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Tear Jerker / The Rescuers Down Under

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  • Cody asks Marahute, "Where's the daddy eagle?" She just bows her head in sadness, to which he says:
    • Later on, McLeach outright tells Cody he was the one responsible for killing the father eagle.
    • It's even worse when you consider the fact that almost all known eagle species are monogamous, meaning that they pair for life. Marahute may well have been with her mate for a very long time and would have been with him for much longer...if McLeach hadn't killed him.
  • When the Rangers come to the house of Cody's mother to tell her he was eaten by crocodiles, the gestures of the mother tell it all.
  • A minor, fridge tearjerker: Joanna waving goodbye to McLeach when he's about to go over the falls. You'd expect her to be grinning at her abusive master's well-deserved demise, but instead she has a sad little frown. Despite everything he's put her through, she still cares about him and seems genuinely saddened by his death...something that often happens with real life victims of abuse...

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