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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

Chapter 2

  • The majority of Kurenai's interaction with Gai.
    Kurenai had a theory about the more skilled jonins developing severe personality quirks to compensate for the stresses of missions. If she ever wanted to make a presentation on this theory for the Konoha Natural Philosophy Society, Maito Gai would be exhibit A. She supposed he might have been dropped on his head as a child. Repeatedly. But that didn't explain how he'd survived to become a genin. It was depressing, but far more likely, that he'd started obsessing about green spandex and the power of youth after he became a jonin.

    Yuuhi Kurenai dreaded the day she woke up and realized that she'd become just as eccentric in her own way. She'd have no choice at that point but to do the honorable thing and end her own life.

Chapter 3

  • Naruto trying to compliment Hinata on the work she's doing. The key word being "try".

Chapter 4

  • Naruto pranks Kurenai so hard she temporarily flips out. He's using a genjutsu to make it look like he very hastily put on a green jumpsuit and dyed his hair black in an effort to emulate Maito Gai. Kurenai doesn't recognize the illusion despite being a genjutsu specialist. More to the point she is so horrified and angry at seeing that,that she never thinks to check that it is an illusion. She goes on to teach the kids why she was fooled as a lesson on deception.

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

  • After the battle where Kurenai told Konohamaru and Hanabi to flee while Team 8 fought the enemy:
    Kurenai: Can you track down Sarutobi Konohamaru and Hyuuga Hanabi?
    Naruto: <nods> KONOHAMARU!
    Konohamaru: <from the nearby trees> Yeah?
    Naruto: He never does what he's told to do.

Chapter 8

  • Naruto and Hinata's moment during the border patrol mission. That moment...
    Hinata: At the academy, the doctor who came in…he told me that the first timenote  is usually the hardest.
    Naruto: (pissed off) Really. Well, he told me he didn't think I'd have any problems at all…like I'm some monster that would probably enjoy killing.
    Hinata: (appalled, hands shaking) Did he really say that?
    (Naruto nods. Awkward silence, until...)
    Hinata: THAT'S BULLSHIT!
    Naruto: (Face faults into the river)
    Hinata: (slaps hands over mouth in abject shock)
  • This exchange between Shino and Naruto, when Shino finally connects the proverbial dots:
    Shino: I am not stupid, Naruto. (counting off his points on his fingers) You have a chakra capacity exceeding that of most jonin, even thought you have just become a genin. You can master highly chakra-intensive techniques with far more ease than you can master less demanding ones, suggesting that your chakra capacity is literally filled to overflowing most of the time. Even the most forthcoming adults of Konoha are strangely unwilling to discuss the reasons why you are shunned by most. There are no physical relics from the nine-tailed fox, even though our history texts state that it was slain by the Fourth Hokage. Your physical stamina is superhuman and you recover from minor injuries at a rate unprecedented for someone not under a physician's care. Your birth date is a matter of public record, as are the unusual birthmarks on your face. And finally, when we spar, I can have half my colony feed off of your chakra until they are replete and you do not even notice. (to Naruto) I am neither stupid nor unobservant.
    Naruto: stuck your bugs on me when we sparred? That's cheating!

Chapter 9

  • Naruto interrupting a "Gai-Sensei!"-"Lee!" exchange by puking on Gai's feet. It's not because of the exchange (Naruto had just helped Lee test the Omote Renge, and was feeling ill even without hitting the ground), but the timing is just too perfect.

Chapter 10

  • Gai and Lee are just as amusing as they are in the series, but special mention goes to the celebratory dinner where Lee drinks some of Gai's sake and drunkenly attacks Neji - successfully, which is something he's been unable to do until that point. Gai did warn him to not underestimate his opponents...

Chapter 11

  • Misato Aburame brightly welcomes Naruto and Hinata and later announces roasted termites for dinner. Shino then describes her as having an "unusual" sense of humor.
  • This:
    Lee: Oh, Naruto, you sound so bitter. Surely the Power of Youth has not left you forlorn?
    Naruto: One of these days that stuff's going to make sense to me, and then I'll know I'm in trouble.
  • After the events of the prior chapter, Naruto decides that if he'd known how getting Lee drunk would turn out, he'd have made sure it happened. Frequently.

Chapter 12

  • Naruto panics right out of the gate on the Chuunin Exam:
    Naruto: (thinking) Oh, Crap!, it's even worse! They want me to do math!
  • After seeing Kankuro get taken to the restroom, Naruto uses his head and does something similar to get out of the room, and sends a couple of shadow clones off to the library to look up some of the answers, henged as Gai, Kurenai, and Iruka. Genma catches them trying to signal Naruto the answers from the top of the next building over, and pops them - not realizing that doing so gave Naruto the precise answers he needed, as the clones give their memories to him when they're dispersed. When Genma finds out later on, he starts banging his head against the wall. The best part is Naruto didn't know that would work either.
  • Kurenai threatening to hire her team to burn all of Kakashi's dirty books. He's so worried he is cradling one protectively afterwards.

Chapter 13

  • During the Chuunin Exams, Naruto breaks Orochimaru's nose. We're treated to the next few lines of him trying to speak through it.
    Orochimaru:"Well, thab's juds ab well. All I'b done id tick a fuz in their petty liddle bomb. Led the olb man deal wid it if he can."
  • Then we are treated to his creepily funny reaction to that: annoyance as he realized how ridiculous he sounded talking that way, followed by pinching the nose, wrenching it back into position, and asking "Now where were we?".

Chapter 14

  • Even if Naruto's not laughing about it, the mental image of one of his Kage Bunshins stumbling across the Sand Siblings in the Forest of Death and choosing to go out by giving Gaara a noogie.
  • Another one of them mooned Neji before expiring.
  • Naruto, upon being advised by Kurenai to never listen to what the Kyuubi tries to say to him, for once decided to just nod and keep his mouth shut. Cue immediate Gilligan Cut to Iruka suddenly feeling an overwhelming jolt of dread.
    Iruka didn't know what caused it, but he instinctively knew that a massive violation of the natural order was occurring.
  • Misumi taunts Shikamaru with this exchange:
    Misumi: Don't think I'll take it easy on you because you're just a spoiled brat.
    "Hey!" Ino shouted, shaking her fist. But no one really paid much attention. Their arguments at the academeny were as predictable as the behavior of Sasuke's fan club.

Chapter 15

  • At one point Lee taps out during one of their sparring sessions, so Gai steps in to spar Naruto. Naruto describes the experience as learning "what a pachinko ball felt like."

Chapter 17

  • The whole business of Iruka dressing up as a rich foreigner to hustle Konoha's elite by betting on Naruto against Neji in the Chuunin Exam matches. Naruto is thoroughly impressed.

Chapter 20

  • The Kyuubi calling Jiraiya a frustrated old virgin to his face.

Chapter 21

  • Tsunade attempts to drive off Jiraiya and Hinata when they ask for her help to heal Naruto: Hinata becomes Tsunade's personal servant for 6 months. She thinks no one will go for it. Hinata accepts immediately.
    Tsunade: (thinking) Oh, hell...
  • Naruto tricks Tsunade into a bet: if she doesn't win by using one finger, she returns to Konoha to become Hokage. After his clone rush fails, he uses his Chakra Pulse to destroy her youthful genjutsu. He points and laughs at her, prompting the elder woman to try to throttle him... which is more than one finger.

Chapter 22

  • This exchange between Fifth Hokage Tsunade and Jiraya:
    "Look Tsunade, I'll get right to the point," Jiraiya began. "I want Naruto as my apprentice."
    "I know I haven't been here for him growing up like I should have been," the old lecher admitted with a grimace, "but I'd heard some ugly rumors that needed chasing down, and I thought the Old Man had things under control. Well, now I know better, and I can't leave him alone."
    "I've got a lot of things I can teach him, things he needs to learn," Jiraiya continued, clearly not listening yet. "His father's jutsu, for one thing. And maybe how to get a handle on the Fox's chakra without hurting himself."
    "Okay," Tsunade replied, her teeth starting to grind.
    "I know you don't think much of my sense of responsibility," Jiraiya plowed on, "but he's my Godson. And I made a promise to his Jonin-sensei as well. I-"
    The Toad Hermit was gone before the Chuunin guard even got the door open.
  • It's revealed that Iruka's bet on Naruto against Neji in the Chuunin Exams got such good odds that he nearly bankrupted several Hyuuga Elders, forcing them to pay him alternative assets - including debts owed by third parties and several Konoha properties.
    • One of them is a lingerie store called Pandora's Secret, which he noticed was being overcharged for rent, so he renegotiated with the owner on the condition that it remained "their little secret", since he didn't want all his tenants trying to renegotiate rent. Unfortunately, the owner misunderstood what he was saying and renamed her store "Iruka's Secret".
      Iruka: (to Naruto): "This is all your fault, you know."
    • And the owner of the store wants a picture of Iruka for her storefront. Naruto gets one for her.

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

  • Hinata goes to Naruto's house to water his plants and discovers that someone is already there. The Byakugan reveals that it's Naruto.... in the shower. He finds her passed out in the front doorway shortly later.
  • Iruka has been secretly dreading Naruto's return since Naruto agreed to keep quite about "Iruka's Secret" and he knows that he now owes the former prankster one. He even predicts that Naruto will talk him into help deface the Hokage monument again. Instead...
    Naruto:: "What is love? How do you know if you love someone? And what if one person loves someone that doesn't love them back?"
    Iruka's thoughts:: "He realized that defacing the monument wouldn't have been so bad after all."

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