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  • Crack Pairing: Shipping Nate with "a jail cell."
  • Critical Research Failure: Kat apparently invented the Larrie Stylinson ship during their first tour. It actually goes right back to The X Factor. Possibly explained in that this claim comes from Rue.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Drug addiction is a big part of the show and shown in a negative light, but there are still many scenes where characters look cool doing it.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Most viewers are completely aware that Nate is a monster, but can't help but admit that he's gorgeous even when he's doing horrible things. Some play this straighter, theorizing that the persona Nate uses online and the one Jules hallucinates in the club is the "real" Nate under all of his "darkness."
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Select characters have struck out with notable followings among the show's fanbase.
    • At this point, asking online who deserves an in-depth episode in season 2 is almost redundant; Lexi and Fez are nigh-objective go-to answers, with the combination of unanswered questions surrounding both (ex: Lexi's sexuality) and the endearing nature of what little we've seen from their characters (to the extent of a sizable "if Fez dies, we riot" mantra) has had audiences clamoring for more.
    • BB, a friend of the girl's group, has amassed a lot of popularity because of her hilarious behavior.
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  • Epileptic Trees: The theory that Rue actually died from her overdose, and is narrating the series from beyond the grave. Sam Levinson has outright denied this.
  • Foe Yay: Some viewers ship Nate and Jules even after the terrible things he did to her due to the actors' excellent chemistry. For what it's worth, the show itself demonstrates in her club hallucination that she wishes he was his alter ego (who she sincerely fell in love with) while also wanting to humiliate and punish the real Nate.
  • He Really Can Act: Fans have voiced their being impressed by a number of the show's actors, but they have had this reaction most heavily toward Zendaya's performance as Rue, alongside Jacob Elordi's as Nate considering how much of a polar opposite he is from Nate in real life.
    • Zendaya's surprise Best Actress Drama Emmy victory backed up her amazing work.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Rue and Nate are mortal enemies on the show, but Zendaya would end up dating Jacob Elordi in real life.
    • Following the debate regarding whether Jacob Elordi's character Noah from The Kissing Booth should be considered abusive, seeing Elordi playing the much more unambiguously abusive Nate in this series can be funny in a meta-sense as accidental Typecasting.
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  • Hollywood Homely: It's implied that Lexi is considered less attractive than her blonde sister Cassie. That being said, both of the girls are played by supermodel-hot actresses, and it's often hard to distinguish who's meant to be the "pretty one" out of the pair.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Kat is considered a "fat girl" and a lot of her arc is based on it, but she's not that much heavier than an average high school girl. The fact that she sticks out for her size would be questionable in an average high school scenario.
  • Narm: After Nate confronts Cal in the season one finale, he's thrown onto the floor and starts yelling while pounding his head onto the floor. This can be a Villainous Breakdown to some (either in the Narm Charm or straight Nightmare Fuel sense), but just plain bizarre to others.
  • Stoic Woobie: Lexi, according to her actress Maude Apatow, Lexi is dealing with her own issues but puts them aside to be the caretaker to her sister and Rue (who she has been friends with since Preschool). Lexi clearly grew up in the same household as Cassie, with the dysfunctional and toxic parents with addictions (and her father almost dying from a car wreck) and she likely is more reserved as she sees the consequences her friends, sister, and parents suffer. Also her Mom doesn't understand her and makes fun of her in front of her friends, and is friendlier to Cassie.
  • Squick: For all that sex plays a big part in the series, very little of the sexually explicit material is filmed in ways that viewers would find titillating. This could arguably be a good thing as most of the characters are teenagers.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: While nobody argues that Maddy deserves to be abused, there are a lot of fans who find it hard to sympathize with her considering the fact that she helped Nate ruin a complete stranger’s life in order to escape the consequences of her own terrible decisions.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: In general, the show is beautifully shot, with lots of gorgeous cinematography.
    • In the pilot, there is a trippy sequence in which Rue wanders through a house while stoned and the room spins underneath her feet.
    • The third episode has a well-shot scene of splitscreen of Jules texting a catfishing Nate as they go about their respective days.
    • In the final scene of "Shook One: Pt. II", the bed Rue and Jules are in rotates around repeatedly, and each time the underside of the bed is shown, there is a scene of their friendship, and each time that the bed comes back around, they are closer to the Big Damn Kiss.
  • The Woobie: Jules, by a landslide. She hated herself from a young age due to dysphoria and her own mother had her institutionalized. After transitioning, she starts hooking up with random older men — with some situations, such as with Cal, turning scary and violent — not out of desire, but just to feel as though she's "conquering femininity." She then languishes in the suburbs, and though she does love Rue, she's constantly under stress and pressure that she's the only thing keeping Rue from overdosing and dying. Then add the fact that Nate catfished her into loving his false identity, not only leaving her hurt and confused, but also making her the victim of blackmail that forces her to ruin the life of an innocent man lest Nate report her and she ends up in jail or on a sex offender registry.


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