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Tear Jerker / Story of Seasons (2014)

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  • Eda's death. In fall of your first year, she starts complaining about her aches and pains, and throughout the entire season she stops visiting town and attending festivals. When winter arrives, she dies. Seeing the cheeky, energetic grandmother who helped you get started slowly and quietly succumb to illness is both shocking and depressing, especially since there's nothing you can do about it.
    • Notably, it's also the first death of an NPC in the series since Nina. And as the main page notes, if you've never played a Harvest Moon game and came into this one blind, it hits extra hard because you have no idea it's coming.
    • And afterward, you become the owner of her farm — where her headstone sits quietly by the river, perpetually decorated in flowers. You can visit it by walking up and pressing the A button. "Eda... I'm taking good care of your farmland." Sob.
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    • If you somehow manage to speed-romance someone and get married before Eda dies, she'll tell you she can't wait to see the baby.
  • Breaking up with your Love Interest is always various shades of sad. The winners are Fritz, who looks like a kicked puppy as he wishes you well and says he's used to being broken up with, and Lillie, who sadly says she knew she wasn't good enough for you and thanks you for being her First Love.
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  • Less jarring, but still quite sad, is little Melanie's face in the "Playing Cupid" scripted event when she tells you that she wants her dad to get married. If you see Nadi's first flower event beforehand, where he talks about how she must be lonely since there are so few children to play with her, it's even more heart-wrenching.
    Melanie: ...I'd really like a mommy.
  • Angela's pink flower event in itself is this. The sad part comes when Veronica starts speaking about the time Angela caught a cold, a little while after her husband passed away and she took over the guild. When she came home much later that night, she found Angela passed out at the table with a dinner set out... because it was Veronica's birthday and, despite her illness, Angela not only worked to make the food, but even tried to stay up waiting for her to come home. The fact that Veronica blames herself for why Angela kept hiding her illness (so as not to bother her) can be both heartbreaking and hitting a bit too close to home for some players.
    Veronica: But did I? No, yet again, I did not. Truly, I am a failure as a mother.
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  • Less upsetting than the first example on this page, but still quite distressing: all of your livestock will eventually die of old age. Yes, this includes Hanako, your Memento MacGuffin from Eda herself. It takes about five in-game years, approximately, from the time of acquisition to the time of loss. A minor example of Real Life Writes the Plot, since this does of course happen in the real world too, but it's a painful jolt — especially if you don't know it's coming.

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