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  • Why does Hayate (who lived long enough to be proctor for the finals in this fic) complain about Naruto and Neji's pre-fight Trash Talk when, in canon, he didn't say anything about Neji's much longer and more vicious Breaking Speech against Hinata?
    • He's called out on how he mishandled the thing with Hinata by Naruto himself, so this is pretty much put to rest.
  • Why does Kurenai tell Naruto that he would make Hinata feel bad if he got disqualified as a result of staying behind while watching over her, but then, while berating Hinata, remind her of how Naruto almost got disqualified on her account? That's some fairly blatant hypocrisy right there, on top of being far more harsh than was warranted or right considering Hinata's frame of mind.
    • Because HINATA WAS TRYING TO COMMIT SUICIDE BY NEJI IN HER FIGHT IN SPITE OF HER TEAMMATES CARING ABOUT HER and there was no way to be gentle about it. When she was fighting Neji, she was disregarding completely how her teammates would feel. Naruto was warned against doing something that would hurt Hinata, and Hinata was called out for doing something that DID hurt Naruto and Shino. There was no hypocrisy.
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    • If Naruto had actually forfeited his fight, that would have caused more unnecessary self-hatred for Hinata, because it would have been a real consequence of her actions. When Kurenai revealed to Hinata what Naruto nearly did, however, she presents it in a way that demonstrates how much Naruto cares for her, and how awful her suicidal thoughts are.
  • So the attack by the Ninetails was 12 years prior to the start of the series, on Naruto's birth. The Hyuuga Affair happened 9 years prior, on Hinata's third birthday. However, in Chapter 22, Kurenai's letter reveals that the events leading to the discovery of of Mattai's Byakugan happened a couple years after the Ninetails attack. Then after the Hyuuga clan discovered this, they tried to get him to join the clan, but he refused because of the rumor of the Hyuuga affair that happened "the previous year." Now, it's possible that this rejection happened shortly after Hinata's birthday, since Hinata's birthday is December 27, and so the rejection could technically be shortly after that and still on the following year, but even then we are off by one year. Naruto's birthday is October 10, so it has only been two years after the Kyuubi attack, but in canon the Hyuuga affair is supposed to have happened three years after this, on Hinata's third birthday, nine years before the start of the series. Is this a contradiction, is there an explanation, or is it something indicative of the mystery nail?
    • This is easily explained by the fact that a couple in slang terms can mean any reasonably small number. Four years is well within acceptable limits for common diction.

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