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Tear Jerker / Euphoria

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Despite what the title suggests, this is not always a joyful series.

  • Rue, unable to handle her burgeoning feelings for Jules, attempts to procure drugs from Fezco once more to try and cope and Fez tells her he won’t help her kill herself anymore and cuts her off. In a scene reminiscent of The Basketball Diaries, Rue cries and pounds on the door, calling Fez a “hypocrite”, weakly threatening him, and blaming him for getting her addicted to drugs in the first place. All Fez can do from the other side of the door is weakly apologize.
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  • Jules being forcibly admitted by her mother into a mental health facility. Word of God states that her gender dysphoria was a major reason, alongside her struggles with self-harm.
  • Maddy coming home from the carnival and crying upon seeing the bruises on her neck from where Nate choked her for confronting him.
  • Cassie getting told by McKay in episode 4 that he doesn’t want to admit publicly they’re dating because her infamous and very sexual reputation already precedes her and her subsequent breakdown afterwards.
  • In "'03 Bonnie and Clyde", Rue presents her relationship with Jules as a good thing, driving her to stay sober and rebuild her relationships with her family and friends. For Jules, on the other hand, it's extremely stressful, as her dad now has reasons to ask about her sex life, she's still not entirely sure that she's sexually attracted to Rue, and she is terrified that if things don't work out, Rue will fall off the wagon again. The last shot of the episode perfectly encapsulates the disconnect, with Rue snuggled contentedly against Jules while the latter has a Thousand-Yard Stare.
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  • In "The Next Episode", Rue becomes convinced that she's the reason Jules has started drinking and begins to question whether their relationship is truly healthy for either of them.
  • Jules and Rue try to take some time off from their relationship. Rue ends up so depressed that she can't even go the bathroom, while Jules finally realizes that she really is attracted to Rue... after having sex with another girl. While high.
  • "And Salt the Earth Behind You" ends with Rue deciding to stay in LA while Jules leaves, ending their relationship. This is followed by flashbacks to Rue's family life set to Donny Hathaway's cover of "A Song for You," while being intercut with Rue sobbing as she walks home from the train station. More over, the scene ends with Rue doing drugs again.
    • What makes it worse is that leaving Jules was likely the most rational decision Rue could have made under the circumstances. She knows that she needs to be on medication, she knows that running away would have upset her family and friends, and she knows that Jules will either cheat on her with Anna or expect her to have an open relationship. It's quite possibly the first time in the whole series that Rue seriously thinks about her future... and there is no assurance that she'll be better off for it in the long run.
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    • Not to mention subtle reveal that Rue had been wearing her deceased father's clothes throughout the entire season.

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