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Funny / The Unbelievable Gwenpool

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Gwenpool #1

  • When Ronnie tells Gwen how much money she stands to make from the Teuthidan arms dealer job, Gwen draws a pair of dollar signs on the eyes of her Gwenpool mask.
  • "stealth screeeeeech!"
  • After that, Gwen finds out she was attacking a corpse. Two panels are dedicated to her shooting the Teuthidan.
    Gwen: That's a corpse you're attacking, Gwen.
  • Gwen pushing the assassin into a furnace.

Gwenpool #2

  • Gwenpool and the Agents of M.O.D.O.K. encounter Thor, who is in no mood to deal with them.
    Thor: It is a wonder I try to do anything quietly in this city.
    (The Terrible Eye tries to keep Thor away from jumping through her portal with an explosive curse)
    Terrible Eye: Bibidi Bobidi ☠!
    Thor: Again, why must I even try the quiet way?
    (Thor tosses Mjolnir at the Terrible Eye, hitting the wizard right in the cranium)
    Thor: Who's next? I feel very generous with concussions on this day.
  • "Come, wicked plants! Wither at the touch of Thor's spray bottle!"

Gwenpool #3

  • M.O.D.O.K talking into a pen.
  • Doctor Strange notices Gwenpool's pink speech bubbles and grabs one of them, using its essence to create a portal to carry himself and Gwen between dimensions.

Gwenpool #4

  • "How many legs do you have left? They have ceased to function."
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  • "warning cyber attack! Unknown origin!" "It's a ghost! Activate ghost defense." "That does not exist".

Gwenpool #5

  • The mysterious client decides to do something about Gwen being late... watch Judge Jaclyn!

Gwenpool #6

  • Miles reminds Gwen of how helpful she was during the fire.
  • As the Agents of M.O.D.O.K. break into prison, Gwen goes "my lawyer's here!"

Gwenpool #7

  • Gwen dresses a pig in her costume to bait the aliens, feeling they wouldn't differentiate species. And it (temporarily) works.
  • "'Squid alien freak' is a compliment here."

Gwenpool #8

Gwenpool #10

  • The intermissions by the elderly couple.
  • The reveal of the Poole Boys.

Gwenpool #11

  • Gwen talking off the guard regarding her not discreet get-up as a vampire.
  • Once the target is revealed as a dhampir, Gwen realizes who it is and goes "no no oh no!".

Gwenpool #12

  • "Fantasy CostCo!" And then Gwen decapitates the salesman.

Gwenpool #13

  • Gwen's terrified team turns to her on how to defeat Deadpool and what his weakness is. One problem though, Gwen doesn't read Deadpool.
    Gwen: "He is just a little too "lol memes" for me!"
  • "Okay, the Deadpool comment thread is closed!"

Gwenpool #15

  • Cecil's excitement at having a body again, including for things such as drinking water.

Gwenpool #25

  • The look on Squirrel Girl's face when Gwen bring's up why superheores don't just go down to hell to punch the devil aka Mephisto in the face all the time to fight evil. It's like she's trying to process why no one (or why she) does this regularly as a way of fighting evil.

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