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Tear Jerker / Frosty the Snowman

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So he said let's run, and we'll have fun now before I melt away...
  • Karen reaching her first Despair Event Horizon when she can't afford to send Frosty to the North Pole. She starts to cry when she says, "Oh, Frosty! You just can't melt!" while hugging him.
  • Karen crying about Frosty getting melted as seen in this image at the right; many viewers have confessed to crying themselves when they first saw it. It gets worse when you consider the fact that she was in there, with Frosty, her friend, and watched him helplessly as he slowly died right in front of her! Painful for him, yes, but to be at most 10 and watch someone die a painful and slow death like that? Nightmare Fuel indeed...
    • And the slow reprise of the song that follows that makes it sound as if Jimmy Durante is about to break down and cry.
  • It's very brief, but Frosty and Karen having to part in the penultimate scene when Santa brings her home.
  • Frosty crying out of loneliness in Frosty's Winter Wonderland.
    Frosty: Every night when you go home and leave me, I miss you something awful.
    Elsie: Yes, but you can't come indoors with us.
    Elsie's Brother: You'd melt, Frosty!
    Frosty: Oh, I know. But when you're all together inside...and I'm all alone outside...
    [A single, silent tear can be seen falling down Frosty's face]