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Tear Jerker / Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1

Episode 9: Mute Eat Mute World
  • Wolf’s backstory. She was raised by a pack of mute wolves for a year, but, to her horror, they only took her in to be prey as part of an initiation for their pups. If that weren’t enough, Wolf seemed especially close with one of her adopted sisters, who only hesitated before she decided "We're wolves, you're human."
    • Just the way flashback!Wolf's face hardens from crest-fallen to anger. That's how badly the betrayal broke Wolf's innocence.
    • It's clear Wolf's adoptive sister did not want to hunt her, but felt she had no choice because of her parents' presence.

Season 2

Episode 6: Fun Gus
  • The reveal who the Mega Mute Monkey truly is - it's Kipo's mother, Song Oak.
    • Just put in Kipo's shoes: not only she finds out her mother is not dead, but that she's turned into a giant animal as a side-effect of her pregnancy and stuck in that form for 13 years, and then used as a weapon against her will, until she was freed from the collar. To twist the knife in the wound even further, she just happens to see her own mother captured by Scarlemagne. No wonder she snaps and transforms into a Mega Mute Jaguar.

Episode 8: Symphony for the Mandrill

  • Scarlemagne's backstory is heartwrenching. He was a test subject for Dr. Emilia's research to find out what caused the animals to mutated and how to reverse it. Lio and Song were the scientists assigned to him, but when Hugo started showing signs of intelligence, the Oaks felt it would be cruel to rob him or any other animal of it. They began working against Dr. Emilia, and began rearing Hugo practically as their own son. Unfortunately, they had to keep his increased intelligence a secret, so he wasn't allowed to speak when they weren't around. And the one night he decides to play the piano and sing along, just to ease his boredom and loneliness, even a little? That's the night Dr. Emilia catches him.
    • Hugo's abuse doesn't stop there. After Emilia discovers his pheromones have mind-control capabilities, she puts him through a series of cruel experiments to extract as much of it as she can. Lio tries to stop her, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.
    • Lio and Song make plans to escape with Hugo as soon as Kipo is born, but Emilia confronts them on the night Song gives birth, and Lio has to escape with Kipo. Song intended to get Hugo and meet up with them later, but Emilia accidentally triggered the Mega-Monkey mutation and the burrow was destroyed. To know that Song and Lio had every intention of going back for him, but circumstances completely beyond their control prevented everything and left Hugo alone, terrified, and injured is heartbreaking.
      • Hugo desperately crying out for someone, anyone, to help him when Song destroys the burrow. No one comes, and he's caught in the fall out of Song's rampage. We're then treated to a montage of Hugo (much like Kipo back in the first season), struggling to survive on the surface with no guidance. It ends with him finding shelter in a store for the night, where he finds some wrapping paper with the same star pattern as his beloved blanket. He wraps himself up in it, curls up, and falls asleep, looking very small and lonely.
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    • Hugo and Lio are briefly reunited on the surface, and are at first overjoyed to have found each other. But then Hugo realizes that baby Kipo is wrapped in his blanket, and realizes that Lio didn't even look for him in the wreckage of the burrow. True, Lio had other stuff on his mind at the time, but it doesn't make Hugo's betrayal any easier to watch.
  • Lio is clearly guilt-ridden over his role in what happened to Hugo. While Scarlemagne is ranting over how isolated he felt after being forced to the surface without his family, Lio can only look away in shame.

Episode 10: Heroes On Fire

  • The look on Kipo's face as Scarlemagne is hauled away by the Timber Cats. After bonding with Scarlemagne and believing he could somehow be reformed, she can only look at him with an expression of resigned disappointment. She doesn't even say anything to him.
    • By acknowledging just how special Kipo really is, Scarlemagne also realizes that he's lost his "family" all over again.


Season 3

Episode 3: A Wolf in Wolf's clothing
  • Margot receiving a thinly veiled cold treatment from Wolf's friends, each of them emphasizing that they're Wolf's real friends. Even though their reaction to her betraying Wolf is understandable, it speaks volumes of how bad it is if Kipo can't find it in her heart to forgive.
    • A not-so-subtle one that literally no direct attention is called to by any of the characters: Margot still wears the flower bracelet she shared with Wolf way back when they were being raised together. In almost any other context, it would be Heartwarming, but here it's a stark reminder that this is the wolf whose betrayal caused Wolf so much trauma.

Episode 4: Don't you forget a Meow me

  • Yumyan's final words and getting cured. Damn you, Emilia.

Episode 5: Song ReMix

  • Kipo and her friends return to the Timbercat forest where everyone is elated to see them return unharmed, until they see a cured Yumyan in Kipo's arms. Molly and the rest of the Timbercats are devastated by the loss of their great leader.
    • The speech Kipo gives to commemorate Yumyan is both this and awesome as she declares that Yumyan has earned his place among the axe-lords of the Timbercats.
  • Near the beginning of the episode, we see Margot and her brother held hostage by Emilia and her forces. She lets them go at first and they start to run away, but then Emilia aims her crossbow at them, loaded with the newly-created mute cure. We don't see what happened to them until the end of the episode where it's revealed Emilia cured both of them and is heading to the Timbercat forest with her army close behind. Wolf will never have a chance to make amends with her "sister" ever again.

Episode 6: It's a Trap

  • Brad, Camille, Wheels and Bad Billions getting cured. Good Billions is very broken up over his brother being cured.

Episode 7: Requiem for a Dave

  • The episode opens with the mutes still coming to grips with their cured mute brethren. Amy bursts into tears over Brad, saying he's too small to ride anything, while Good Billions is in complete denial over Bad Billions being cured, saying he'll be alright as soon as he puts his turtleneck back on.

Episode 8: Hidden Treasures

  • When Kipo reveals the idea for Prahm to the HMUFA, they are all understandably enraged, wanting revenge for what happened to their friends. It gets worse when they start to resign from the HMUFA, starting with Molly who is clearly still torn up about what happened to Yumyan. Soon, nearly everyone has left, except for Scarlemagne and Jamack.
  • Wolf tells Kipo that Scarlemagne has gone to finish Emilia for good and Kipo angrily replies that isn't the kind of help she wants as it will undermine the meaning of Prahm.
    • Wolf then leaves Kipo to assist Scarlemagne as while she believes in Kipo, she doesn't believe in Emilia.

Episode 9: Prahmises

  • Emilia and Liam's father was an absolute monster to his children. Though only seen in two flashbacks, he keeps telling his children that it's their responsibility to cure the mutes. He is arguably the reason why Emilia became the monster she is in the present.
  • Emilia murdering her own brother and blaming the mutes for his death.
    • What makes this extra sad is that Amy and Brad became friends with him, which even inspired them to open Ratland to the humans, and likely never found out what happened to their human friend. And then Brad ends up having his personality killed off thanks to said human friend's sister / murderer.
    • We never find out how their father reacted to Brad's death, if he cares at all, or if he was even still alive then.

Episode 10: Age of the Wonderbeasts

  • The mega-mute mind of Dr. Emilia is terrified and cowering throughout the entire battle. When she loses herself in the form the Mega runs back to her burrow and curls up next to it in fetal position. Dr. Emilia might claim she wants to fight mutes and restore humans to the surface, but if the mega-mute is her inner reflection then in truth she's scared of everything above ground and just wants to go home.
  • While certainly deserved, there's something a little sad about Emilia's fate. All her life, she was determined to bring mankind back to the surface to make her father proud... and now, she's trapped in an underground prison at the mercy of a Mute-monster who views her as a pet. Her old home, no less. A very cruel fate for somebody who was so desperate to live above ground.
    • And despite nearly being stabbed by her seconds earlier, Kipo tries to save her and watches forlornly as she's dragged into the burrow forever. Even with everything Emilia did, Kipo was still hoping to get through to her.
    • Also, as she's falling, the last thing Emilia sees is Kipo trying to save her despite trying to kill her. We don't know if she had a Heel Realization at that moment or Kipo's selfless act only made Emilia hate her even more.
  • After defeating Dr. Emilia, Kipo catches up with her parents who went looking for Scarlemagne after he saved Kipo from a fatal blow by a mega-mutated Emilia. When she reaches them however, her parents' tears say it all. Scarlemagne tells Kipo to call him "Hugo" one last time, showing that he has finally accepted the Oaks as his family before dying peacefully surrounded by Kipo, her parents and her friends. Rest in peace, you beautiful Mandrill.
    • Hugo finally has the statue he always wanted with his full name, Hugo Oak. A shame he will never see it.
    • In addition to the statue, the building behind the statue is the "Hugo Oak Academy".


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