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Tear Jerker / Goblins

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  • Targoth, a dwarf toddler, standing over his murdered orcish adoptive father with a tiny wooden sword and tears in his eyes as Kore stares coldly down at him and monologues about how this innocent little kid has to die too.
  • Taps' death at the hands of Kore - the imagery is the kicker, highlighting how the world would seem to him due to blindness.
  • When Fumbles is begging the Goblin Slayer to let him go.
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  • This and this strip. Anything with those two is a tearjerker. This will make you cry of relief when they find each other again. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Klik is dying, and all he wants is to be held.
    • Klik is dead, and all is wrong with the world.
      • Even worse, it turns out this state is not a true "death" for a Klik. Another Klik could have revived him... but his dust has been scattered in the wind, forever out of reach to his comrades.
  • Kin being recaptured by the elite guard.
  • ...Chief's death. After being tortured by Kore, Complains struggles to save him while Ears and Thaco try to defeat the villain. However...he can't stop Chief's bleeding...and...he grasps Complain's face...and dies after getting the -10 feel like crying as well, just like Complains...
    • The fact that his last act is to weakly and pathetically reach for Complains, as if begging for comfort in his final moments, easily clinches the tragedy of the moment.
  • Dies surrendering his soul to a demon in exchange for (what they believed to be) the Bloodlight Orb. The whole page, but also in particular the panel where he is snatched out of Fox's arms while tears comes down her face.
  • Minmax from reality 98. His reality differs from the protagonists' in that his Kin didn't kill Goblinslayer. So Goblinslayer tracked them down, killed her, and tortured Forgath to death. He gets his revenge by torturing Goblinslayer to death, using every torture technique that Goblinslayer used on his friends. That isn't the tearjerker: the sad part is that he, too, went to find the Jade Teapot and use it to join his friends in the afterlife.
    • An Alternative Character Interpretation is that he wants to join Dellyn in hell and continue torturing him for all of eternity. This is Nightmare Fuel but also a Tear Jerker of its own right, when you think about how badly Dellyn's actions have affected Minmax for him to turn from a silly goofball whose heart is in the right place into an empty shell where nothing but vengeance remains.
  • Minmax dropping through the hole in the Maze of Many to retrieve all the keys. Especially his line before he jumped: "I just realized almost every moment we've had together has been taken away like it never happened. I don't want this moment taken away."
  • Minmax, upon realizing the injury that Kin had received from Psi-Minmax begins crying Berserker Tears and Kin gently calms him down, assuring him it's going to be okay.
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  • The backstory of "Sapphire", one of the alternate Kins in the Maze of Many. When she left to seek the Jade Teapot, she brought four of her close friends with her. Dellyn captured them all, and made Kin his slave, but unlike our Kin, he didn't want her for sex. He wanted a personal assassin who couldn't refuse an order. So when his captives started escaping, her friends tried to rescue her, only to be killed by her, unable to stop herself. When she was finally rescued by Minmax and Forgath, out of grief, she got Forgath to apply a magic tattoo to her, which caused her to forget everyone who has died. So even when Minmax and Forgath died in the maze, she forgot about them immediately. She believes nobody she has ever known has died, and that she has never killed anyone.
  • Thanks to Kin #80, the most triumphant Heartwarming Moment in the comic has been undone.
  • In the wake of these events, we see Minmax feeling absolutely helpless.
    Minmax: Did you tell her I'm sorry?
  • Kin realizes in panel five that Minmax was telling the truth about "seeing" her... far too late for it to do any good.
  • The look on Minmax's face when he realizes that Forgath is most likely about to be killed by Kore. Made even worse when you stop and realize that he just lost Kin. If something happens to Forgath, Minmax will be completely alone.
  • After Forgath is trapped outside to die at Kore's hands, Minmax is so utterly broken that neither Big Ears nor Thaco can stomach the idea of Names killing him, considering it to be totally wrong.
  • Thaco tries to talk Complains out of attacking Minmax, and learns in the resulting fight that Complains wants Thaco to kill him because he failed to save Chief. Ouch.
  • A Fridge version, but Minmax starts tearing up when he and the Goblins discover a wall practically identical to the one in the Maze of Many - the last time he'd seen Kin on good terms.
    Fumbles: Maxo, are you crying?
    Minmax: No. (sniff) Shut up.
  • The author, Ellipsis Stephens, suffered a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized for a few weeks, upon which a second condition was found that had a 10-15% of killing her each year it existed. Her beloved wife Danielle was there almost constantly beside her. She's recovered, despite a constant chance of stroke during her operations, but knowing her time very well could have been up, she made sure to try and pass on as much as he could of her planned story for the comic to her wife, so that she could have carried on for her. The woman wanted Goblins to outlive her, and to not disappoint the community she's built.

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