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Funny / Professor Layton and the Last Specter

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  • Luke and Emmy are tempted to pull off a mantle that's covering some kind of relic.
    Emmy: I want to pull it off...
    Luke: Shall we pull it off?
    Layton: Don't pull it off.
    • In fact, most conversations that happen just by clicking three times on the same item are pretty funny, especially as Luke begins to open up to Layton and Emmy.
    • There was another similar conversation like that...
    Luke: Oh, a snail!
    Emmy: Ew, a snail...
    Layton: Hm, a snail.
  • After solving a puzzle about apples, the professor comments that if the puzzle had been any more difficult, it might have given him applepsy. The pun is hilarious enough on its own for how bad it is, but Luke's face seals the deal.
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  • Barton when having to develop film on behalf of Emmy (who wants him to do it ASAP):
    Barton: I'm not sure what kind of film development technique ASAP is, but I'll do it!
  • Aunt Taffy sticks to her policy of giving candy just to children that it annoys the hell out of Emmy. Emmy tries so hard to get one small candy, but the old woman is always thinking she's trying to trick her with statements that imply Emmy wants the candy. And if you do keep bugging her, it ends with Emmy having run around the market to get candy from her.
    • Of course, Aunt Taffy is so against giving candy to anyone except children that Luke's response is, "So you won't give any to me, then?" (Keep in mind that Luke is a child who thinks he's an adult.)
  • The entirety of Luke's door puzzle. Emmy decides the easiest way to solve the puzzle is roundhouse kicking the door down.
    Layton: Emmy...please don't do that. I don't want to explain to Clark that we broke down his son's door because we couldn't solve a puzzle.
    • "Put the back of the back back so that the back's back is facing back. (beat) Professor, I think my brain just exploded."
  • "Professor, this reminds me of a puzzle... from an insane asylum."
  • Some of the ways you can mess up the puppet shows.
    "OK, these are fresh veggies here, so you can't use them as is. Not unless you like the taste of dirt."
    The chef was right. They were all pretty dirty, so I [licked] them first.
    My stomach growled, so I went ahead and licked a few things to see how they tasted.
    Yeah... I didn't last very long in that cooking class.
  • At one point in the game, the Professor asks Emmy and Luke why they were chasing Seamus around town. One of the options is to say that the three are madly in love with him.
    • Layton then reveals that he likes Seamus' beard, and wishes he could grow one like that.

From London Life:

  • Some of the multiple choice options for messages you can give to characters while on missions.
    "I want you." (While on a mission to Avogadro to pick up a security device.)
    "Sammy is actually an elf named 'Rainsong.'" (While trying to convince Beluga to give Sammy a day off.)
  • It is entirely possible to get into ANY place, including the swankiest ones, dressed as a strawberry, as long as everything else (that is, anything not a head accessory) meets formality requirements.
  • The strawberry costume in general. Apparently, this person dressed as a strawberry looks very trustworthy indeed!


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