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Hiashi is actually Hizashi.
Let's recall key facts from canon:
  • Nine-Tails attack is 12 years ago.
  • The Hyuga seal damages brain cells. It is activated at will by a main house member with a hand seal known only by them.
  • Hyuga Elder: "The advanced blood of the Hyuga clan is a valuable trump card to this village. Protecting that has been the duty of the main family. That is why the branch families exist."
  • The Hyuga affair happened 9 years ago.
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  • Hanabi is 7 years old at the start of the series.
  • Danzo was well-versed in fuinjutsu and cursed seals. He branded members of Root with cursed seals to prevent them from revealing his secrets.
  • Danzo had several dealings with Orochimaru, at least up to the Nine-Tails' attack.
  • Danzo felt that the interests of the village should be placed above all else, even ethics and morals. Danzo believed Konoha was strongest and most stable when the village had a target to focus its anger and hatred on. To this end, Danzo was key in stigmatizing the Uchiha clan to the rest of the village and was the one to secretly leak out the knowledge that Naruto Uzumaki was the container of the Nine-Tailed Fox, ensuring the villagers would loathe him as a result.

Now the key facts from Team 8:

  • Chapter 2: Hiashi doesn't want the Jyuuken paraded around in front of "commoners." Hinata has memories of the Hyuga affair. Hiashi has killer intent at mention of Kurenai, and far greater killer intent at mention of Naruto.
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  • Chapter 4: Kurenai believes Hiashi is systematically destroying Hinata's sense of worth, and is very involved in training Hanabi.
  • Chapter 5: Hanabi clearly despises Hinata, and never knew her mother. She is described as the very image of her mother.
  • Chapter 8: Hyuuga clan suffered heavy losses from Kyuubi attack, from which they have yet to recover.
  • Chapter 10: The AU divergence point is "a single event that occurred before Naruto was even born. Everything else that has changed has been a consequence of a single decision that was made."
  • Chapter 13: Hinata "couldn't clearly remember" the day her mother died, but she does remember the branch family servants who told her and the old woman who comforted her. She doesn't remember seeing her father.
  • Chapter 15: Hiashi willingly trains Neji for the chuunin exams unlike in canon, and has "unusual interest" in his development. He also adopted him. Neji's mother also died, but it's not specified when.
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  • Chapter 19: The Caged Bird Seal can be disrupted by a burst of chakra if there's "something very strange" about the chakra (in this case, being chakra of the Nine-Tails). Hiashi wanted to readminister seal. Hiashi liked Neji better than Hinata, "as long as he had a seal on him."
  • Chapter 21:
    • Jiraiya:
      (Danzo) says that the perfect ninja has no emotions, but people that practice that nindo never seem to last. They either completely lose their personality, or they crack like Itachi did.
    • Hinata describes her father as different before her mother died. Distant, but "not the looming angry presence he was now."
    • Kakashi appears to trigger Hiashi with threat of exposing weaknesses.
  • Chapter 22: The the events that lead to the discovery of Mattai's byakugan and the assassination of Kurenai's team happened a couple years AFTER Naruto's birth. The Hyuga affair happened the previous year. Kyuubi attack -> Hyuga affair -> Mattai's death. In the Mattai event, "Hiashi" is described as the same cruel, stuck-up, arrogant person as in the story (Kurenai admits she does not know him well), and he and the Hyuga elders wanted Mattai in the clan and branded. Kurenai says he is obsessed with maintaining a monopoly on their bloodline.

Now here's the theory: Instead of putting up with his fate as in canon, Hizashi snapped under the enslavement of the seal, possibly losing his mind (the brain-damaging seal broke his mind, and/or he tried to restrain his emotions but "cracked"). He grew to hate Hiashi, and sought a chance for revenge. Regarding Naruto, perhaps something happened to Hizashi in the Nine-tails' attack on Konoha, like losing someone dear to him? At some point, Hizashi may have been approached by Danzo. They made a deal: if Danzo helped Hizashi get revenge and take over the Hyuga clan, Hizashi would serve Danzo for Konoha's sake. During the Hyuga affair, when Kumo demanded Hiashi's body, Hizashi saw his chance, and took Hiashi's place. He somehow got his own bird seal removed (this is proven possible in Ch. 19 of Team 8), and had Hiashi branded with the bird seal, and gave him up to Kumo. Skilled in fuinjitsu and cursed seals, Danzo may have had a significant role in this Kill and Replace. Similarly, Orochimaru may have also had a hand in it. Then Hizashi takes over the Hyuga clan, and directs some of his lingering hatred for Hiashi on his daughter, hence the abusive behavior (again, he may have gone insane). If Hizashi was influenced by Danzo's philosophies, then Hizashi may have also become obsessed with the strength of his clan (hence the "monopoly" on the Hyuga bloodline and abilities), and also helped him propagate prejudice against Naruto (remember Danzo's beliefs).

If we go by Hanabi's age, then the death of Hinata's mother must have happened a few years after the Hyuuga affair. At some point Hizashi might have had Hinata's mother killed (she might suspect him). After that, he is no longer distant and content, and doesn't have to worry about her mother suspecting him. His harsher behavior he could pass off as being bitter because of her death. The "monopoly" desire also leads to him and Danzo arranging Mattai's death. He realizes Kurenai is a threat because she suspects. Unlike in canon, Hizashi trains his son for the chuunin exams.

OBJECTION: Hanabi is only 7 years old, so her father would be dead already. EXPLANATION: The Hanabi of Team 8 is actually the daughter of Hizashi and Hinata's mother, and Hinata's mother had just always wanted the name Hanabi. Plus, Hizashi and Hiashi are genetically identical twins. Also, Chapter 5 describes Hanabi as being in the image of her mother, which appears to contradict the anime, so this might be intentional or Throw It In!.

Hinata will receive training from Tsunade.
Hinata is already going to be Tsunade's servant for six months. I'm sure in that time Tsunade will get to know the girl, and will offer to train her so that "You're not some failure, and I'll prove it by shoving it in your Jerkass father's face!"
  • Bonus: she'll show Hinata how to smash through walls with her little finger.
  • Hinata is paralleling Sakura's apprenticeship to Tsunade. In canon, Tsunade agreed to train Sakura partly because of her determination, partly because of her perfect chakra control making her an ideal candidate for medic-nin training. Hinata has plenty of the former, and the latter is more or less guaranteed for any Hyuuga. In fact, Hinata will probably do it better than Sakura, as not only is she used to transferring chakra through touch, but it seems likely that the training will also enhance her Jyuuken strikes. Not to mention the value of Tsunade's physical strength training. If there is a timeskip, then hopefully Hinata will be seen using a taijutsu style that hits with Goken and Jyuuken simultaneously.
  • Confirmed: Tsunade makes the six-month period becomes a non-stop training regimen as an excuse to keep Hinata away from home.
  • During the training, Hinata will learn the Chakra Scalpel technique, which will make her Gentle Fist strikes even more deadly.

Naruto is already on his way to learning the Rasengan.
In chapter 17, when Naruto uses his Chakra Pulse, the author takes time to note that under Jiraiya's tutelage, Naruto had been performing "elaborate chakra control exercises." When I think about chakra control exercises and Jiraiya in the same sentence, I think Balloon Training, the precursor to the Rasengan. Plus, Naruto's already learned water walking and tree climbing, so what else is there to do?
  • Confirmed.

Yamato will be Team 8's new jonin-sensei
Because why not?
  • A better reason would be "because someone has to be and there aren't many suitable canon characters left".
  • Also, he's one of the few shinobi with the skills to restrain the Nine-Tales and considering Naruto was briefly taken over by it after learning Itachi killed Kurenai....
    • As of Chapter 24, It seems Jiraiya will lead the team into the next Chunin Exam in Kumo

Iruka will be Team 8's new jonin-sensei
He's just as close and understanding as Kurenai was; perhaps his promotion to jonin will be expedited by the Hokage, in an effort to keep their team's dynamic going the way it was.
  • As of Chapter 24, It seems Jiraiya will lead the team into the next Chunin Exam in Kumo. Same spoiler as above.

What will the team's summons be?
Naruto's will be...Hinata's will be...
  • Crows. Specifically, Mobster crows.
  • Otter.
  • Tanuki.
  • Fennec fox. Look, they're cute, okay? And it'd remind her of Naruto.
Shino's already The Beastmaster, so a summon would be pretty redundant. If he had to have one, giant stag beetles would be great. Flying!
  • A giant Hercules beetle. Those things are awesome.
  • Canonically, Shino has a giant insect summon as an adult, so maybe that?
  • MECHA. An also he learn know how to do the "Partial Summon" trick that Jiraiya used (He summoned only the stomach of a frog, once) so he will summon only hands or feet of his summons, just like Bayonetta does with her Wicked Weaves
  • Fennec fox.

Team 8 will be on hiatus until the manga finishes, or will never be finished.
This is not just a long wait. Too many plot points have been spoiled or off-set by canon. While the readers are trying to assert fanon over canon, the author is waiting for all of the canon plot points to be concluded so that he can start working on his own with fewer constrictions.
  • Seems unlikely. The author already made a point that Itachi is not good in Team 8 and a lot of the plot after that point hinges somewhat on that. Regardless, there is no reason to wait.
  • The author's stance is explicitly stated to be to not worry about updating the plot to reflect changes in canon. His story is already AU, and he considers going through the hassle not worth it.
  • Completely wrong. The author's forum has an attached blog section revealing that the slowdown is due to a serious medical incidence. Further, the EvilAuthorLord simultaneously work on both Team 8 and their other project, Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. As of June 20, 2017 both stories have their next chapters measured at 17% for Team 8 and 19% for HPatNoFP

Asuma is a little in love with Kurenai.
Because...he threatened to kick the ass of the head of Konoha's most important clan because he would've disrupted her funeral. Considering that he loves her in canon...
  • The death of her team caused Kurenai to become more introverted and stymied any chances of a relationship developing, sadly. Also, Asuma and Kakashi were both there and not fast enough to stop Kurenai from getting killed, so it's a particularly important event for them as well as the kids.

The Conspiracy's goal in regards to Naruto is to turn him into a member of ROOT.
Basically they want to provoke him to the point that the village council approves having him imprisoned and Danzo will be free to turn him into a weapon. Remember, the banker mentioned that if Naruto became violent, they were to call for the ANBU. Said ANBU could easily be ROOT agents.
  • Or alternatively, he could be executed and the kyuubi sealed into a young ROOT agent.

Hiashi's systematic abuse of Hinata is spurred by more than him just being an asshole.
Whatever else can be said about Hiashi, he's not stupid. If he is indeed involved in this conspiracy among the Konoha elite, he probably has some plan for her that requires her to be emotionally and psychologically broken.

The person who ordered Kurenai's genin team dead is...
  • Hiashi. He is notably much crueler, and the mentions of Mattai never add in a Cursed Seal. He may have tried to off her team so he could lead the clan. Also, the clan has something planned about Naruto...
    • Chapter 22 definitely makes Hiashi a lead suspect for this. Although nothing's set in stone yet.
  • Danzou. He's been mentioned a lot when he wasn't in canon. There must be a reason for this.
    • That reason would be that Danzou didn't even exist in canon until after the timeskip.
  • BOTH! There is nothing mutually-exclusive about them, and if Danzo aided Hiashi in this with ROOT, Danzo now has a debt to cash in with the Hyuuga Clan.

Team 8 is not a fanfic of Naruto...
...Naruto's a fan-comic of Team 8.

Hinata creates "Protection of the Eight Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms" while training with Tsunade.
For one, that technique's amazing and should really see more use. Two, precise chakra control is necessary for using it, along with flexibility and Tsunade has the former in spades. Third, one of Hinata's goals is to try and create a Hyuuga technique of her own, like one of her ancestors, who was really good at reading people.

Guessing on how Part II will play out as a result of the For Want of a Nail event:
  • The Hidan and Kakuzu arc will play out completely differently because of Kurenai's death
    • More likely Part II won't happen the way it did in canon at all because the series is about to go completely Off the Rails.

Hinata convincing Naruto to spare Neji's life
is a Shout-Out to canon!Naruto's friendship with Sasuke.Hinata cares about Neji, even if any sane person would wonder why beyond blood relation. Naruto even mentions to the jerkass that she never stopped making excuses for his behavior the entire time she spoke with him even when, really, it was inexcusable. Admittedly there's reasonable doubt about this but it seems suspect to me.

Shino has a Precocious Crush on Kurenai.
I don't doubt that he'd react violently to Naruto or Hinata being killed as well but the way he behaves in the morgue is a thing of beauty.

In this timeline, Hiashi is a member of ROOT.
Remember what Jiraiya says about the members of 'Danzo's little cult'? "[Danzo] says that the perfect ninja has no emotions, but people that practice that nindo never seem to last. They either completely lose their personality, or they crack like Itachi did." Doesn't that description almost exactly match what the hell is wrong with Hiashi? His idea of 'proper behavior' is total emotionlessness, and buried underneath that seems to be nothing but psychotic hatred and control-freakiness.

The For Want of a Nail incident involving Kurenai's former team will play out in a similar manner to Kakashi's past team with Obito and Rin.
In particular, one of Kurenai's former teammates will turn out to be still alive and seriously screwed up, much like events in the manga's recent canon.
  • It's probably going to be Mattai, and God knows he'll have more reason than Obito ever did, poor bastard.
    • Kurenai's letter to Naruto in Chapter 22 reveals that she saw for herself that her teammates were all dead. Then again, Mattai was Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, but it might be that Kurenai's grief partially blinded her, meaning he might be Not Quite Dead after all...
  • Alternatively, Mattai really is dead, but Madara stole his eyes for Rinnegan research (see below).

The chief of the turtle summons is Gamera
Seriously, a Kaiju-sized turtle known as the Friend of All Children...

Related to the above, the elite summons known as "The Four" are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Because Ninja + Turtle + Four that refuse to be separated. who else can it possibly be?Also, Clothahump mentions they have “occidental names”. (FYI occidental refers to the western world.)

Edo Tensei will come into play later as a way to use more Kurenai

The Byakugan will have an expanded role in the Naruto Lore, via Retcon.
Aside from the For Want of a Nail examples, there have been a few cases of jutsu mechanics working differently than in Canon (Such as the way Kurenai breaks the Tsukuyomi), so it's likely other changes will be made to avert the Byakugan's Demoted to Extra status in comparison to the Sharingan.
  • One possibility: Here the Byakugan really did originate from the Rikudo Sennin, and the Rinnegan is basically Byakugan + Sharingan.

Naru-Saku will become canon
Since Naru-Hina became canon in-universe
  • Uh... how about no? Honestly, the bond between Naruto and Hinata is a fundamental part of Team 8. Even in this fanfic, Sakura ships the two.

Sakura's abilities...
Since Hinata is under Kurenai's wing during the Time Skip learning medical ninjutsu, Sakura will instead branch out more.
  • In canon, she was said to be well-suited for genjutsu, so maybe she'll study some of that. Maybe Kurenai left behind some of her knowledge in writing?
  • Sakura was also said to be book smart and analytical in canon, so maybe she'll study to learn more advanced tactics and strategies to become a more competent Smart Girl and planner for Team 7?

Sasuke will learn The Power of Friendship
Think about it: in canon, with Naruto it was always Defeat Means Friendship, except that in canon Sasuke was the last, but here, Sasuke's the first!


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