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  • If you choose to pursue Agate and see her White Flower Event, the foxes (White foxes in Winter, Brown in other seasons) become too playful if you accept Agate's request to play with them. Agate ends up landing on top of your male character by accident.
    • There's something particularly amusing when Agate tells you she sneaked out to see you fish if you won the fishing contest, and mentions trying to do it quietly so as to not disturb animals nearby.
  • When you go to see Marian to have your health or stamina restored, he makes a rather funny expression when he jabs the needle into you.
    • He makes the same face at the New Year's celebration, when he rants about how he will defy the passage of time and remain beautiful!
    • Sometimes he will cry, which is also hilarious, and then promptly switch to this expression, acting like your character said something offensive.
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    • He does this yet again if Angela is your wife and is in labor, and tells you she is giving birth to a second child.
  • Woofio. There is something comical about all of the livestock competitions being judged by a guy walking around in a dog costume and making terrible canine puns.
    • There's also the fact that a few of the townsfolk find Woofio a little creepy. Fritz even tries to concoct a plan to get the head off of Woofio's costume and see what's underneath. He decides to back off after getting the rather ominous feeling that it would be a really bad idea. (And he's right, but that doesn't get revealed until the next game.)
  • During your wedding, Dessie complains about the bell not ringing. The sprites try to help Dessie until Witchie gets fed up and helps Dessie ring the bell.
  • Fritz, when you reach an orange heart with him:
    "Huh? You're curious what I did before I came here? Consider me a man of mystery with no past! Yeah! I'm not one to look back when I'm busy goin' forward. It'd be boring to admit I was just a regular student. ...Whoops."
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  • Show Nadi, the resident Tsundere, a rabbit (which is actually one of his favorite animals). He denies thinking it's cute or that he wants to pet it... but it's obvious he means the complete opposite of what he said.
  • If you get Mistel to pink flower and choose the right dialogue options, you will be treated to an epic Moment Killer from Fritz, and Mistel heavily implying that he may make Fritz have an "accident" as revenge.

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