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Karen is actually an angel sent by God.
She is no ordinary girl but a wingless angel from the rest as she is known to know more about magic and other supernatural stuff which the others didn't know. Her mother is also suspected to be an angel from heaven.
How Summer Wheeze may work, and its potential impact on the environment.
At one point in Frosty Returns, Holly mentions that the grass looked dry after having the snow on it removed by Summer Wheeze. Perhaps that is how Summer Wheeze makes the snow just vanish when sprayed, it immediately evaporates the water in the snow, causing it to disappear. Maybe Summer Wheeze also goes a step further, removing the moisture from whatever surface the snow was on. Maybe continued use of Summer Wheeze would have caused the grass to dry out, and maybe even dried out the pavement so much it would have caused it to start cracking. This could lead to an increased workload for the road crews, and their trucks would've been pumping even more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, causing an increase in global warming and acid rain. And speaking of rain, remember how it was mentioned at the beginning of this WMG that all the water from the sprayed snow would evaporate? Where do you think it would go from there?

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