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Tear Jerker / The Unbelievable Gwenpool

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  • Literally in the first issue: the death of Cecil. Face-to-face with M.O.D.O.K., Gwenpool laughs at him when he threatens that she can either work for him now or die, having fallen for his Memetic Loser status in her world. She is then painfully corrected on the fact that the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing is a dead serious threat in the 616 universe when he disintegrates her only friend with a psi-bolt. As she falls to her knees, weeping and clutching her friend's skull, M.O.D.O.K calmly asks if she wants a job, or if she wants to be next. All Gwen can do is meekly reply "job, please," with her thought-captions dazedly correcting her that she's not a hero, she's a henchman.
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  • Every part where Gwen remembers her old world and lost family... and then she tells Doctor Strange that it might be better if she isn't going home and isn't being remembered. How lonely was this young woman exactly in her own world? And once issue 16 shows Gwen's Broken Bird life, it gets as sad as possible.
  • To prove that they are in a comic book, Gwen asks Batroc to say something about his life from before he met Captain America. He cannot recall anything, and she explains that it's because he literally didn't exist before that day, his first appearance in the comics.
  • See Batroc's reflection on the nature of superhero comics you can read in the main tropes. Hero, villain, whatever they're all screwed.
  • In issue 6 Gwen during her team up with Miles Morales, Gwen once again shows her disregard for the lives of those she considers extras. Miles then knocks her out and ties her to a pole for the police while implying Gwen is a psycho. The event leaves her in tears and when she is "bailed out" by Batroc and co. She sadly remarks that "This...isn't any fun."
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  • Gwen's backstory in #16-17. We see just how miserable she is in her world: she's a high school drop-out, she has no job, almost no friends, no future, and even her parents are getting fed up with her. And she's painfully aware of this fact. Even when she gets a job and starts turning her life around, she's still visibly miserable about living in her world.
  • Teddy's backstory in issue #18. After falling into Earth-616, he struggles to adjust to the new world. The comics version of his family don't recognize him, he can't hold a job because he has no I.D., and he becomes homeless. He eventually runs into his sister again, but is horrified to see her slaughter dozens of people without remorse.
  • Issue 19 shows just how devastating Gwen can be to the Marvel Universe when Future Miles says it would better to kill Gwen then risk her ever becoming her future self because just For the Lulz Future Gwen reveals everyone's secrets which starts another Civil War and gets Miles' whole family killed including his future wife and child, just because she was bored.
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  • In Issue 20, Gwen defeating her future-self may be awesome, but the fact her brother might be Ret Gone because of it drives her to tears.
  • In Issue 22, Gwen finally finds Doctor Doom... only to realize that he reformed into a hero in a story published after her arrival in the Marvel Universe. Not only does this mean one of Gwen’s biggest edges, her outside knowledge, is no longer infallible since the stories keep marching on, it also shows just how desperate she’s getting to ensure her spot as a relevant person when she attacks Doom anyway. The expression she makes in her mask makes it look like she’s fighting back tears something fierce.
    Defeating you gives me a chance of actually mattering here. And... and... now I can’t?! Because I showed up in the middle of some obviously temporary continuity blip where you’re a good guy?
  • In issue 23; Gwen's comic might be doomed because she refused to become the villain.
    • Gwen takes Doctor Doom into her the Gutter Space, she and Doom observe Gwen's future page count. Doom notes how there are so few pages, and Gwen confirms that she only has about two issues left. With her book nearing its end, so does her life.
  • In issue 24, after pulling a heist with Batroc she still feels that her comic is coming to an end soon. She knows that other writers probably won't depict Batroc as the cool badass normal team dad she knows and loves, so she gives him a goodbye hug. After leaving his place, she breaks into tears thinking about how at least he'll "survive" as a canon character, but all her other friends who were created specifically for her book likely won't find a place in the larger Marvel universe.
  • In the final issue, Gwenpool meets an in universe Gwenpool fangirl, and ends up saving the fan from bullies. Realizing that the fangirl is a background character with no plot immortality and an extremely short in print lifespan, Gwen time travels to the future to meet the fan in old age and comfort her at the end of her printed life span.

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