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Tear Jerker / Resident Evil 5

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     1 - Game 

  • The people in the Uroboros facility in those pods. They are all people kidnapped from all over the world to be experimented on. If they're rejected, their bodies are dumped out. That one conveyor belt, you know that one, where they jump up to kill you? They're the experiments that are being dumped out. Mixing Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel together, they will never see their families again, are probably in agony, and half of them are being incinerated alive.
    • The same happened to personnel in the labs. You can find an e-mail in which a scientist is glad to return soon to his friends and family. A couple levels later you will find a report on how all who worked here were put in coma by sleeping gas, terminated and cremated. Yes, everyone, including that scientist.
  • What makes the Jill battle even more tearjerking is if you're playing as Chris and hit the action button (Square on the PS3, X on the XBOX 360, F on the PC) Chris begging Jill to stop this, but all the while she tries, but can't until Chris or Sheva rip the device off of her.
    "I couldn't control my actions, but oh God, I was aware. Forgive me."
  • Remember the documents you can read? Specifically Village Youth's Diary. It describes how people from the village became Majini through the eyes of one of them. Extremely sad and depressing tale which ends with a storyteller becoming Majini himself.
  • Excella getting betrayed by Wesker and transforming into a monster (although she was a Corrupt Corporate Executive who wanted to murder six billion people and rule over the rest...)
  • Albert himself can warrant a little sympathy when you learn that he was in essence as per his own words "manufactured" by Umbrella. Albert was born like any normal child, but was taken as an infant from parents he never got to know him, and raised and conditioned, along with hundreds of other kids (with the 13 best being selected as adults to be given the virus, and only Albert and Alex surviving out of those 13), by Spencer to be his vision for "a new superior breed of humans". It does not excuse his actions in the series, but it's clear that Albert is a product of his upbringing and environment, he wasn't born a monster.
    • Then again, while the Wesker Children went through difficult physical and mental training and tests, they were also raised in a privileged environment where they were given the best education possible, taught that they were superior and entitled to power, and encouraged to pursue their ambitions. Products of their environment they might be, but that environment was essentially designed to turn them into The Proud Elite. Some might find it hard to pity them because of that...although, on the other hand, there is the fact that Spencer tried to deceive and use them and achieve power on the back of their talents and success.

     2 - DLC 
  • When you finish Lost in Nightmares, you will be shown the cutscene where Jill throws herself through the window, bringing Wesker with her, to save Chris's life. After the latter reaches out for his partner and calls out her name, you are rewarded with the results screen which has him doing just that with great sorrow visible on his face.
  • The end of the Desperate Escape DLC. Helicopter pilot Doug bravely holds the line to give Josh and Jill ample time to escape just before he's blown to pieces by a Manjini's rocket.
    • Josh Stone does not take Doug's death well at all. Right after it happens, Josh punches the side of the helicopter, cursing angrily before he has to take the controls. Jill avenging Doug by putting a bullet between the eyes of the bastard that killed him is the only silver lining.
    • "He friend". Josh sounds so heartbroken.
    • Jill sounds genuinely sincere and sweet, offering Josh her condolences for Doug and states that he "was a brave soldier". Yes Jill, yes he was.
    • And this beautiful and sober track plays as the result screen is shown. Solemn and subdued music to settle your nerves and bring you out of the intense action you survived.

     3 - Meta 
  • Evil bastard that he was, Albert Wesker's death was not well received by the majority of the Resident Evil fandom. Capcom seemed to have anticipated such a reaction with both the creation of Jake Muller, Albert's illigetimate child, and Alex Wesker, Albert's non-biological sister to compensate for Albert's absence. The void since his death is very noticeable, none of the canological villains coming after him being received as well as he was, particularly both antagonists from Resident Evil 6, Derek Simmons and Carla Radames. To this very day, theories persist that despite Capcom's insistence that Albert perished in the volcano , he is still alive, whether it was a clone killed in 5 or if he somehow survived the lava, a simple search on YouTube will reveal how hopeful the fans are that one day, Albert will make his return into the series.
    • Indeed, it's quite telling that D.C. Douglas, Albert's voice actor 11 years after the game's release, continues to put out videos featuring Albert, voiced by him, to the delight of fans.
    • Also, in the otherwise widely reviled Umbrella Corps game, D.C. Douglas voices an un-seen, only heard character which heavily implies that Albert Wesker is alive post-Resident Evil 6.

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