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Shout Out / Story of Seasons (2014)

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  • The most obvious Shout-Out is one to the Super Mario Bros. games. There are plants called Super Mario Brothers crops, which do certain things. The Super Mushroom matures your crops faster, even increasing how many crops you can harvest. The Fire Flower raises crop quality and gets rid of wilted crops. The Super Star increases the amount of time that harvested crops stay fresh from 3 days to 60 days.
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  • The description on the blueprint for the dog statue references not only Hachikō, but thanks to the translation, also Doge.
    A stone statue of a legendary dog. His patience and loyalty gives him a dignified air. Wow. Such distinction.
  • The description for the Magical Girl Costume (which is itself also a reference to Michelle from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning). Do you have a wish?
  • Elise loves chocolate desserts, like the Chocolate Cake. If you give her one on her birthday, she will declare that "You have chosen... wisely."
  • Once you have built the television, you can tune in to the "Variety Channel," and every day it will have a different program:
    • A travelogue, in which the host of the show gets talked into going on a "three-hour tour" on a small cruise boat which inadvertently takes a turn into a nasty storm...
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    • A children's program called the Mighty Munchin' Veggie Rangers. These multicolored nutrition-loving superheroes battle an evil vegetable-stealing figure named Moliarty, who pilots a robot called a Negazord during his thefts. Their signature attack, Veggie Bomb, eventually levels up into the ultra-powerful Shining Harvest.
      Yellow: Our love of vegetables!
      Blue: Our anger at the theft!
      Red: And our sorrow for those who suffer!
    • The show The Search for the Legendary Chef features an adventurous cook named Mackerelmore.
    • The giant robot show Robot Genesis: Gotter Robo ZERO.
  • The sound effect for when you finish a building is very similar to the level-up sound in the first Pokémon games.

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