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Recap / Team 8

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The Recap page for Team 8, numbered by chapter. Under construction. WARNING: All recaps will have unmarked spoilers. Proceed with caution!

  1. "The Power of Observation"
  2. "A Painfully Early Morning"
  3. "First Mission"
  4. "Geniuses of Hard Work"
  5. "Difficult Preparations"
  6. "The Journey to the Borderlands"
  7. "First Blood"
  8. "Revelations"
  9. "Returning to Konoha"
  10. "Complex Confrontations"
  11. "My Dinner with Aburame"
  12. "Stress Testing"
  13. "The Forest of Death"
  14. "Preliminary Mayhem"
  15. "A Wretched Recovery"
  16. "Mortal Combat"
  17. "All That and a Bag of Chips"
  18. "A Dangerous Pursuit"
  19. "A Fearful Fallout"
  20. "Deadly Consequences"
  21. "A Pyrrhic Victory"
  22. "Endings and Beginnings"
  23. "Servants, Sparring, and Summons"
  24. "Reunions and Revelations"


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