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Heartwarming / Frosty the Snowman

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Original Special:

  • The kids response to learning that Frosty will melt? Try to find a way to get him to the North Pole.

  • Any moment with Frosty and Karen tends to be this.

  • Hocus Pocus convincing the animals to build a fire for Karen.

  • Frosty taking Karen to the greenhouse, knowing what will happen if he stays too long.

  • After Santa comes to the greenhouse only to find Frosty has melted, the narrator sadly states that he was "too late." Santa's response? "Too late? Why never!"

    • After comforting Karen, he opens the door to the greenhouse, allowing a gust of wind to enter and revive Frosty.

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  • Professor Hinkle reforming at the end, as he's seen with a new hat and happily joins Frosty's parade in the credits, even bidding him and Santa farewell as they return to the North Pole.

Frosty's Winter Wonderland:

  • After Frosty reveals that he gets lonely at the North Pole, the kids decide to build him a wife.

  • When the first attempt to bring Crystal to life dosen't work, Frosty thanks the kids for trying.

  • After explaining why he can't marry Frosty and Crystal, Parson Brown not only offers up the solution of building a snow Parson, but offers to help the kids build one.

  • Crystal inviting Jack Frost to the wedding. Helps that it's what leads to his Heel–Face Turn.