts.
  • October 31 - Stanley makes a deal to sell dead freaks to Lillian Hennings, curator of the American Morbidity Museum. As part of his plan, Maggie joins Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities as a phony psychic named "Esmeralda." Twisty kidnaps a boy named Mike, and his new accomplice Dandy abducts Jimmy and Maggie. After Edward Mordrake is summoned by Elsa Mars, all of his captives manage to escape and then Mordrake kills Twisty and adds his soul to his coterie.
  • November 1 - Dandy murders his maid, Dora Brown.
  • November 2 - Gloria has Dora's body buried in the garden. Stanley, disguised as a television agent named "Richard Spencer," begins ingratiating himself with Elsa. Desiree suffers a miscarriage and Dr. Bonham informs her that she is 100% female. Dandy murders Dell's gay lover Andy.
  • November 3 - Dora's daughter Regina Ross becomes suspicious after a phone call to Gloria. Dell breaks Dr. Bonham's hands, and Bonham commits suicide. Elsa sells the twins to the Motts.
  • November 8 - Elsa suffers a breakdown and wounds Paul with a throwing knife. Maggie kidnaps Ma Petite but is unable to go through with killing her.
  • November 9 - Jimmy finds Bette and Dot at the Mott manor. He recognizes Dandy from Halloween and brings the twins back to the freak show. Dell assaults a bartender at the gay bar. Stanley sees him there and blackmails him. Dell attempts to kill Amazon Eve but she fights him off.
  • November 11 - Penny is heavily tattooed by her father for associating with freaks and joins the freak show. Dell murders Ma Petite and gives her body to Stanley.
  • November 12 - Stanley sells Ma Petite's body to the American Morbidity Museum. Ethel accuses Elsa of killing her and attempts to shoot her, but Elsa kills her in self defense.
  • November 13 - Stanley and Maggie help stage Ethel's death as a suicide. Regina Ross arrives in Jupiter to find her mother. Elsa recruits Barbara, a morbidly obese Manhattan debutante, to the freak show under the stage name "Ima Wiggles." Penny, Desiree, Suzi, and Eve tar and feather Penny's father.
  • November 14 - Dandy murders Gloria and bathes in her blood. He then kills an Avon saleswoman and grafts her head onto Gloria's body to make a two-headed puppet. He later massacres eight housewives at a Tupperware party, framing Jimmy. Dandy taunts Regina by informing her of his crimes and she flees. Stanley sexually humiliates Dell, who attempts suicide but is saved by Desiree.
  • November 15 - Stanley hires a gay prostitute to pose as a surgeon so he can kill Bette and Dot, but they return to the freak show. Regina attempts to have Dandy arrested, but he bribes Detective Jack Colquitt to kill her instead. Jimmy is arrested for octuple homicide. Salty dies in his sleep of a stroke.
  • November 16 - Stanley decapitates Salty's corpse and sells his head to the American Morbidity Museum.
  • November 17 - Jimmy allows Stanley to sever his hands under the false impression that he will use them to pay for a lawyer. Elsa leaves Pepper with her sister, Rita Gayheart, in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Maggie confesses everything to Desiree and brings her to the American Morbidity Museum, where Desiree murders Lillian Hennings and decapitates her.
  • November 19 - Chester Creb, now a traveling chameleon salesman, visits the freak show. He auditions with his amateur magician and ventriloquist act but is rejected.
  • November 20 - Dell and Eve murder two police officers and break Jimmy out of custody. Dandy intentionally aggravates Chester's mental instability by confronting him with his past and taunting him. Dell confesses to murdering Ma Petite and Elsa kills him.
  • November 21 - Elsa sells Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities to Chester. The freaks mutilate Stanley by severing his arms, legs, and tongue.
  • November 22 - Elsa reunites with Massimo Dolcefino after 16 years.
  • November 23 - Chester has a psychotic break and saws Maggie in half during a magic act, killing her. He then "kills" his puppet Marjorie and turns himself in. Elsa resells the freak show to Dandy and heads for Los Angeles. Dolcefino crafts prosthetic hands for Jimmy.
  • Stanley dies of dehydration.
  • December 3 - The freaks humiliate Dandy and quit. Elsa makes a connection with WBN's Junior Vice President of Casting Michael Beck. Dandy returns to the freak show with a pistol and goes on a rampage, killing Paul, Penny, Toulouse, Suzi, Ima, and Eve, though Desiree manages to hide, and Dandy spares Bette and Dot. Jimmy returns and finds Desiree the sole survivor of the grisly scene.
  • December 4 - Dandy has his victims buried in a mass grave and hires Desiree as a maid. He attempts to force Bette and Dot to marry him, but Desiree spikes his drink. Along with Jimmy, they chain him in a dunk tank and drown him to death.
  • Jimmy and Dot get married.
  • Desiree marries Angus T. Jefferson.


  • Elsa Mars gets her own television show, The Elsa Mars Hour.


  • The Bertrand family moves from France to Massachusetts.


  • February 29 - Aileen Wuornos is born.
  • The spirit of the Axeman murders Helen, a bully picking on Fiona Goode at Miss Robichaux's Academy.


  • February 29 - Richard Ramirez is born.
  • May 21 - Jeffrey Dahmer is born.
  • The mass grave is uncovered in Jupiter, Florida.
  • October 31 - Elsa Mars performs live on television, summoning Edward Mordrake. He kills her but, instead of adding her soul to his coterie, he sends her to her own heaven, where all of her dearly departed freaks are waiting for her.
  • Massimo Dolcefino dies of lung cancer.
  • Bette and Dot Tattler give birth to a baby.


  • Henry, a black boy, is lynched for attending an integrated school. Marie Laveau, his mother's boss, raises the dead to kill his murderers.
  • Conflict breaks out between Laveau's Voodoo witches and the New Salem Coven.


  • The Catholic Church purchases Briarcliff Manor and converts it into a sanitarium. Monsignor Timothy Howard gets Arthur Arden to come out of retirement and return to his position as doctor, under the condition that he will be allowed to perform unethical experimentation on the patients, turning them into zombie-like raspers. Sister Jude is placed in charge of the asylum.
  • John Wayne Gacy, briefly living in Las Vegas, goes on a road trip to Los Angeles. He stays at the Hotel Cortez, where he is schooled in the art of murder by James Patrick March.
  • Rita Gayheart gives birth to Lucas, who is deformed. Pepper is framed for his murder by her brother-in-law Larry and is committed to Briarcliff Sanitarium.
  • December 19 - Leigh Emerson is thrown in jail for stealing bread. He is gang raped by five other inmates. When he is released, he murders a charity Santa Claus and dons his clothes. Emerson proceeds to go on a killing spree, killing five families totaling 18 people.


  • Leigh Emerson is committed to Briarcliff Sanitarium.
  • December 24 - Emerson attacks an orderly during a photo shoot. Sister Jude sentences him to a year in solitary confinement and bans future Christmas celebrations.


  • January 16 - Oliver Thredson kills Donna Burton.
  • Thredson murders Allison Rydell. He becomes known in the media as "Bloody Face."
  • Grace Bertrand murders her father and stepmother in revenge for sexual abuse and is committed to Briarcliff Sanitarium.
  • Shelley marries a bass player, who cheats on her regularly. After she cheats on him with two sailors, he has her admitted to Briarcliff for nymphomania.
  • Charlotte Brown, suffering from postpartum depression, becomes obsessed with Anne Frank and begins to believe that she is her.
  • Jed Potter is possessed by a demon.
  • Kit Walker secretly marries his black girlfriend Alma.
  • Kit and Alma are abducted by aliens. They keep Alma and send Kit back.
  • Kit is arrested on suspicion of Alma's disappearance and the Bloody Face killings.
  • October 29 - Kit is sent to Briarcliff for psychological evaluation. Lana Winters visits the asylum to write an article. Sister Jude blackmails her girlfriend Wendy Peyser into committing her.
  • October 30 - Jed Potter murders a cow and eats her heart. Wendy is murdered by Oliver Thredson.
  • October 31 - Thredson visits Briarcliff and falsely diagnoses Kit with acute clinical insanity. Dr. Arden assaults a prostitute after she discovers his collection of Nazi memorabilia and BDSM pornography. Jed's parents bring him to Briarcliff. During the exorcism, the exorcist Father Malachi and Jed are killed. The demon possesses Sister Mary Eunice McKee.
  • During a nor'easter, Lana, Kit, and Grace escape Briarcliff. Pepper is abducted by the aliens. Clara "The Mexican" is devoured by the raspers. Dr. Arden attempts to rape Shelley, and then cuts off her legs and turns her into a rasper.
  • November 15 - Charlotte Brown stabs two anti-Semitic men in a bar and is admitted to Briarcliff. Dr. Arden is questioned as a suspect in the Bloody Face murders. Charlotte finds Shelley, accuses Arden of being a Nazi war criminal, and shoots him in the leg. Sister Jude hires Sam Goodman, a Nazi hunter, to investigate Dr. Arden, who dumps Shelley at a playground. Jude releases Charlotte into her husband Jim's custody.
  • Grace is abducted by the aliens, who ineptly sterilize her.
  • Jim Brown returns Charlotte to Briarcliff. She is lobotomized by Dr. Arden and released.
  • Thredson breaks Lana out of Briarcliff. He reveals to her that he is Bloody Face and holds her prisoner.
  • Jenny Reynold's mother takes her to Briarcliff for killing another little girl named Josie.
  • Monsignor Howard mercy kills Shelley in the hospital.
  • Howard removes Sister Jude's position of authority at Briarcliff.
  • Jenny Reynolds is taken back home. She murders her mother and her siblings.
  • Sister Mary Eunice mortally wounds Sam Goodman.
  • Shachath, the angel of death, visits Briarcliff and makes contact with Sister Mary Eunice past the influence of the demon possessing her.
  • Thredson rapes Lana, impregnating her. She manages to escape and is picked up by a misogynistic man who kills himself, causing a car accident. Lana is returned to Briarcliff.
  • Sister Jude attempts suicide, but she is spared by Shachath. She discovers that Missy Stone, the girl she assumed she hit and killed, is still alive.
  • Kit escapes Briarcliff, but is chased back inside by a rasper, which kills Sister Felicity. Kit kills the rasper, but is found by Frank McCann, a guard who shoots at him. Grace takes the bullet and dies.
  • December 24 - Leigh Emerson slices Frank's face with a Christmas star. Lana and Kit trap Oliver Thredson in a closet. Sister Mary Eunice murders Frank and locks Sister Jude in a room with Emerson, who attempts to rape her, though she stabs him. Dr. Arden attempts to dispose of Grace's body, but it is taken by the aliens.
  • Sister Jude is framed for the murder of Frank McCann, excommunicated, and committed to Briarcliff.
  • Lana attempts an abortion with a coat hanger but is unsuccessful.
  • Dr. Arden brings Kit to the brink of death in an attempt to summon the aliens. They return Pepper, whose intelligence has been boosted, and Grace, who has been revived ad impregnated.
  • Monsignor Howard baptizes Leigh Emerson, who knocks him unconscious, crucifies him, and escapes. Shachath informs Howard that Sister Mary Eunice is possessed by a demon, who proceeds to rape him.
  • Sister Mary Eunice finds Thredson, releases him, and hires him full time.
  • Dr. Arden kills all of his raspers.
  • Grace gives birth to Thomas.
  • Sister Mary Eunice recovers enough strength to encourage Monsignor Howard to throw her off a balcony, killing her. Shachath destroys the demon within her.
  • Dr. Arden commits suicide by cremating himself along with Mary Eunice's corpse.
  • Lana kills Oliver Thredson.


  • Lana Winters is released from Briarcliff and exposes everything.
  • Kit Walker is exonerated for the Bloody Face murders and released, along with Grace Bertrand.
  • The aliens return Alma Walker, who has given birth to Julia.
  • Monsignor Timothy Howard forges Judy Martin's death certificate and hides her presence under the pseudonym "Betty Drake."
  • Leigh Emerson murders seven nuns.
  • Monsignor Howard is promoted to Cardinal of New York.
  • The Catholic Church donates Briarcliff Manor to the state of Massachusetts.
  • Lana gives birth to Johnny, who she gives up for adoption. He is given the surname "Morgan."


  • Pepper dies of pulmonary fibrosis.


  • Alma Walker murders Grace Bertrand with an axe. She is committed to Briarcliff.
  • Bruce stays at the Hotel Cortez, where he is schooled in the art of murder by James Patrick March.
  • Charles Manson stays at the Hotel Cortez, where he is also schooled in the art of murder by March.
  • Manson founds a cult, the Manson Family.
  • Valerie Solanas publishes the SCUM Manifesto.
  • Bebe Babbitt meets Valerie Solanas and falls in love.
  • Valerie establishes SCUM (the Society for Cutting Up Men). Bebe, Bruce, and others join the cult.


  • Constance Langdon moves to Los Angeles with her husband Hugo. Her acting career fails to take off because she is unwilling to do nudity.
  • June 3 - Valerie Solanas attempts to assassinate Andy Warhol. She is arrested and sent to the Matteawan Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
  • R. Franklin has a bad experience with a broken thermometer and goes on a nurse killing spree. He murders Gladys and Maria in the Murder House, where they return as ghosts.
  • December 20 - Under Valerie's direction, the members of SCUM murder David Faraday and Bettie Lou Jenson.


  • Lana Winters publishes Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival.
  • Alma Walker dies of a heart attack.
  • July 4 - SCUM murders Darlene Ferrin.
  • Bruce sends cryptic letters to the press taking credit for the SCUM killings, and earns the nickname "The Zodiac Killer."
  • August 9 - Manson Family members Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel murder Steven Parent, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, and Sharon Tate. Linda Kasabian backs out of participating in the killings.
  • August 10 - The Manson Family murders Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.
  • September 27 - SCUM murders Cecelia Shepard.
  • October 11 - Bruce murders taxi driver Paul Stine, copying the SCUM killings.


  • March 27 - Judy Martin is released from Briarcliff into the custody of Kit Walker.


  • Due to Linda Kasabian's testimony, Charles Manson and several of his Family members (Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel) are sent to prison.
  • Judy Martin dies.
  • Lee Miller is born.
  • Lana Winters starts an investigative reporting show on NBC, America Exposed. Her episode on Briarcliff Sanitarium results in the asylum's closure.
  • Cardinal Timothy Howard commits suicide.
  • Supreme Anna Leigh Leighton and Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau come to an agreement, bringing peace between their covens.
  • Fiona Goode murders Anna Leigh and usurps her position. Her classmate Myrtle Snow casts a truth-telling spell on Spalding, the butler who witnessed the murder, but he cuts out his tongue.
  • Valerie Solanas is released and rejoins SCUM. She identifies Bruce as the "Zodiac" and they brutally murder him, cutting up his corpse.
  • Valerie attempts to take credit for the Zodiac killings, but her confession is mocked. Her schizophrenia degenerates severely and SCUM disbands.


  • John Wayne Gacy begins picking up young men and boys and murdering them.
  • Mary Oneida Toups breaks away from the New Salem coven and establishes an alternate group, which meets at the Popp Fountain in New Orleans City Park.
  • Adelaide Langdon is born to Constance and Hugo Langdon. Constance gives up acting for good.


  • The Chen family moves from Taiwan to North Carolina and buys the Roanoke farmhouse.
  • The Chens are sacrificed by the colonists and return as ghosts.


  • Aileen Wuornos is taken to Los Angeles by a trucker. She stays at the Hotel Cortez, where she is schooled in the art of murder by James Patrick March.


  • Tate Langdon is born to Constance and Hugo Langdon.
  • Elizabeth March, now calling herself "The Countess" begins a relationship with Ramona Royale, infecting her with the blood virus.


  • Troy and Bryan Rutger break into the Murder House and are killed by the Infantata. They return as ghosts.
  • November 18 - Congressman Leo Ryan visits Jonestown, Guyana to investigate allegations of abuse. Jim Jones has him assassinated and then leads 917 members of his Peoples Temple cult to kill themselves before shooting himself.
  • John Wayne Gacy is arrested with a total of 33 victims.


  • Kit Walker is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He is taken by the aliens.


  • Jeffrey Dahmer is discharged from the military. On his way from Ohio to Miami, he makes a detour and winds up in Los Angeles. He stays at the Hotel Cortez, where he is schooled in the art of murder by James Patrick March.


  • Beauregard Langdon is born to Constance and Hugo Langdon.
  • Hugo attempts to rape the maid, Moira O'Hara, in the Murder House. Constance kills them both, and they become ghosts.
  • Margaret Harvey is born to Larry and Lorraine Harvey.


  • The Langdon family moves out of the Murder House.
  • Richard Ramirez stays at the Hotel Cortez, where he is schooled in the art of murder by James Patrick March. He begins breaking into houses and killing people as the "Night Stalker."
  • Nick Pryor, a pharmaceutical rep and closeted transgender, stays at the Hotel Cortez. The Countess helps him transform into "Liz Taylor," murders her bigoted coworkers, and hires her.


  • Richard Ramirez is arrested with a total of 13 victims.


  • Kai Anderson in born.
  • The Countess rescues Wren from her incestuous father and infects her with the blood virus.


  • February 22 - Andy Warhol dies.
  • Angie Harvey is born to Larry and Lorraine Harvey.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer begins luring young men and boys into his home and murdering them.


  • April 25 - Valerie Solanas dies.
  • Lee Harris gives birth to Emily.
  • Miranda and Bridget Jane murder two elderly residents of an assisted living facility in Rochester. They flee before they can be arrested.


  • Hayden McClaine is born.
  • Miranda and Bridget Jane open a nursing home out of the Roanoke farmhouse. They eventually murder five patients, leaving the word "MURDE" on the wall, before they are murdered by the colonists and return as ghosts.
  • October 29 - Police discover the grisly scene at the farmhouse.
  • Aileen Wuornos begins soliciting men and murdering them.


  • Aileen Wuornos is arrested with a total of 7 victims.
  • Ramona Royale infects her lover Prophet Moses with the blood virus.
  • The Countess shoots Moses in the head, slaughters his entire crew, and dumps Ramona.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested with a total of 17 victims.
  • Harrison Renard, a member of Delphi Trust, takes his son Henry on his first witch hunt. Renard kills a witch and is burned in the process.


  • Ramona Royale returns home to her parents.
  • Ramona's mother dies. Her father begins to mentally deteriorate.
  • Ramona's father is critically injured by a burglar. She infects him with the blood virus to save him.
  • Emily Harris is kidnapped and murdered.


  • April 19 - The FBI raids the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Cult leader David Koresh shoots several of his followers before killing himself, and a number of others die in a fire, totaling 80 deaths.
  • The Harvey family moves into the Murder House. Larry has an affair with their neighbor, Constance Langdon. His wife Lorraine finds out and sets herself and their daughters Margaret and Angie on fire, causing them to die and become ghosts.
  • The Langdon family moves back into the Murder House.
  • Sally McKenna sews her friends Nick Harley and Tina Black to her, resulting in their deaths, and she is trapped. The Addiction Demon is summoned to the Hotel Cortez and brutally tortures her for days until she breaks free and escapes.


  • May 10 - John Wayne Gacy is executed via lethal injection.
  • Larry Harvey smothers Beau Langdon at Constance's request. Beau returns as a ghost.
  • Tate Langdon sets Larry Harvey on fire, burning over 70% of his body, then massacres 15 students at Westfield High School. He is killed by a SWAT team shortly afterwards and returns as a ghost.
  • Sally sells heroin to Donovan and he overdoses. His mother Iris pushes her out a window to her death and she becomes a ghost. The Countess infects Donovan with the blood virus and hires Iris as a desk clerk and governess for her vampire children.
  • James Patrick March promises Sally protection from the Addiction Demon in exchange for providing a victim for a party he is planning for Devil's Night, and every Devil's Night from then on.
  • October 30 - March celebrates Devil's Night with Gacy and Bruce the "Zodiac Killer."
  • November 28 - Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in prison.


  • Winter Anderson is born.


  • Violet Harmon is born to Ben and Vivien Harmon.


  • March 27 - Marshall Applewhite and 38 other members of Heaven's Gate commit suicide, believing they will ascend to a spaceship following Comet Hale-Bopp.
  • Dr. Elias Cunningham buys the Roanoke farmhouse to research Bridget and Miranda Jane. He is haunted by the colonists.
  • October 11 - Cunningham escapes the Butcher and goes into hiding.
  • October 29-Anton La Vey fakes his death so he can begin his mission of helping to bring the Antichrist into the world.


  • Kai Anderson is invited to join MENSA.


  • September 11 - Due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Ally Mayfair-Richards suffers a breakdown and is unable to leave her apartment.


  • October 9 - Aileen Wuornos is executed via lethal injection.


  • Kai Anderson enlists in the Army and is deployed to Iraq.


  • Holden Lowe is born to John and Alex Lowe.
  • Lee Miller marries Mason Harris.
  • Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards decide to have a baby. Because Ivy has endometriosis, Ally is the one who is impregnated.


  • Flora Harris is born to Lee and Mason Harris.
  • Scarlett Lowe is born to John and Alex Lowe.
  • Ozymandias Mayfair-Richards is born to Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards. Ivy begins to resent her wife.
  • Kai Anderson returns from Iraq and enrolls at Yale.


  • Henry Renard, a member of Delphi Trust, goes undercover as "Hank Foxx" and marries Cordelia, the daughter of the New Salem Supreme Fiona Goode.


  • The Countess loses her fortune in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme.
  • November 4 - Barack Obama is elected President of the United States. Harrison Wilton begins stockpiling guns.


  • Cricket Marlowe, a psychic, helps the FBI find a kidnapped boy in the southern Utah desert.
  • Kai Anderson graduates from Yale with a degree in religious studies.
  • September 24 - Former Manson Family member Susan Atkins dies of cancer in prison.


  • A Los Angeles man installs a portable generator that accidentally kills his family with carbon monoxide. He commits suicide by shooting himself. Detective John Lowe visits the Hotel Cortez and Donovan brings him as a snack for the Countess. However, James Patrick March sees potential in him and they strike up a friendship. John also enters into a relationship with Sally McKenna.
  • The Countess kidnaps John's son Holden from the Santa Monica Pier at March's request. She infects him with the blood virus and makes him one of her children.
  • Marcy, a realtor, sells the Murder House to Chad and Patrick.
  • Hank Foxx encounters Marie Laveau. She hires him to kill potential New Salem witches.
  • October 31 - Tate Langdon murders Chad and Patrick. They return as ghosts.
  • Vivien Harmon has a miscarriage.
  • Vivien catches her husband Ben cheating on her with Hayden McClaine.


  • Larry Harvey is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
  • Alex Lowe attempts suicide.
  • Marcy sells the Murder House to the Harmon family.
  • Tate Langdon rapes Vivien Harmon by deception and impregnates her.
  • Three home invaders, Bianca, Dallas, and Fiona, attempt to kill Vivien and Violet to recreate the 1968 R. Franklin murders. They are killed by Tate and the original victims, Gladys and Maria. Dallas and Fiona return as ghosts. Constance Langdon helps dispose of the bodies.
  • Larry murders Hayden McClaine. She returns as a ghost.
  • October 31 - Adelaide Langdon is struck by a car and killed. Moira O'Hara pulls the plug on her mother.
  • November 1 - Constance hires psychic Billie Dean Howard to attempt to help Tate move on and contact Adelaide. Violet commits suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, despite Tate's efforts to save her, and she becomes a ghost. Ben's patient Derrick is killed by a burglar.
  • Moira and Larry murder Joe Escandarian before he can buy and demolish the Murder House.
  • Hayden murders Travis Wanderly, who returns as a ghost. Charles Montgomery mutilates the corpse similar to Elizabeth Short's, leading to the nickname the "Boy Dahlia," and Larry disposes of it. He is arrested for the crime and imprisoned.
  • Phil, an exterminator, is murdered by Tate. He returns as a ghost.
  • Vivien gives birth to twins. The first, fathered by Ben, is stillborn and becomes a ghost. The second, fathered by Tate, is the Antichrist. Vivien dies and returns as a ghost.
  • Hayden, along with Dallas and Fiona, murders Ben by hanging him. He returns as a ghost.
  • Constance takes Tate's baby and names him Michael Langdon.
  • Marcy sells the Murder House to the Ramos family. The ghosts work together to scare them away.


  • Larry Harvey dies of brain cancer in an Illinois penitentiary.
  • Ramona Royale mercy kills her father. She begins to plot revenge against the Countess.
  • Kaylee accidentally burns her fiancé to death when he breaks up with her. Cordelia Foxx attempts to recruit her to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, but she refuses.
  • Nan, a telepath, is recruited by Miss Robichaux's Academy.
  • Queenie uses her human voodoo doll powers to burn a customer's arm at a Detroit fried chicken restaurant. She is recruited by Miss Robichaux's Academy.
  • Leo and Teresa Morrison visit the abandoned Briarcliff Manor. They kill one Bloody Face copycat, Joey, and Leo is killed by Joey's accomplices, Devon and Cooper, who are killed by Johnny Morgan, who has taken up his late father Oliver Thredson's mantle. He kidnaps Teresa and murders her.
  • Morgan murders his hypnotherapist, Dr. Gardener.
  • Morgan murders an elderly couple living in the former home of Oliver Thredson.
  • Morgan suckles from a prostitute named Pandora and then kills her.


  • Johnny Morgan tracks down his birth mother, Lana Winters, and confronts her. She shoots him in the head, killing him.
  • June 7 - Richard Ramirez dies in prison of lymphoma.
  • Winter Anderson begins attending Vassar College, majoring in English literature and women's studies.
  • Misty Day demonstrates her magical powers and is burned at the stake by religious fundamentalists. However, she is able to resurrect herself.
  • Madison Montgomery kills her director by telekinetically dropping a stage light on his head. She is recruited by Miss Robichaux's Academy.
  • Zoe Benson has sex with her boyfriend Charlie. Her witch power results in his death.
  • Agents of Delphi Trust wipe out the Cromwell Coven in Northampton, England.
  • October 27 - Zoe is recruited by Miss Robichaux's Academy. Supreme Fiona Goode sucks the life force out of Dr. David Zhong when he fails to make her younger. She arrives at the academy to supervise the class herself. At a party, Madison is gang raped by several frat boys. Afterwards, she flips their bus over, killing all but two of them.
  • October 28 - Nan telepathically senses Delphine LaLaurie buried on the grounds of her former mansion. Fiona secretly digs her up after having been underground for 179 years and holds her hostage to discover the secret of her immortality. Zoe uses her power to rape one of the bus crash survivors to death.
  • October 29 - Misty Day resurrects two dead alligators and uses them to murder a pair of poachers. Two New Orleans homicide detectives come to Miss Robichaux's Academy investigating the bus crash and Fiona enchants them into dropping the case. Madison and Zoe sew together the head of Kyle Spencer, a frat boy who tried to stop the gang rape, with pieces of the others. They resurrect him, but he is a mindless and kills a morgue worker. They meet Misty Day, who offers to heal Kyle. Fiona visits Marie Laveau, who refuses to reveal the secret of immortality, so Fiona sets her hair salon on fire.
  • October 30 - Joan and Luke Ramsey move in next door to the Academy. Fiona makes LaLaurie Queenie's personal slave. Madison and Zoe return Kyle to his sexually abusive mother, who he kills. Laveau sends Bastien to attack LaLaurie. When Queenie tries to get rid of him, he brutally rapes her. Fiona murders Madison, who she suspects is the next Supreme. Spalding takes her body and has sex with it. Fiona decapitates Bastien and sends his head to Marie Laveau.
  • October 31 - Hank Foxx murders Kaylee. The Council on Witchcraft convenes to investigate Madison's disappearance. Myrtle Snow suspects Fiona and fruitlessly interrogates Spalding. David, an agent of Delphi Trust, throws acid in Cordelia's face, blinding her, and also kills a desk clerk and a maid to cover up Kaylee's murder. Marie Laveau raises the dead to attack Miss Robichaux's Academy, though the witches destroy the zombies.
  • November 1 - The Council demands Fiona's abdication as Supreme. Fiona frames Myrtle Snow for killing Madison and attacking Cordelia, and Myrtle is executed.
  • November 2 - Misty Day resurrects Myrtle. Zoe makes a deal with the spirit of the Axeman for his freedom in exchange for information about Madison. He directs the witches to Spalding's attic, where they find Madison's rotting corpse and torture Spalding. Misty finds Kyle, and Zoe brings them both back to the Academy. Misty resurrects Madison. Marie Laveau orders Hank Foxx to murder the New Salem witches. The Axeman rematerializes and leaves the Academy. He meets Fiona and invites her back to an apartment, where he murders its current resident.
  • November 3 - Laveau offers Queenie a place in her voodoo coven in exchange for LaLaurie. Zoe reattaches Spalding's tongue and he confesses that Fiona murdered Madison. She kills him and he becomes a ghost.
  • November 4 - Queenie betrays LaLaurie and delivers her to Laveau, who imprisons and tortures her.
  • November 5 - Queenie kills a serial rapist and removes his heart for a voodoo potion. Myrtle saves Misty from being killed by Hank.
  • November 6 - Misty goes to the Academy and joins the New Salem coven. Myrtle and Cordelia They plan to invoke the Sacred Taking to force Fiona to commit suicide so Misty can become the next Supreme. Fiona attempts suicide with pills, but is saved by Spalding. Hank shoots at the Ramseys, wounding Luke and killing Joan. Misty resurrects her.
  • November 7 - Marie Laveau decapitates LaLaurie and sends her still living head to the Academy. Fiona returns her head and proposes a truce in the face of the witch hunter threat, which Laveau rejects. Myrtle murders her fellow council members, Quentin Fleming and Cecily Pembroke, for plotting against her. She removes an eye from each of them and implants them into Cordelia, restoring her vision. Hank attacks Laveau's hair salon and massacres everyone inside, except for Laveau herself and Queenie, who uses her voodoo doll power to kill him. Joan murders Luke. Laveau declares a truce with Fiona, and they plot to bring down Delphi Trust. Papa Legba appears to remind her of their agreement and she kidnaps a baby, killing two security guards in the process.
  • November 8 - "White Witch" Stevie Nicks visits Miss Robichaux's Academy to support Misty Day. Fiona places a curse on Delphi Trust to damage them financially, which brings the corporation to the brink of bankruptcy. Madison buries Misty alive. Nan kills Joan Ramsey. Laveau helps Fiona summons Papa Legba to exchange her soul for immortality, but he refuses. They drown Nan in the bathtub and trade her soul to Papa Legba.
  • November 9 - Queenie reattaches LaLaurie's head and they return to the Academy. Cordelia blinds herself with garden shears to regain her foresight ability. Fiona and Laveau meet with the board of Delphi Trust to negotiate a truce. They betray them, and the Axeman slaughters the witch hunters. Fiona personally kills Harrison Renard. LaLaurie chops Laveau into 50 still living pieces and scatters them around New Orleans. Zoe and Kyle run away to Orlando, and Kyle kills a vagrant who Zoe then resurrects.
  • November 10 - LaLaurie returns to her former mansion, traps the tour guide, and impersonates her. Papa Legba removes Marie Laveau's immortality, causing her to die, and takes her soul. After Queenie murders the now-mortal LaLaurie, Legba sends them both to their own personal hell, in which Laveau is forced to torture LaLaurie's innocent daughters and LaLaurie is forced to watch for all eternity. Cordelia and Queenie find and rescue Misty. Fiona and the Axeman stage her murder, and, in retribution, the witches kill him.
  • November 11 - Myrtle and Cordelia begin testing Zoe, Madison, Queenie, and Misty with the Seven Wonders to see who will become the next Supreme. Misty fails one test causing her to become trapped in her own personal hell, dissecting frogs in high school biology forever. Zoe accidentally teleports herself onto a fence and dies. Cordelia demonstrates the Seven Wonders and resurrects Zoe. Kyle strangles Madison to death. Myrtle declares Cordelia the new Supreme.
  • Kyle Spencer is hired as the new butler of Miss Robichaux's Academy.


  • Cordelia takes Miss Robichaux's Academy public, revealing the existence of witchcraft to the world and bringing an influx of new students.
  • Cordelia appoints Zoe and Queenie to the Council of Witchcraft. Myrtle is executed for murdering Fleming and Pembroke.
  • Fiona Goode dies of cancer. Papa Legba sends her to her own personal hell, in which she lives in on a farm with the Axeman.
  • A mob burns down the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men.
  • Vincent Anderson opens a psychiatric practice.
  • Lee Harris is fired from the police after she kills a serial rapist and her painkiller addiction is revealed. Her husband Mason divorces her and receives full custody of their daughter Flora.
  • The mother of Vincent, Kai, and Winter Anderson murders their father and then kills herself. Kai and Vincent lock their corpses in their bedroom.
  • Shelby and Matt Miller are attacked by gang initiates playing the knockout game. Matt's orbital socket is broken and Shelby suffers a miscarriage.
  • The Millers move to North Carolina. The Polk family attempts to outbid them on the farmhouse, but the Millers win and move in. The Roanoke colonists begin haunting them.
  • September 25 - Matt asks Lee to come and stay at the farmhouse. Elias Cunningham leaves a tape of his encounter with the pig man playing in the farmhouse basement to warn the Millers. Shelby discovers the colonists in the woods and sees them engaging in human sacrifice. She is taken to the hospital.
  • September 26 - Flora comes to stay at the farmhouse and becomes friends with Priscilla. The Millers show the police the remains of a human sacrifice. Matt encounters Miranda and Bridget Jane.
  • September 27 - Mason takes Flora away from the farmhouse.
  • September 28 - The Millers find Elias Cunningham's tapes in the cellar. Lee kidnaps Flora and brings her back to the farmhouse. Flora follows Priscilla and disappears. A search effort is launched to find her. Shelby, Matt, and Lee find the Polk's house and Lot Polk's developmentally disabled sons, who are institutionalized.
  • September 30 - Lee beats Mason to death with a rock and burns his body in a fake sacrifice to frame the colonists. Hiding in the woods with Priscilla, Flora witnesses the murder. Mason becomes a ghost.
  • October 1 - Cricket Marlowe offers his services to help find Flora. He faces off with the Butcher, using the Croatoan spell to repel her.
  • October 2 - Cricket, Lee, and Shelby make a deal with the Butcher to burn down the farmhouse and leave in exchange for Flora. Matt is captured by Scáthach, who rapes him while the Polks watch. Lee is arrested for Mason's death.
  • October 3 - Cricket encounters Scáthach and offers her sex with Matt in order to escape. Elias Cunningham leads Matt and Shelby to Flora, who is staying with Priscilla and other victims of the Butcher. However, the colonists wound Elias with arrows and force the Millers to flee. The Polks recover Elias, and Mama Polk severs an arm and a leg. The colonists capture Cricket and then Flora. Scáthach enchants Matt into another sexual encounter. Priscilla helps Flora escape, but the Butcher brutally murders Cricket. Edward Mott helps the Millers escape the house through his secret tunnels, but they are captured by the Polks, who kill Elias. Lee is released from police custody. The Millers cause Cain Polk to die and they flee, but are recaptured and Mama Polk breaks Shelby's foot before taking them to the colonists. Ambrose White, sick of the bloodshed, stops the Butcher from killing them, and Lee arrives in time for them to escape.
  • Winter Anderson returns home and learns that her parents are dead.


  • Michael Langdon slashes his nanny's throat.
  • Shelby and Matt Miller and Lee Harris sell their stories to TV producer Sidney Aaron James, who buys the Roanoke farmhouse from them in order to shoot reenactments for a documentary.
  • My Roanoke Nightmare begins filming, starring Audrey Tindall as Shelby Miller, Dominic Banks as Matt Miller, Monet Tumusiime as Lee Harris, and Agnes Mary Winstead as the Butcher, and also featuring William van Henderson as Elias Cunningham, Ashley Gilbert as Cricket Marlowe, Rory Monahan as Edward Mott, and Dylan as Ambrose White.
  • Agnes becomes obsessed with her role and steals numerous props from the set, including a cleaver.
  • Audrey and Rory begin dating.
  • Monet develops a drinking problem.
  • Pastor Charles kidnaps several victims and subjects them to tortures in his Judgment House.
  • Kai and Winter Anderson visit the Judgment House. They rescue the victims and Kai kills Pastor Charles.
  • James Patrick March reveals to John Lowe that he is a serial killer and convinces him to carry on his legacy by completing the Ten Commandments killings he started 89 years ago. His first victim is Martin Gamboa, a pedophilic Oscar blogger who "worshipped false idols." John rapes him with an Oscar and then crushes his skull and takes his brain. Afterwards, John has a psychotic break and attempts suicide. Sally is content to let him die so that he'll become a ghost, but March saves him and threatens Sally, who recruits Wren to accompany and protect John on his future murders. The mental trauma causes John to develop a murderous second personality that he has no memory of.
  • An addict checks into the Hotel Cortez. He is brutally raped by the Addiction Demon and sewn into a mattress by Sally McKenna.
  • Constance Langdon commits suicide
  • October 19 - Agnetha and Vendela travel from Sweden to Los Angeles and check into the Hotel Cortez. They discover the man in the mattress, who dies shortly afterwards. John attacks two adulterers, fatally impaling the woman and removing the removing the eyes and tongue of her lover James Briggs, who he drugs with a near fatal dose of Viagra.
  • October 20 - Gabriel checks into the hotel to shoot up heroin. The Addiction Demon rapes him and Sally sews him inside a mattress. The Countess and Donovan pick up another couple at a showing of Nosferatu, have an orgy, slash their throats, and drink their blood.
  • October 21 - Iris tortures Agnetha and Vendela. When Vendela escapes, the Countess slashes her throat and she becomes a ghost. John suspends and disembowels the Rylance twins, who killed their parents for the inheritance and thus did not "honor thy mother and thy father," and takes their hearts. Scarlett comes across their remains.
  • October 22 - Marcy has the Harmons' dog put down. She shows the Hotel Cortez to Will Drake, who buys it. The Countess plans to marry and murder him to restore her lost fortune. John checks into the hotel.
  • October 23 - Agnetha is sucked dry by the Countess's children and becomes a ghost.
  • October 24 - Max Ellison is stricken with a severe case of measles because his parents declined to vaccinate him.
  • October 25 - John catches a glimpse of Holden in the hotel for the first time in five years.
  • October 26 - The Oscar John used to kill Gamboa is sent to the LAPD. Max is admitted to the hospital. Drake hosts a fashion show at the hotel. Tristan Duffy, high on cocaine, slashes his own face and ends his modeling career. Lachlan Drake shows Scarlett the vampire children, including Holden. Tristan encounters James Patrick March, who shoots a prostitute in the head.
  • October 27 - Scarlett returns to the hotel and meets with Holden. The Countess infects Tristan with the blood virus and dumps Donovan. John attempts to arrest Iris, who tells him about March's crimes.
  • October 28 - John begins investigating James Patrick March. Tristan lures a man into the hotel and slashes his throat to drink his blood, and the man becomes a ghost.
  • October 29 - March begins schooling Tristan in the art of murder. John goes on a killing spree at the office of a tabloid gossip website, nailing the tongues of his victims, who "bore false witness," to their desks and taking their vocal chords. Gabriel escapes from the mattress and stabs Claudia Bankson to death, causing her to become a ghost. He is taken to the hospital, where he dies of a heart attack. Donovan is abducted by Ramona Royale. The Countess begins seducing Will Drake.
  • October 30 - Ramona recruits Donovan to her plot to get revenge on the Countess by killing her vampire children. Sally helps Iris attempt suicide, but Donovan saves her by infecting her with the blood virus. March holds his annual Devil's Night party. John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos, Richard Ramirez, the Zodiac Killer, and John Lowe (who is still unaware that he is the Ten Commandments Killer) attend, and they kill several hotel guests. When Alex Lowe finds Holden in the hotel, the Countess infects her with the blood virus. She infects Max with it to stop him from dying of a staph infection. Tristan and Liz Taylor begin a relationship, falling madly in love.
  • October 31 - Donovan brings Iris into his and Ramona's revenge plot. Max murders his parents, then goes to school, kills his teacher and principal, and infects all of his classmates. They later kill all of their parents and go on the run. John is fired from the LAPD for his mental instability. Iris murders a pair of rude hipsters, who become ghosts. The Countess makes Alex her childrens' new governess.
  • November 1 - John discovers the vampire coffins, so Alex drugs him, and Liz helps her dispose of the coffins. The Countess forces Tristan to have sex with Will Drake. Ramona, Donovan, and Iris attempt to kill the Countess's children, but they are gone. Ramona accidentally frees Bartholomew from Room 33. John kills a televangelist who "took the Lord's name in vain" by stuffing him full of coins until his stomach bursts, and then takes his spleen. Wren slashes a security guard's throat and is taken into custody. Agnetha and Vendela murder Mr. Wu, who becomes a ghost. Alex recruits them to have a bloody threesome with John, driving him further into madness. He returns home with Bartholomew hidden in his bag. When Bartholomew attacks, John shoots and injures him, terrifying Scarlett. Alex heals Bartholomew and returns him to the hotel. Liz and Tristan confess their love to the Countess, who slashes Tristan's throat, killing him. His spirit is trapped in the hotel.
  • November 2 - Iris reveals to the Countess that Ramona released Bartholomew. John sneaks into the LAPD to continue the Ten Commandments Killer investigation. He attacks his former partner Andy Hahn and then admits himself to a mental hospital. Renovation begins on the Hotel Cortez. Two construction workers uncover the sealed wing, releasing Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova after 89 years, and are killed and sucked dry. Valentino and Rambova then kill Marcy, who becomes a ghost.
  • November 3 - John breaks Wren out the hospital and she commits suicide by running in front of a truck. Sally reveals to John that he has been the Ten Commandments Killer all along. He stabs Andy Hahn to death for "coveting thy neighbor's wife" and takes his penis. Max and his classmates kill a homeless man and drain him of his blood.
  • November 4 - The Countess and Will Drake begin planning their wedding. A private investigator locates Rudolph Valentino and the Countess reunites with him after 89 years. She also gets back together with Donovan, who plots to betray Ramona to her.
  • November 5 - Iris slaughters three pornographers. Max and his classmates kill a pizza delivery man and are located by Alex. Donovan brings Ramona back to the hotel, and he and the Countess lock her in the sealed wing.
  • November 6 - The Countess and Will Drake get married. Will insults Bartholomew, so the Countess locks him in with Ramona, who slashes his throat. He becomes a ghost.
  • November 8 - An elderly couple commits suicide in the hotel, inspiring Liz and Iris to begin planning to kill themselves. John murders a trio of neo-pagans for "having no other gods before me" and takes their ears. Donovan kills Valentino and the Countess kills Rambova. March burns a contractor to death. Liz reconnects with her son Douglas. After the Countess threatens Lachlan, Will sends him off to the Thatcher School. Alex takes John to see Max and his classmates, one of whom dies. They take them back to the hotel and lock them in with Ramona, who kills them all. The Lowes reconnect and John dumps Sally.
  • November 9 - Cordelia Foxx enchants Queenie's The Price Is Right ticket and she departs Miss Robichaux's Academy for Los Angeles. Liz meets with her son again and decides not to kill herself. John and Alex take Holden and leave the hotel. Liz and Iris open fire on the Countess, injuring her, but they mortally wound Donovan. They move him off the premises and he dies. Sally saves the Countess, whose two remaining children sacrifice themselves so she can use their blood to heal.
  • November 10 - Iris and Liz release Ramona to take down the Countess once and for all. Queenie checks into the Hotel Cortez and is attacked by Ramona, who is unable to harm her. March stabs Queenie in the chest, killing her, and causing her to become a ghost. Ramona drinks her witch blood and is greatly empowered, but, after sleeping with the Countess, she decides not to kill her. John shoots the Countess to death for "committing murder" and takes her head, completing the Ten Commandments killings. She becomes a ghost.
  • Liz, Iris, and Ramona take over management of the hotel and begin overhauling its image.
  • My Roanoke Nightmare airs, garnering 23 million viewers for its finale.
  • John, Alex, and Holden move back into the hotel and send Scarlett to the Thatcher School.
  • Winter Anderson and her friends drop out of Vassar College to campaign for Hillary Clinton.
  • Cordelia Foxx brings Myrtle Snow back from the dead
  • Cordelia Foxx travels to the Hotel Cortez and attempts to rescue Queenie, but is unsuccessful.


  • John Lowe stabs a drug dealer in the neck and steals his blood. He is located by the police and shot to death before he can return to the hotel.
  • Michael Langdon murders a butcher for insulting his caretaker, Miriam Mead. He is arrested and assaulted by a police officer, who he kills.
  • Ariel, the Grand Chancellor of the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men, retrieves Michael Langdon from jail and enrolls him at his school.
  • March 15 - The cast of My Roanoke Nightmare participates in a panel at PaleyFest.
  • Agnes Mary Winstead, convinced she really is the Butcher, attacks bystanders on Hollywood Boulevard with a cleaver and is sent to a mental hospital, where she is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.
  • The Warlocks of Hawthorne School, believing Michael Langdon to be the Alpha, summon Cordelia Foxx and the council, but she refuses to administer the Seven Wonders. Michael Langdon frees Queenie from the Hotel Cortez and retrieves Madison Montgomery from her own personal hell.
  • June 22 - Audrey Tindall wins a Saturn Award for her portrayal of Shelby Miller on My Roanoke Nightmare.
  • Audrey marries Rory Monahan.
  • Sally McKenna and Will Drake murder a couple, who become ghosts.
  • The ghosts of the Hotel Cortez agree to stop killing guests for a decade so that the hotel can be declared a National Historic Landmark.
  • Sally becomes a viral star.
  • Shelby Miller has an affair with Dominic Banks, causing Matt to separate from her.
  • Agnes is released from the mental hospital. She menaces Audrey outside her home with a cleaver and attempts to steal her Saturn.
  • Sidney Aaron James begins production of a follow up to My Roanoke Nightmare entitled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, in which the Millers and the reenactors will stay in the farmhouse together during the Dying Grass Moon.
  • Agnes is given a restraining order to stay away from the farmhouse.
  • October 12 - A crew member named Greg dies in a chainsaw accident outside the farmhouse. Sidney's assistant Diana Cross is attacked by the pig man, causing her to crash her car, die, and become a ghost. The cast members arrive and Return to Roanoke starts filming. Matt Miller assaults Dominic Banks. Rory is stabbed to death by Miranda and Bridget Jane, who finally add the "R" to "MURDER." Agnes kills Sidney and two crew members.
  • October 13 - Agnes slashes Shelby's back. The Polks capture Lee, Audrey, and Monet Tumusiime. They begin cutting pieces off of Lee. Shelby catches Matt with Scáthach and murders him. The Butcher kills Agnes. Shelby commits suicide. Lee kills Jether Polk and Audrey kills Mama Polk. Monet escapes but is recaptured by Ishmael and Lot Polk. Dominic is killed by the pig man.
  • October 14 - Dylan arrives at the farmhouse to portray the pig man. Three fans of My Roanoke Nightmare, Sophie Green, Todd Connors, and Milo come to the farmhouse and find Diana Cross and her fatal car wreck. They are rebuffed by the police and return to the farmhouse. Dylan, Audrey, and Lee rescue Monet, who kills Ishmael Polk. Lot Polk repeatedly stabs Dylan and flees. Scáthach puts a spell on Lee, causing her to kill Todd and Monet and severely injure Audrey. The Butcher disembowels Dylan and the colonists impale and burn Sophie and Milo.
  • October 15 - The police respond to the farmhouse and locate Lee and Audrey. Audrey attempts to kill Lee and is shot dead by the officers.
  • October 19 - Kai Anderson hits one of Winter's friends, and she presses charges.
  • Kai is sentenced to probation and anger management classes. His counselor, former SCUM member Bebe Babbitt, convinces him that he is a charismatic leader so that he will carry out Valerie Solanas's legacy by toppling the patriarchy.
  • Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell airs, setting an all-time ratings record.
  • Detective Jack Samuels blackmails Kai Anderson into splitting his drug dealing profits with him. Kai begins manipulating Samuels and indoctrinating him.
  • November 8 - Gary Longstreet sexually assaults Ivy Mayfair-Richards at a political rally. Winter Anderson helps her tie Gary up and begins recruiting her for the cult. Kai begins indoctrinating Gary with his beliefs than gives him a saw and he cuts his hand off to escape and vote. Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, defeating Hillary Clinton. Ally Mayfair-Richards suffers a breakdown.
  • November 9 - Kai begins indoctrinating Harrison Wilton to his beliefs. Winter introduces Ivy to Kai, and he begins indoctrinating her as well, and they plan to drive Ally insane.
  • Harrison and Meadow Wilton receive an eviction notice.
  • Kai convinces Harrison to murder his boss, Vinny Ravoli. Meadow finds them dismembering the corpse, which they throw in the dump. Kai begins indoctrinating Meadow.
  • Beverly Hope is suspended from WBNR News after assaulting a harasser on live TV.
  • Kai begins indoctrinating Beverly with his beliefs.
  • Kai, Harrison, and Meadow dress as clowns and murder Beverly's rival Serena Belinda and a cameraman, leading Beverly to join the cult.
  • Kai inducts Gary Longstreet into the cult.
  • Beverly introduces her cameraman, R.J., to Kai, who inducts him into the cult.


  • Liz Taylor becomes Will Drake's proxy for the board of directors of his fashion house.
  • January 20 - Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States.
  • Kai Anderson urges the Brookfield Heights, Michigan City Council not to add extra police protection to the Jewish Community Center to allow chaos to reign. He is rebuffed and humiliated by Council Chairman Thom Chang.
  • The cult attacks Ally is attacked at the grocery store and she has a panic attack, crashing her car.
  • Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards hire Winter Anderson as a nanny for their son Oz.
  • Kai provokes a group of Mexican migrants workers, into brutally attacking him. Harrison and Meadow Wilton film the attack and Beverly reports on it for WBNR News. Winter shows Oz snuff films on the Darkweb, and he witnesses the cult enter the Chang household. They murder Thom and Marilyn Chang and it is declared a murder-suicide. Kai is hospitalized and his attackers are arrested and detained by ICE.
  • Kai enters the race for Thom Chang's seat on the city council. The Wiltons move into the Changs' house.
  • The cult hangs Roger, the kitchen manager at the Butchery on Main, on a meat hook. Ally finds him and he dies.
  • Ally gets a pistol from the Wiltons.
  • Winter films herself seducing Ally and puts it on the Internet. During a blackout, the cult breaks into the Mayfair-Richards home and attacks Ally. When Pedro Morales arrives with supplies, she accidentally shoots and kills him.
  • The cult traps Rosy and Mark in coffins, causing them to die.
  • Kai pays protestors to begin picketing the Butchery on Main demanding justice for Pedro.
  • The Wiltons post erotic ads on Craigslist using the Mayfair-Richards' address.
  • Ally and Ivy are harassed by a man responding to the ad. Ally is mobbed by protestors, who are driven away by Kai. Meadow gives Oz a guinea pig. The Wiltons put the guinea pig in the microwave, killing it in front of Oz and his mothers. Ally assaults Harrison and accuses the Wiltons of harassing them.
  • Harrison confesses to Kai that he wishes Meadow was dead. Oz finds the video of Winter and Ally, causing a break between Ally and Ivy, who moves out with Oz. Meadow tries to leave the cult, but Kai convinces her to stay for his plan, so they tie her up and throw her in a grave. Harrison is arrested for her presumed murder but soon released.
  • The cult murders Bob Thompson's gimp lover before ritualistically killing him. Beverly airs the footage of the murder on the news.
  • Ally locates Meadow, who escapes and warns her about the cult before being recaptured. The cult brutally murders R.J. with a nail gun.
  • April 3 - Sally Keffler enters the Brookfield Heights city council race as a write-in candidate. Ally visits her to tell her about the cult, but they break in and murder Keffler, staging it as a suicide.
  • April 4 - Ally takes Meadow to warn Dr. Vincent about the cult, but she leaves. Ally goes to Kai's campaign rally, where Meadow shoots and kills five people, wounds Kai in a staged assassination attempt, and then commits suicide, leaving Ally holding the gun and implicated in the massacre. Ally is arrested and temporarily committed to a psych ward. FBI agents visit her there and tell her to infiltrate the cult.
  • Kai begins to question Winter's loyalty. A number of men from around the country join his movement, including covert informant SpeedWagon, and he begins to exclude women from the cult, and joins forces with ex-SCUM member Bebe Babbitt to draw out the women into a false splinter group.
  • Bebe, Winter, Beverly, and Ivy abduct Harrison. Ivy decapitates and dismembers him with a saw and they dump his remains.
  • Kai is elected to the Brookfield Heights City Council.
  • Kai threatens the City Council to accept his armed cult members as a security force.
  • Ally is released from the psych ward. She learns that Vincent Anderson, her therapist, is related to Kai and Winter.
  • Kai attempts to have a threesome with Winter and Samuels to produce a messiah, but Winter backs out. Kai forces her to re-litter the highway wearing a dunce cap as penance.
  • Ally meets with Kai. She infiltrates the cult in order to rescue Oz.
  • Samuels attempts to rape Winter, so she shoots him in the head. She blames his death on Beverly.
  • Kai brings Vincent and Beverly in front of the cult. He slashes Vincent's throat and has Beverly imprisoned.
  • Kai begins censoring the Internet in Brookfield Heights.
  • Kai forces his followers to drink "poisoned" Kool-Aid as a test of loyalty. One man refuses and is shot dead by Gary Longstreet.
  • A protestor maces Kai at a political rally.
  • Kai, inspired by the Manson murders, begins planning a "Night of 1000 Tates." The cult breaks into a Planned Parenthood office and they brutally sacrifice Gary.
  • Bebe Babbitt attempts to kill Kai for betraying her cause, but Ally shoots her in the head.
  • Ally frames Winter for planting bugs and Kai strangles her to death. Ally fatally stabs SpeedWagon.
  • Ally alerts the FBI about Kai's mass murder plot. The FBI raids his home, killing all of his cult followers in the process. Kai and Beverly are arrested. Beverly is released.
  • Winter kidnaps Oz from school and brings him to Kai, who believes him to be his son. Ally poisons Ivy with arsenic, killing her.
  • Ally forges documents to convince Kai that he is Oz's sperm donor. They conceal Ivy's corpse with those of Kai's parents.
  • Lee Harris is put on trial for the murders of Jether Polk, Todd Connors and Monet Tumusiime, which ends in her acquittal.
  • Lee is put on trial for the murder of Mason Harris. Despite Flora's eyewitness testimony, Lee is acquitted again.
  • Iris hires Billie Dean Howard to contact Tristan Duffy's spirit to Liz, but ends up receiving a message from Donovan.
  • Isabelle is born to Douglas and Janice Pryor.
  • Liz is diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.
  • The Countess kills Liz at her request, and she becomes a ghost. Tristan manifests himself as a ghost to be with her forever.
  • Flora Harris runs away from home and returns to the Roanoke farmhouse to be with Priscilla. Lee Harris gives a live interview with Lana Winters, and Lot Polk guns down several crew members and knocks Lana out before being shot to death by a security guard.
  • John Henry Moore is murdered by Miss Meade
  • Miss Meade, Ariel Augustus and Baldwin Pennypacker are sentenced to death by fire for the murder of John Henry Moore
  • June 2017 - Michael Langdon is put in jail on suspicion of murdering a butcher. He is discovered and set free by the Warlocks of the Hawthorne Academy
  • July/August 2017 - Michael Langdon rescues Madison Montgomery and Queenie from Hell. He performs the Seven Wonders and rescues Misty Day during the Descensum trial
  • August 2018 - Behold Chablis and Madison Montgomery visit the Murder House
  • October 4 - Bob Kinneman, Dave Elder, and Tracy Logan break into the Roanoke farmhouse with My Roanoke Nightmare star Ashley Gilbert to film an episode of Spirit Chasers. Lee Harris arrives looking for Flora. Ashley is killed by the pig man. Dave is dragged away and killed by one of the Chens. Tracy and a cameraman are killed by the Butcher. Two deputies arrive at the scene, but they, Kinneman, and a cameraman are killed in a hail of arrows by the colonists. Lee reunites with Flora.
  • October 5 - In exchange for Flora leaving and living her life, Lee has Priscilla shoot and kill her. She becomes a ghost and promises to protect Priscilla from the Butcher, and burns the farmhouse to the ground.
  • November 18 - The final episode of Spirit Chasers airs.
  • Crack'd does an episode on the crimes of Lee Harris.


  • Ally Mayfair-Richards enters the Michigan Senatorial race.
  • Ally begins dating a woman named Erika.
  • Kai Anderson begins rebuilding his cult inside the Robert Gordon Maximum Security Prison in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Kai seduces prison guard Gloria Whitmore to his cult.
  • Kai is attacked by another inmate, who is killed by one of his followers.
  • Trevor Geary requests to join the cult and is admitted.
  • Ally visits Gloria and convinces her to betray Kai.
  • Kai murders Geary and passes off the corpse as his own. Gloria helps him escape prison. Ally debates incumbent Senator Jackson on TV. Kai attempts to assassinate her, but Gloria gave him an unloaded gun. Beverly Hope shoots Kai in the head, killing him.
  • Ally is elected to the US Senate for Michigan.


  • April 2020 - Nuclear bombs fall across the world
  • Timothy and Emily arrive at Outpost 3


  • October 2021 - Michael Langdon arrives at Outpost 3
  • October 31 - All inhabitants of Outpost 3 are killed by poisoned apples provided by Venable and Miss Meade. Cordelia Foxx, Myrtle Snow and Madison Montgomery arrive at Outpost 3 and bring back Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, Dinah Stevens and Mallory; all revealed to be witches.


  • October 30 - Billie Dean Howard attempts to contact the spirit of the Ten Commandments Killer. John Lowe takes her to James Patrick March's Devil's Night party and Ramona Royale threatens to hunt her down and kill her if she ever mentions the Hotel Cortez again.

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