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Tear Jerker / Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

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The price of Chronic Hero Syndrome.

  • The way Clayface's expression becomes sorrowful when recalling how Batman sacrificed his life to save him. Being made of moldable clay, his entire face slumps, when recalling Batman told him everyone deserved to be saved. You can tell the entire episode rocked him to his core.
  • Bruce's mother telling him that the only reward he gets for being Batman, is to be Batman again, and worse, he only gets to have a few years of happiness.
  • "Goodbye, moon."
  • Selina's version has her betray Bruce. When Batman comes to her for help, having already lost a lot of blood, Selina ties him up and lets him bleed out completely. As he does, she explains it as a Mercy Kill since she can't stand watching him destroy himself. One of the few times Catwoman is shown to kill, and it's Batman.
  • Superman's story of Batman's death, and that he knew it was suicide, but if it saved one person...
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  • Harvey Bullock's story has Batman tossing him a baby just before he's drowned by tsunami-like floodwater.
    Bullock: I made it out of there, carrying the baby. And people said to me, "How do you keep going?" I said, "Because he kept going."
  • "Hello, Bruce." Seeing Martha Wayne cradle her newborn son in her arms, smiling lovingly at him, knowing what awaits her in eight years time...
  • The Riddler during the main eulogy actually had a deep and saddening line concerning Batman's death. reminding us that most Batman villains really are still human...
    Riddler: "It doesn't happen like this! Everybody knows, you put him in a death trap, he pulls something outta his utility belt and he's away. Same bat time, same bat channel."
    • For added poignancy, the Deluxe Addition features the short "When Is A Door", where Riddler's lament about the shift from the Silver Age to the Iron Age (featured on the Batman page) just meshes perfectly with the above.
    • Every single reference to the '66 TV series has become about a thousand times sadder with the death of Adam West at age 88...
  • The The Killing Joke version of the Joker's story of killing Batman by injecting him with a massive overdose of Joker venom using a gigantic hypodermic needle. Batman gives him a variation of the same retort he did in the classic story.
    Joker: And I screamed — "Smile, damn you, why don't you smile? You've got enough Joker venom to finish off a regiment of elephants. Why don't you smile? Why don't you die?"
    Batman: "Because it's not funny."
    Joker: And, after too long, he went down. He died. But he still didn't smile. And he was right. It wasn't funny. But it should have been...

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