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  • Professor Hinkle's introduction.
  • When the kids are trying to name Frosty, one kid suggests they call him Oatmeal.
    Kid: Oatmeal!
    Everyone else: OATMEAL??
    • This gag is repeated in Winter Wonderland, where one kid suggests naming Frosty's mate "Corn Flakes".
  • "Happy birthday!"
  • Frosty attempting to count:
    Frosty: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 6, 8...uh, w-well, I can count to 5!
  • When Frosty approaches the traffic cop.
    Cop: You wanna ticket, wise guy?
    Frosty: I'd love one! To the North Pole please!
  • The cop swallowing the whistle.
    • He does it again in Frosty's Winter Wonderland. He first claims to be used to Frosty, but ends up shocked into swallowing his whistle after he finds out that Frosty now has a wife.
  • Professor Hinkle jumping off the train and falling down the hill. Then a squirrel laughs at him when he gets covered in snow.
    • For that matter, the sound effects when Hinkle is falling down the hill.
  • This exchange between Frosty and Hinkle:
    Hinkle: Now, give me that hat or else!
    Frosty: Or else, what?
    Hinkle: Oh! Well, don't bother me with details!
    • Hinkle's exchange with Santa towards the end:
      Santa: Don't you touch that!
      Hinkle: And just what are you going to do about it?
      Santa: If you so much as lay a finger on the brim, I will never bring you another Christmas present as long as you live.
      Hinkle: (traumatized) Never?
      Santa: (crosses arms) Never.
      Hinkle: No more... trick cards or... magic balls or...?
      Hinkle: (deflated) Hey! We evil magicians need to make a living, too!

  • As flawed as Frosty Returns is, it's got Miss Carbuncle, who gives us this absolute gem of a line.
    Miss Carbuncle: Before you know it, this darn snow turns into slush. And where's there's slush there's ice, and where's there's ice there's broken hips, and where there's broken hips there's substitute teachers!
    • And later when the kids are chanting "No more snow" she provides this line:
    Miss Carbuncle: Where do you think you are, MTV?
  • Frosty freaking out over the "Summer Wheeze".
    Frosty: Upset? "Upset" is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. "Upset" is finding out somebody stole your nose to play foosball! This ain't "upset", kid! This is PANIC! I'm two squirts from being HISTORY!

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