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Wesker is still alive.
They Never Found the Body after dropping him inside the volcano, and the rockets seemed to have shot just past him, exploding behind him. Not to mention that it seemed like the lava was little more than a hot bath to Wesker, and he's already survived certain, confirmed death once before. If anything, the ending to RE5 is even more ambiguous as to whether or not he was actually killed.
  • Alternatively, Wesker is dead. For some, it's an expected outcome that the guy who has been behind everything pretty much since the beginning is still alive, but it's no big hit to the series for the guy to be gone. The setting of the game has a perfect, built-in reason for more crazy monster hijinks without a mastermind: Just about any psycho with a chip on his shoulder can now search through his own Zombie n' Stuff catalog and buy some horrible monster from the black market. Also, in the Resident Evil verse, some horrible new monster creating pathogen is lurking in every other cave or small, out of the way village.
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  • Tofu: This one's been Jossed. Word of God said he's dead and gone.
  • Alternatively, Wesker did die at the end of Resident Evil 5, but that was just a clone of the real Wesker. Why else would he constantly need PG67A/W to keep himself from mutating? Because he's a clone of Wesker, and therefore unstable. The real Wesker is still sitting in his comfortable satellite TV room drinking champagne.

Agent HUNK is one of the missing Wesker children.
And in the next game, we will finally get to see his face, and it will look like Wesker's.
  • Jossed. We've already seen his face in one of the RE3 Epilogue files. He's just an ordinary blond guy.
  • Except the Wesker children aren't related. They were a bunch of children whose parents were intellectuals of all nationalities. The kids were kidnapped, given the surname Wesker (after an Umbrella researcher), and indoctrinated by Umbrella.
    • Oddly enough, when this troper saw HUNK's face, his first thought "HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT'S WESKER'S BROTHER!".

The 'Complete Global Saturation' meme is going to get Rule 34'd.
Let me not elaborate on just how it will happen.
  • You might be interested in this video.

The Wesker seen in Resident Evil 5 was a clone
Wesker created an experimental clone or heavily modified another individual before the Spencer Mansion incident, in order to fake his death with a body as evidence, and the BSAA as his witness. However, the clone survived, and began to develop its own personality and goals based on Spencer's, to become a god. As RE5 progressed, it began to degenerate as it was torn between its own consciousness and that of Wesker's. Facing off against Chris (who was a major part of Wesker's memories, which may have been implanted into the clone) probably helped with this, as well as the viral overdose. Thus, at the end of Resident Evil 5, the clone's purpose has been accomplished in a roundabout and unwilling fashion, and the broken remnants of the Uroboros project and Tricell Africa can be seized by Wesker.
  • So Wesker was his own Unwitting Pawn? Holy shit, that gives a whole new meaning to My Death Is Only The Beginning.
    • *whimper*
    • That would explain how Wesker was in the cargo hold during the fight with Chris and Sheva, then suddenly shows up from the front of the bomber after it crashes.

Wesker is suicidal in Resident Evil 5.
After years of trying to track down Ozwell Spencer, Wesker couldn't handle the revelation that he was being manipulated all along. So he cracked and, after killing Spencer, could no longer muster the will to live. Unwilling to simply stop taking doses of the virus that keeps him alive and superpowered, he decides to commit suicide by proxy, using the only man in the world he respects: Chris Redfield. He starts by faking the death of Chris's old STARS associate and current partner, Jill Valentine. Then he devises a way to control Jill and use her as a puppet against Chris. Finally, he draws Chris into his trap, with Jill as the bait. The one factor he failed to consider was Sheva, Chris's new partner, who he then tries to kill in order to inspire Chris to finish him. He fails, but still manages to get his grand final showdown with Chris. All that crap about a new world order ushered in by Uroboros was just a cover story to disguise his true intentions.
  • This would mean that Wesker also counted on Irving pulling a Leeroy Jenkins and alerting the BSAA to the dealings in Kijuju in order to lure Chris into this aforementioned trap.

Wesker isn't really Wesker in Resi 5
Instead, "Wesker" is simply one of the other Wesker children, brainwashed into believing he's the real deal.
  • Wouldn't all of them be just as dangerous, given their virtually identical upbringings, brainwashings, and superpower infections? Even if it wasn't the initial Wesker (the source materials make it pretty clear that it was in fact Albert), Chris and Sheva still killed one really bad dude.

Wesker is asexual.
I must deflate Foe Yay with logic.
  • Or he could just not have time for sex. I mean, think about the females he's had around him: His mortal enemy's little sister, Claire, Ada Wong, who probably keeps knives in her vagina or something, Jill Valentine (who openly hated him when not under his control). (And even if he DID want anything of the sort from her while she was brainwashed, I'm pretty sure being reminded of her shoving him out of a window and to the bottom of a cliff killed his boner.) And then there's Excella. Yeah, sure, she's smart and hot and Italian, but when you take away the shitty ass dress, she's still just a common whore; god knows what's been between HER legs.
  • Given that he was trying to repopulate the world with superior beings (and that he considered himself a superior being), he probably should've made time for it. Then again, knowing Wesker, he probably would've genetically engineered a bunch of test tube kids. When you've got your arch-nemesis chasing your tail, you really don't have the time to chase any tail yourself.
  • Jossed pretty hard by the sixth game. He apparently had the time to travel to Eastern Europe, knock up a chick there, and leave her six years before the Raccoon City incident.

Chris has been enhanced by the B.S.A.A.

Think about it. Chris has obviously taken SEVERAL levels in badass since we saw him last in Code: Veronica. Now, if you read some of the flavor files that you unlock as you play through Resident Evil 5, it says that Chris is their top agent, with far more successful missions than any other. The BSAA is funded by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, a bunch of companies that are what Umbrella claimed to be: medical researchers and manufacturers. It's not that far fetched to think that they'd have a more stable version of Wesker's Super Serum. It's also not that far fetched to think that Chris may have taken it after Jill's death. This enhancement would explain punching a boulder and moving it, as well as the fact that he can use a full sized rifle-caliber minigun when all the other protagonists could only use 3-barrel baby versions. He still can't quite match Wesker's game breaker powers, but he doesn't have to inject fresh doses constantly and his sanity is intact.

  • I thought that Chris was a badass before that. Why? His inventory was smaller and he was stronger than Jill.
    • Also in previous games, he killed all those zombies and other monstrosities by himself without any last minute additions.
  • I personally think that he, while fighting zombies for a decade, got somehow exposed to a small dose of a virus but, like Jill, appeared to be immune and just assimilated the virus. In Jill's case, it resulted in increased agility and speed; in Chris's, it resulted in rapid muscle devlopement and increased strength. Yeah, "Chriiiiiisss!!" turned into a "TAAAAAAANK!!".

Alex Wesker will be the next antagonist.
  • Well, think about it, he was told to get an immortality virus for Spencer, but disappeared after making it. He's a Manipulative Bastard, so he'd probably be the next bad guy.

Jill's genetic testing (thing)
RE 5 was turning her into Solid Snake.In ''Desperate Escape'', when you play as Jill, she walks the exact same way Raiden does in Metal Gear Solid 2, has the exact same hair colour, the same outfit, just as gender confused... now since Raiden was basically wanting to be Snake, Jill is another Raiden, that is another person who did the same video game testing (which is what Wesker did to her before and during RE 5)... It changed her hair colour to make her more like Raiden. Wesker did all of that because if he had Snake on his team, he wouldn't have lost.
  • Next step is becoming a mutant ninja cyborg!

Wesker is the Resident Evil version of the antichrist.
Super human abilities, the ability to manipulate people in the snap of a finger, extreme selfishness, his interest in politics, demonic slaves and more importantly the will to take over the world and engulf it in darkness,also that "global saturaton"(engulf the world in darkness) nonsense seemed to be a plain give away. Does that not sound like the anti christ to any of you?

The "man in the suit with no tie" from Sheva's dossier was Leon
He worked for the U.S. Government and seemed to have a very personal stake in seeing Umbrella brought down. Based on her given age and the RE timeline, Sheva first met the man in 2000, which was after Leon had been recruited. Sure, it's not much to go on, but why would they bother giving the guy any characterization at all if we weren't meant to recognize him? This does beg the question as to why if he served as Sheva's legal guardian, brought her to the U.S. and put her through school, she can't recall his name. But then, that's a good question no matter who the man in suit really was.

Despite Word of God Wesker is still out there.
It's canoncially stated in the game that the Wesker Chris & Sheva killed was just a clone. Nobodies perfect not even the creators of a series. They said Wesker's dead yet the so called wesker that died was just a organic drone. Why don't the creators try explaining that. Even though the mercenaries minigame is non-canon it does give you a better perception of the character's abilities. The Wesker in RE 4 punch attack can send an enemy flying through the other side of the game but a punch from that Wesker clone in RE 5 only causes an enemy to stumble back a little. Even in the RE afterlife movie Wesker seems like more speed and a little strength where he can move like a champ but his hits like a normal human. It's stated that Wesker can life hundreds and even thousands of pound so he shouldn't have a problem with smashing an enemy's skull in with one punch or kick like in RE 4. In Resident evil code veroncia(RECV) Weskers hits are painful but not deadly to chris, I don't know if he was a clone or he wasn't trying that hard so I can't say if that was the real Wesker. I believe the Wesker in RE 4 was the real one. He out of all the Wesker has real super strength and has only people working for him, even if they are traders. The real Wesker can't afford to be jeapordized in any way and is also more smarter than the clones so he chooses to stay in his own personal HQ instead of where all "the action" is like all the other Weskers. In RE 4 he had had 2 agents working for him, in RE 5 he doesn't mention not a thing about las plagas or anything about RE 4, why? Because he didn't know about it, because he wasn't there the real Wesker was.
  • They'll no doubt bring him back if they can't come up with any good ideas for part 6, but, um, how sure are you that you didn't make up that "organic clone" business just now? Because I'm almost positive you made it up.
  • Organic means it has flesh, it's not mechanical because it's not a machine and it bleeds and has DNA so it's organic. By the way it was a clone, it was stated in the game.
    • Nice dodge, but it's the "clone" part that isn't making any sense. When is that canonically stated at any point in any of the three scenarios? Show the source.
  • Dodge?! It was stated that the Wesker we fight was a clone in a flashback in RE 5, after Wesker was told he was a clone he killed that man who was trying to become a god. Haven't you played or at least played any attention to RE 5
    • The Wesker Children were not genetically related. They were kidnapped, brainwashed, and later administered the Progenitor Virus. Read the files.
  • Clones, "children" whatever. The point is the Wesker that died in RE 5 was just a knock off and the real one is still at large.
  • Nobody knows what happened to Alex Wesker. Alex disappeared after an incident in 2005 in the timeline. And Albert was not a knock off or a fake in some way.
  • Just like I said it was a fake.
    • Bah, cloning or not, the point of it all is that if they want to bring Wesker back, they'll come up with something, whether it's already been foreshadowed or not.
    • Welp, thanks to RE 6, we now know that cloning is indeed possible in the RE universe, so Capcom certainly has a plausible excuse to bring him back if they ever wanted to...
  • The Wesker children were not clones, they all had different names (and judging by some of the names, were from different countries and ethnicities: there was a Hans, a Hiro and a Marco), and while they were selected and raised by Umbrella, they had different personalities (yes, Alex and Albert are both evil, but they're quite different people) and can't really be called "knock offs" of each other. The files make it clear they were not related.

William Birkin is one of the Wesker Children
In the newly-released chapter of RE5, one of the files is a list of test subjects. Number Eight on that list is "William". (Warning: tl;dr incoming)
  • Birkin graduated from school at the age of 15, and in the RE series, ungodly intellect like that has so-far meant that they were "created".
  • He's around the same age as Wesker, and they both began working at Umbrella around the same time. Spencer obviously wouldn't just wait an extraneous amount of time to keep going with this project.
    • Why else would two young, hot-shot geniuses get hired at the same time and put in the same location?
  • Birkin, who's a bit of a puss, stood up to a pair of armed guards fearlessly. Maybe he was figuring he'd start seeing in bullet time all of a sudden, assuming he'd just infected himself, similar to how Wesker infected himself prior to the mansion incident.
    • Because he is a bit of a puss, it's entirely possible that while he was bleeding on the floor, he had a panic attack and decided that for an extra security measure he should inject the G-virus too. An extra bit of proof for this one: In Degeneration, when Curtis first transformed, he actually was significantly larger and a bit less human looking. Perhaps mixing the G-virus with the Wesker-Project-virus made Birkin retain his more human-like appearance for the first few transformations.
  • I've done the math: In RE5, in a file signed by "Alex W.", it's stated that the success of Project W is now down to 18% thanks to Wesker dying in Spencer's Mansion. In the new chapter, it's stated that there were 13 test subjects. 18% of 13 is 2, meaning there were two test subjects still alive. Alex is obviously one of them, the second one is unknown.
    • The Raccoon City outbreak had yet to happen, meaning that Birkin would have still been alive at the time this note was written.
  • There's also a possibility that he had previously been injected considering William was #8, while Wesker was down at #13. Why doesn't he have red eyes, then?
    • You don't get red eyes until you die. Wesker wasn't like that until after he woke up from being stabbed by the Tyrant. After Birkin is shot however, his eyes do turn red. This is an interesting thing to note, because no one else that was infected with the G-virus had their eyes turn red before the G-type either burst from their chest or transformed.
    • Similar to Jill, Birkin's body for whatever reason was immune to the virus and he in fact cannot dodge bullets or cheat death or get red eyes because his immune system manages to repress the virus. Perhaps in the event of something seriously catastrophic, the virus laying dormant in his body plus the adrenaline might let him pull some Matrix hax out of his ass. Probably not dodging bullets or stabbing his hand through anyone's heart, but maybe just being about equal to someone who's athletic.
  • This could explain Birkin's paranoia. Maybe he's not privy to what he is and only has fleeting dreams and memories of being injected with things so he's just convinced that someone out there is trying to get him and he has no idea why.

Jill will team up with Josh in Resident Evil 5.
If you think about what happened to Jill after being freed from Wesker's control, this could be her story.
  • Confirmed in the Desperate Escape DLC.

Wesker could control Uroboros
It's not fun to be a god of superhumans if they do not actually worship you. He wouldn't be Wesker if he did not install some fail-safe that would ensure their complete loyalty, and Las Plagas had already provided a perfect mechanism. Since all Majini were controlled by Wesker, we can pretty much assume that all Uroboros beings would be too - including his Combat Tentacles in the final battle. It's entirely possible that if his serum overdose that was messing with his self-control wore off, he could just have rejected the virus and shrugged it off - or, worse, absorbed it completely to become something like Alex Mercer.

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