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Tear Jerker / Team 8

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Chapter 3

  • Hinata is so used to abuse and rejection by her family, she actively looks for a veiled insult behind any compliments she receives from her teammates. She honestly does not know how to react when she realizes they're not trying to insult her at all.

Chapter 6

  • Team 8 rest at an inn between Konoha and Iwa. The couple who owns the place treat them well; the wife in particular dotes on Naruto, who reminds her of her son. Kurenai later reveals that the son was a Konoha ninja who died in a chunin exam.

Chapter 8

  • Naruto's emotionally dealing with his first kills. It's made worse by the Nine-Tails' corrupting influence at the time and his doctor having said he wouldn't have a problem with it, like a monster who'd enjoy it.
  • There's something tragic about how Hinata dreams of becoming one of Naruto's chuunin guards when he becomes Hokage. She has such a terrible perspective of her value that she can't even imagine something better than that, and it also shows how Naruto was the only bright light in her life for years.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • Soon after the death of her team, Kurenai learned that her parents were killed in a fire in Wind Country.
  • When Kurenai talks to Hinata about the first test, Hinata breaks down and admits to her sensei that she almost withdrew from the test when she believed that Naruto wouldn't go past genin if they failed the final question. Without thinking, Kurenai immediately gives the girl a Cooldown Hug and as they embrace, realize that Hinata probably hadn't been given any parental affection from anyone ever since her mother had died.
    • To make matters worse, Hinata admits that she thought that the test was specifically designed to sabotage Naruto's attempts at progressing in his career. While it was more of a Secret Test of Character by the proctor, Kurenai and the reader both know that Hinata was becoming more aware that people had been actively trying to ruin/kill Naruto his entire life.

Chapter 15

  • When Kurenai visits her in the hospital, Hinata is so filled with self-hate that she is wishing for death and considers herself nothing but a failure. Resorting to Brutal Honesty, Kurenai tells her that fighting suicidally was selfish, even accusing her of not caring for her teammates or how they would be affected by her death. Hinata is shocked and especially distraught by this.
  • When Naruto visits Hinata in the hospital, she starts crying uncontrollably, and the desperate Naruto is at a complete loss how to help her. Then he learns that Kurenai considered removing her from the team. Naruto storms out and confronts Kurenai, but she asks him if he would rather let her die. Naruto is at a loss how to respond, or what to do.

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

  • The funeral scene.


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