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Tear Jerker / Professor Layton and the Last Specter

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  • We find out about a giant sea creature named Loosha, a cute giant sea lion who befriended Arianna the so-called witch. It was fighting off the specters tooth and nail all so it could lead Arianna to the Golden Garden to cure her. Unfortunately, all the wounds Loosha took to make sure Arianna could come to the garden caught up with her and she died. Its body then sinks into the depths of the water. Loosha was the last of her species, and that fact added to the adorable flashbacks of Loosha playing with Arianna and Tony is just heartbreaking. Made even worse was before finding out about the Golden Garden, Loosha was breaking the dam and Arianna screamed that she hated Loosha and threw a rock at her... and then instantly regretted it when Loosha lets out her final cry. She then tearfully told her that she was sorry and played the song she used to calm her down as a parting song. In the credits, we see the image of Tony standing by the water holding pears, the food he used to give to Loosha.
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  • Poor Arianna in general. She had an illness that had no known cure at the time that could potentially cut her life very short. Her father died and people assumed he committed suicide. The inheritance that should have gone to her and her brother went to Clark instead thanks to the manipulation of Jakes. She believes people thought badly of her and her brother because they dislike her father and thus they did their best to minimize contact with other people, either by firing employees or by angrily shooing people away, thus making them live alone in an old and dusty mansion. Finally thanks to her brother's misguided attempts to get back at people for talking badly about her, Arianna sees herself as a witch and cursed.
  • Poor Luke. Through the game he got chewed out by his friend, Arianna, when in a fit of rage for her father's death, he got chewed out again by the kids at the market for being a spoiled rich brat when he's anything but, then chewed out once again by Emmy for a slightly chauvinist question and spends the whole story as a far cry from the happy and playful child he's been shown to be in the previous games, tormented by the fear of the Spectre destroying everything, by the pressure of trying to prevent the destruction caused by said spectre and by the sadness caused by his missing mother, his father's absentminded behavior and Arianna's suffering. Here he's just a crippled mess of emotional issues that thankfully got fixed by Layton's arrival.
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  • The story of Luke's parents is a mixture of Fridge Horror and Fridge Tear Jerker. Clark Triton had been blackmailed for the past year by an impostor pretending to be his loyal butler who had his wife and the real butler imprisoned in the basement. All this time he had to endure the pressure of being the mayor of a town that's under attack and knowing who was behind it but being unable to do anything because he feared for his wife's safety and for Luke in case he suffered a similar fate. Sure, they got saved in the end, but now both of Luke's parents will have to bear the mental consequences of an entire year of being kidnapped or blackmailed, all the while their son is now away being Layton's apprentice.
  • The last episode in the game revolves around Chelmey's past. He was a constable and his head inspector was Gilbert, who noted that Chelmey would soon be promoted to investigator. They were, respectively, a reckless workaholic and a laid-back and strategic person...with a wife and a child that's going to become another cop. Unfortunately, Chelmey was in too big of a rush to bag the criminal that he and Gilbert were after and Gilbert took a fatal bullet for him. Gilbert's last words were about how Chelmey would be a great investigator. His last requests was for Chelmey to never give up on Scotland Yard and live his life. Chelmey felt so bad that he kept screaming "INSPECTOR!" as the flashback comes to a close. This left him full of guilt and made his personality turn 180 degrees while also giving him a new partner...who is hinted to be Gilbert's son.

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