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Nightmare Fuel / Euphoria

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As a moments subpage, spoilers are off! You have been warned.

  • If you're a parent, literally everything.
  • Everything about Jules' ill-advised hookup with "Dominant Daddy" is disturbing, as it's very obvious that she's underage and equally obvious that he's not entirely concerned with her safety. And then the audience discovers he's Cal Jacobs, the father of Nate Jacobs, by whom she was almost was attacked at a party, just for looking at him. This gets worse in the second episode, when we find out that he's done this to a lot of young women and men and how this has psychologically affected Nate as a child.
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  • In episode 2, Nate Jacobs is pretty much the poster boy for toxic masculinity, as Rue carefully documents his hatred of other men, most women, and people in general, and his creepy fantasies of his girlfriend being raped and the violent revenge he would take on the hypothetical rapist. Then it turns out that he's catfishing Jules.
  • Rue tries fentanyl under pressure, and gets utterly high, and Mouse starts creepily rubbing her bare legs and discussing how she can pay for her fix. It quickly becomes clear why Fezco doesn't sell fentanyl. The following episode reveals that Rue was out of it for sixteen hours. Jules tells her point blank that if she ever does drugs again, they can't be friends anymore.
  • In "Shook One: Pt. II", Jules learns that Nate has been catfishing her; he was never interested in hooking up with her, he just wanted to get her to send him nude photos so that he could blackmail her under threat of reporting her for producing and distributing child pornography, all so that he could protect his life as he knows it and his father. And the horrific bit? Jules already spoke to Cal and assured him that she had no intentions on ruining his life with the fact that he willingly slept with a minor and recorded the encounter.
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  • The only thing that scares Maddy more than Nate's abuse? The knowledge that she doesn't have the willpower to leave him. Indeed, even after the cops get involved and separate the two, Maddy becomes desperate to contact Nate again.
  • In "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed", Rue gets so depressed that her bladder shuts down for over a day, and we are treated to close-ups of what it's doing to her kidneys. The same episode also sees Jules getting high and making out with the gorgeous Anna, which would not be horrifying in and of itself. but then she starts hallucinating that Nate is there, and things get... weird.
  • In "And Salt the Earth Behind You", Nate's complete psychotic break after his father overpowers him and pins him to the floor to try and calm him down. He begins seizing and thrashing about, to the point where his father runs to his study and ruminates on what a monster his son has become as Nate begins screaming and destroying things outside. There's also Fezco breaking into a doctor's house to steal money. He ends up brutally beating the doctor (possibly to death) in front of the doctor's son after the doctor tries to pull a gun on him.

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