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The Cameo / M. Night Shyamalan

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Shyamalan doing cameos is much more of a twist than his usual plot twists.

Being directly inspired by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, M. Night Shyamalan is known for making cameos in the films he has directed.

  • In The Sixth Sense, he played Dr. Hill who dismissed Cole Sear and suspected Lynn of abusing him.
  • In Unbreakable, he plays a drug dealer at the stadium. He was touched by David Dunn.
  • In Signs, he played Ray Reddy, who regretted his involvement in Mrs. Hess' death.
  • In The Village, he plays a park ranger who is abusive towards Ivy.
  • In The Happening, he made a voice over cameo as Joey calling on Alma's phone.
  • In The Last Airbender, he played a Firebender at a prison camp.
  • In Split, he played a security guard named Jai.
  • In Glass, his roles from Unbreakable and Split have combined with Jai arriving at David Dunn's store and he asked David if he met him before.

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